Facades of beautiful houses - 42 designs you must know

facades of modern beautiful houses

The creation of facades of beautiful houses with glass elements was driven mainly by the search for the opening of a house towards the surrounding natural landscape, and also to guarantee a high level of transparency and allow natural light to enter the interior.

Original designs of facades of beautiful and modern houses


With constant increases in technology, glass facades not only serve an aesthetic purpose, they can also answer the important demands of a house, such as the need for security, acoustic performance and sustainability.

Original facades of pretty houses

madrid villa modern villa facades

In today's post we will focus on the aesthetics of the glass facades and we will see spectacular facades of modern residences, starting with this impressive modern house located in the northern part of Madrid, Spain. The residence has a total area of ​​875 square meters and has capacity for no less than seven bedrooms. No matter what the point of view, the exterior of this contemporary villa in Madrid is unusual, some might even say quaint.

Facade created by the company Vision ltd

vision project ltd

Villa Amanzi was created by the design team Original Vision Ltd and the architects Adrian McCarroll, Waiman Cheung, Jamie Jamieson. It is located in Kamala Beach, Phuket, Thailand. The elements that define Villa Amanzi are the view and the rock. The constant reference to these elements instills a feeling of solidity that contrasts with the opening of the house, reinforcing the dynamism and vitality that pays homage to the magic of the place.

Original facade of Bauhaus Residence

facade of Bauhaus Residence

The Bauhaus Residence is a project implemented by the Israeli architectural design office Pitsou Kedem and located in Haifa, Israel. According to Yatzer, the total area of ​​this building is 450 square feet, on a lot measuring no less than 1000 square feet. Built in a historic neighborhood, the residence is in tune with several other existing structures, designed while paying homage to the Bauhaus style. However, the project presented today combines this architectural form with a very modern approach. The residence impresses thanks to an optimal connection of interior and exterior, a generous and cozy swimming pool and a minimalist and contemporary interior design.

Facades of beautiful houses: The Q House in Peru

House Q peru signs longhi

Located south of Lima, Peru, this 4350 square-foot contemporary house called Casa Q shows an unusual architecture that unfolds little by little to the beach of the Mystery. The volume is supported by circular columns placed by intuition, like a dance, instead of necessarily in a grid. The columns are accompanied by sliding glass panels that define the common area of ​​the house.

Facade of the Casa Casurianas Metropolis firm

Casurian house the signature Metropolis

This is Casa Casuarinas in Santiago de Surco, Lima, Peru. The project has a total area of ​​560 square meters and is structured in two levels. Sustainable materials such as stone, marble and wood were used throughout. The lower level was planned as a giant glass box, opening the project to the backyard and the pool area.

Designs of facades of beautiful houses: the Spa House

facade House Spa torre guerrero

The Spa House, located in Playa Gaviotas, Canete, Peru, is characterized by its architecture of great modernity, a generous mix of materials, spacious interiors and wide sea views. The project was conceived by Gómez de la Torre and Guerrero Arquitectos as an opulent refuge, where the transition from a covered living area to the neighboring open space is barely perceptible.

Facades of beautiful houses: the Cutler House in Montauk

cutler house montauk

The Casa Cutler is the definitive vacation home. Held in Montauk, New York, by the creative people of Murdock Young Architects, the building was designed with minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. The house is covered with an exterior of textured wooden panels (which goes very well with the large windows) and has a large pool where you can get the perfect tan on a sunny day.

Facades of beautiful houses: House of the Coasts

House of the Coasts

The imposing Casa de las Costas was specially developed by Carver + Schicketanz for a retired couple in Big Sur, California, United States. The majestic oaks located on the site dominate the neighboring landscape and direct the views towards the Pacific coast to the west. The large glass sliders open onto the patios providing great cross ventilation and a perfect connection to the outside. Sustainability was an important factor to consider when building the project. A palette of warm but neutral colors was chosen to complement the natural building materials and juxtapose the bright blues of the ocean and sky and the bright greens of the garden and the hills.

Estustradas Fachadas De Casas Bonitas

original Facades Of Pretty Houses

The project entitled "The Glass House" consists of a traditional house, adorned with modern glass extensions. As a result, the house adopts a very contemporary look, inviting a bright interior. This project was completed in July 2012 by the award-winning AR Design Studio, in Winchester, England. The clients wanted to maintain the traditional façade but also wanted to add a contemporary touch.

Facade design created by the firm C18 Architects

george spreng design c18

Jewelry designer Georg Spreng commissioned the creators of C18 Architects, Marcus Kaestle, Andreas Ocker and Michel Roeder to build a house in Wissgoldingen, in southern Germany, near Stuttgart. With elegant sliding curtains, a pool, modern furniture, large windows and panoramic views, Georg Spreng House embodies the jeweler's philosophy at its best. It is a brilliant architecture.

