Exterior wall cladding - 50 ideas

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In today's post we will talk about the exterior wall cladding using different types of materials that were designed for this function. We will also see some designs of modern walls and facades that protect and isolate certain areas contributing very current styles to the final appearance of the place.

Exterior wall cladding

finished marble stairs exterior garden

Let's start with the marble . Used since time immemorial also for indoor spaces, this material is beautiful as well as resistant. It offers a wide range of colors depending on the different minerals and impurities that form this limestone, and its main component is calcium.

Cruise marble facade

marble crossing walls facade facade

A variant of this material is the Travertine marble which was already used during Roman times for construction and decoration. This stone is formed from calcium carbonate and has small cavities on its surface. We can find it in the market in various shades of cream as well as grays and yellows.

Wood exterior cladding

blue tiles wood bed garden

Another material very requested for the coating of exterior walls is the wood . Today we will find very modern architectural designs in which the facades of wooden sheets or blocks placed unevenly form an original and beautiful relief that in turn helps to soundproof and isolate the buildings.

Cladding with wooden blocks

modern small wood relief house

In the image at the top we can find precisely an example of what has already been mentioned. The most commonly used types of wood for this type of outdoor cladding are Arce or Ipé, although generally any wood of tropical origin can serve us since it is known that they are quite resistant

Facade with laminated PVC of wood simil

facade pvc wood gray house

However, it is also possible to achieve a wood-look finish using sheets or PVC panels. This material, well known for its numerous advantages, is also perfect for outdoor walls and walls. They do not provoke or feed the fires, and also offer optimal thermal and acoustic insulation.

Outdoor brick cladding

house entrance brick wall seen

Then, the well-known brick, which has not lost prominence despite its widespread use. However, certain innovations such as ventilated façades have emerged for the cladding of exterior walls with exposed brick. These consist of a continuous exterior sheet that does not rest on the façade forming a chamber.

Exterior wall cladding with natural stone

exterior wall cladding stone

Finally we will also mention the use of natural stone in exterior walls and facades since we can find a large number of possibilities and types of stones in the market. In many of the most current designs we will see that flat stones have been used creating cavities for the ventilated walls, this makes them adopt a very original appearance at the same time functional.

Exterior cladding of wood

modern house teak wood facade

To make the exterior wall cladding the wood is also very original and mnoderna. However, you have to keep in mind that for wood you have to do a greater maintenance because with moisture it spoils. On the other hand, to keep it longer you can apply a layer of lacquer on top and in this way the lacquer will protect it for a certain time.

Porch covered with teak wood

modern teak wood platform house

On the other hand, you can also use wood to coat and decorate a specific part of the house and for the rest of the exterior you can use stones. This combination of materials and decoration is very appropriate for country houses and also for rural houses. Also if you use a more modern wood you can increase the style of your facade.

Combination of materials for exterior cladding

house exterior walls natural stone

In addition another way to combine the materials in the facades is using wood and stone creating a very modern and elegant exterior. On the other hand, you have to bear in mind that the lights on the outside will also help you to decorate the walls because in this way you can highlight the parts of the house that you want to take advantage of.

Exterior coating of flat stones

great walls garden stone walls

On the other hand, the coating of exterior walls is very modern and original when it is also made with flat colored stones. In this way you can combine the tones and you can create very interesting effects.

Modern cladding for facades

fine tiles thin tiles

Modern coatings for walls and walls of exterior

super smooth stones wall pool

Outside wall covered with climbing plants

super wall plants creepers mirrors

Concrete and PVC wooden cladding

facade house pvc laminated wood

Cladding and wooden porch

modern facades exterior wall wood

Natural stones for garden walls

garden style modern stone wall

garden patio mural art colors

garden blue siding walls

garden stones walls gray concrete

exterior wall old wooden cubes

exterior wall stone oxide orange

facade wall tiles brown tiles

wall garden mailbox wall stone

garden wall two dogs flower

garden wall hanging pots plants

wall garden wall relief stone

garden wall dark flat stones

embossed garden wall relief

wall ceramic mosaic two trees

original cladding combined exterior facade

walls facade garden stones blue

exterior wall design cement gray

exterior wall wood-teak blocks

gray wall concrete industrial style

Wall Mosaic Wall Shower Garden

wall wall embossed beige

patio garden walls marble tiles

stone large blocks wall patio

flat stones wall cladding

pool luxury floor roses wall

relief wall exterior cubes plant

coating red sheet vertical garden exterior

exterior wall cladding relief

exterior wallcovering gray color

exterior wall cladding simil wood

pvc coating wood gray color

fence veneer decorative hanging stones

fence metal blue tiki torches

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