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modern houses facades original design

Today we have prepared a wonderful selection of images of facades houses of contemporary and minimalist style that make a real impression, discover the most original designs of modern architecture, here begins our journey.

Impressive designs of facades houses

great house roof facade

Located in a traditionally agricultural region of the Netherlands, this property was an active farm for centuries. The Jelle firm of Jong Architekten has helped transform it into a retirement area, with the original farm buildings with completely modernized spaces inside. While structural needs have been fully addressed in the reinvention of the farm, the exterior appearance of each building has remained true to its original purpose as possible.

Original facade design made from recycled materials

original house design facade

The rows of the unused railway sleepers open to reveal the ground floor of this copper house in Portugal by Atelier Data. The Portuguese studio Atelier Data designed the Varatojo house in Lisbon for a family that wanted to be close to the city while enjoying the views of the surrounding landscape. A ramp that leads to the entrance of the property is surrounded by a row of vertical railway sleepers that continue towards the facade and can be opened as curtains.

Design of The House C m created by Parasite Studio

modern style house design

The House C designed by Parasite Studio is located in Timisoara, Romania. The area has a heterogeneous character regarding the volumes, their alignment and their colors, so the architects proposed a simple black and white volume. According to the official description, the white color highlights the horizontal and vertical dynamics of the volume, while the black color has the role of visually stretching the openings. "The facades have different dynamics in relation to their cardinal orientation, the main facade faces east, and accentuates the horizontality of the volumes, respecting the dynamics of the street.The south façade has extruded volumes in order to offer spaces The western facade becomes more static, more transparent, opening the views to the backyard, a space for relaxation and swimming, the northern facade is more opaque, the openings are more fragmented, a series of narrow slits that allow indirect lighting in the main space ".

Modern design facade created by Bossley Architects

original facade design

This modern house has been designed by Bossley Architects. Flanked by lush cliffs of Karaka Bay, the astute alignment ensures complete privacy as you enter the breathtaking views of the bay.

Original design of the facade of La Casa Riel Estate

original facade house roof folded

The Riel Estate House completed in 2014 is located in a new residential development in the small village Riel near the city of Tilburg. The property conforms to its main archetypal structure and materialization with the rural character of the village and the surrounding countryside; A main building with a gable roof, hand-molded rural bricks and heavy oak doors.

Design of modern aluminum and wood facade

original design facade veneer

The house "pasiaje" of Mabire-Reich is located on a crest of the Armorican massif in Nantes, France. The family needed to move or build an extension in their home from the 1930s and since they loved their property, since they had invested several years in the garden, they decided to design an extension that would work with the home original and with the existing garden areas.

Original design of modern aluminum and wood facade

modern aluminum and wood facade

The finished extension touches the original house in a corner before spreading outward and around a landscaped area. The facade It is lined with corrugated aluminum and wooden details of the window, completely different from the original house, creating a modern contrast not intended to merge with the style of the 30s.

Design of the Troyana House, by * Jackson Clements Burrows Architects

spectacular modern facade design

The initial idea of ​​this project was to challenge the addition of conventional "back box" type with a sculptural form born of site restrictions. The intention was to maintain the largest possible backyard and be inspired by the topography of the hips and valleys of the existing Edwardian house on the roof. This program was wrapped in a perfect wooden skin, covering the roof, the windows and the walls. This "skin" goes to the detail of the operable wooden shutters that are dispersed through the facade where openings are required. The idea of ​​the Trojan house is reflected in this enveloping skin, a constructed form that contains the unexpected; where the windows are disguised with blinds, and where the internal program is unknown. The rain screen solution optimizes a passive thermal response by shading the house in summer and partially insulating the house in winter allowing a warmer air gap between the inside and the outside.

Original designs of modern houses facades

original facade fountain stones

Designs of facades original brick houses

facades houses original design brick

Original facade of modern housing

original modern house facade

Original facade in modern style

original house modern design

Original design of modern facade with wooden shutters

original shutters blinds house wood

Original design of house with brick facade

original house facade brick

Original modern facade design

nice modern facade design

Nice design of modern house facade

nice house design

Original contemporary style facade design

yellow facade frame

Modern design building facade

building house modern design

Original modern design facade design

facades house garden xeriscape dry

Designs of facades of houses of minimalist style

facades houses minimalist style

Original modern facade with xeriscape garden

garden xeriscape facade design

Original modern house facade design

original houses facades designs

Original designs of modern houses facades

modern houses facades

* Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
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