Design of the facade of the house Green House

facade green house manrahan meyers

Designed by the architects of Hanrahan Meyers, Holley's house in Garrison, New York, is a "sophisticated sanctuary" nestled away from the Manhattan lofts. Located in a picturesque site near Garrison, the exquisite residence embodies the modern retreat of the country. It is made of stone locally extracted, it has two parallel planes that slide to each other without any visual interruption. With almost all rooms with direct access to the outside, contemporary furniture and a beautiful environment for solitude, tranquility and privacy, Casa Holley is an anti-urban oasis in a world of speed.

Image of the Harefield Residence with glass facade

Harefield residence facade glass

The talented and acclaimed architect Michael Wigginton reconditioned this old 18th century residence near London and added a modern glass extension to accommodate bedrooms and living space. The house has amazing quality materials, starting with the huge glass windows that offer a complete view of the surroundings.

Facade of House House N 51, a design by Sharon Neuman and Oded Stern-Meiraz

House N 51 by Sharon Neuman

Sharon Neuman Architects and Oded Stern-Meiraz collaborated on the development of House N, a modern residence located in Yehuda, Israel. On a surface of 260 square meters, in a lot of 500 square meters, the House N stands out for an interesting architectural detail: a high brick wall, painted in white, that houses the building on the street, ensuring a high level of privacy . The concept of the house was inspired by the work of the minimalist artist Walter De Maria titled Gothic Drawing and showing a basic line of a two-dimensional shape of a house, almost as if it were drawn by a child.

Facade of House of the Tree, by Kokai studios

House of the Tree by kokai

House Of The Tree rises above the city of Shenzhen, China, attracts natural light through a defining feature of space, a two-story interior space partially glazed and open to the idea of ​​"living between the city and the nature". Designed by Kokai Studios, the penthouse that occupies floors 48 and 49 of a high-rise building shows a splendid residential structure that extends over 616 square meters.

Original facade of Nicholson Residence, a design by Matt Gibson

facade Nicholson Residence

Nicholson Residence is a renovation project carried out by the Australian architect * Matt Gibson and located in Melbourne, Australia. The palette of colors and materials is deliberately restricted so as not to compete with the exterior, nor with the works of art and the accumulated furniture of the family. The wooden deck terrace is probably the most spectacular feature of the residence and a great place for family dinners or evening gatherings.

Facade design by Chen + Suchart Studio

original modern facade design

An elegant addition to the landscape in Tempe, Arizona, this modern home is an impressive site-specific design that perfectly combines art and entertainment. A work by talented architects of Chen + Suchart Studio, the linear structure integrates completely with the surrounding landscape. With black steel beams and an elegant wooden facade that charms from all angles, Customs also manages to "bury" a small pool.

Facade of the house Puristische Villa

Puristische Villa design Netzwerkarchitekten

Puristische Villa was developed by the architects of Netzwerkarchitekten and is located in a suburb of Darmstadt, Germany. The elegant villa has a total area of ​​378 square meters and was built on a plot of 1,150 square meters, taking advantage of the best part of the site. Structured on two levels, the residence maximizes its connection with the outside, with the help of generous windows and glass doors from floor to ceiling that open onto the terrace. A large pool seems logically to continue the simple geometry of the house and becomes the most striking elements of elegant design of this house. Glass is the main element used for a residence that impresses due to its immaculate atmosphere.

Facade Design by Riverfront Residence, by Taylor Design

Riverfront Residence by Taylor Design

Riverfront Residence was designed by Taylor Design + BUILD and is located in Tucson, Arizona, within a unique natural landscape. The architecture of the project should be well adapted to the climatic conditions imposed by the environment of the building. This is the reason why sustainability was one of the main characteristics that the architects took into account when designing this house built with an energy saving ICF concrete wall system and a roof shading strategy. Native desert grasses and small flower cover plants help with summer cooling through micro shadows of the leaves of the plants. The main part of the house opens perfectly in a huge patio with swimming pool.

Design facade of the house Russell Hill Road, of the firm Gh3

facade of russell hill road signs Gh3

The Canadian architects of Gh3 have been behind the facelift of a 1970 residence located at 101 Russel Hill Road in Toronto. Originally built with large open spaces, the renovation involved a futuristic approach that became a more cellular room design where everything flows.

Facade of the Waterfront residence in Miami

Waterfront residence in Miami

Villa Valentina is an impressive and modern residence located in Miami Beach, Florida, United States. Its multi-level terraces and large windows allow for unobstructed views of the beautiful bay.

Facade of the Walker House, in Sydney, Australia.

sydney malker house facade

Facade of the Coop Wingpoint Residence 15

wingpoint the residence of coop 15

Facade of the Montauk Residence of Pentagram

Montauk residence of pentagram

Original facade designed by Martin Holub

facade Martin Holub

Facade of the house Dakar House, designed by the firm Saota

house Dakar House firm Saota

Facade of North Bay Road, a Touzet Studio project

North Bay Road project Touzet Studio

Original designs of facades of beautiful houses of contemporary style

toth project design architecture facade

Original image of the facade of the house Clear House, a project of the designer Stuart Parr

facade Clear House Stuart Parr

* Matt Gibson

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