Exterior design original ideas for the modern garden

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Today we have some small outdoor design ideas for all of you to be inspired to design your yard in the best way. As we all well know all the work for our exterior design starts in spring and summer, although they do not stop during the winter either.

Outdoor design ideas of steel furniture for the garden

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Since we are in the spring we invite you to think in detail about how your project will be and to read some of the basic concepts of landscape design.

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Of course, today there are a lot of ideas and advice on the most important points to follow to create a beautiful outdoor design. On our page you can find a lot of new and interesting ideas to get inspired.

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The most important thing to know is that the realization of our exterior design regardless of whether it is a garden, a terrace or a balcony requires a lot of skill and specific knowledge. That's why we show you the designs and advice of the specialists.

Exterior design landscape ideas in minimalist style

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In outdoor design we can use everything because modern trends allow us and what 50 years ago seemed fantastic saves is completely normal. Each garden reflects the personal style of its owner which has significantly expanded the styles and decorations for the small garden and not only.

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One of the most modern styles in recent years is the ecologically clean. What do we mean when we talk about eco gardens? This is about spaces where organic materials have been used. Of course, especially stone and wood. Plastic pots and figures made of resin are not things we can see in an eco garden.

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Another of the modern trends of outdoor design is to try to conserve the flora and fauna of the garden, the control of weeds and bugs is done with the use of organic matter. Organic fertilizer - the best way to destroy weeds.

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In order that this method would work, it is necessary to fertilize the garden every year. This is best done during the fall. To combat perennials the best way is to use a method to eliminate them with the help of garden tools.

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When designing your small garden think about these two purposes. First of all, they have to look for a visual aesthetic beauty, creating a pleasant and cozy atmosphere that delights the eyes. Secondly, one should not forget the functional purpose, which offers a comfortable place to the outside.

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Consider the options you have to divide the garden and turn it into a functional space. The delimitation of the territory is sometimes necessary no matter if it is a visually or physically separated garden.

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For example, the division between the rest area and the work area can be done with the help of bridges, decorative and retaining walls, fences, stairs, arches, fountains, sculptures and pots.

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The bridges and arches placed in different parts of the garden will be the perfect decorative elements that underline the style and individuality of your outdoor space.


For the small garden a perfect detail will be some small architectural forms, we are talking about sculptures that can hide or simply place in living trees and shrubs. The sculptures along with the usual, vases and fountains will play a purely decorative role, and will divide the space into separate parts


The sculptures do not have to be conventional you can use group of articles or an article only everything depends on the personal taste. It can be a fountain for birds, which is in the center of an artificial pond or a decorative mill, a bank or a bridge.


Construction of the main objective of recreation of gardens and gardens, in addition to the needs of the home, is to provide recreation. For these needs we will sometimes need design elements such as a gazebo, pergola, garden furniture, benches, barbecues, playground.


For many people it is impossible to imagine their garden without furniture that provides them with the opportunity of isolated relaxation. The design of your rest space can be opened with all the facilities to ensure the comfort of people in different areas.


It can be more closed with only one area in which all meet. No matter what you like most, you will always need the following. Good lighting So do not forget to check our articles on outdoor lighting.


Best of all, they sell whole sets of furniture to make life easier and not have to think about how to make the design match while measured in the middle of all outdoor furniture possibilities.


Or maybe go for a combination of two different materials for the creation of small architectural forms, such as natural stone and forged metal. Currently the mix of garden styles is also typical. Let's say, it can be a garden in the English style, which includes an area where there are elements of Japanese landscape style, in combination with high technology.


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