Facades of rustic houses - fifty charming designs

road cottage wood field house

Would you like to spend the summer in a quiet natural landscape with views towards the mountain? Today we invite you to contemplate fifty images of facades of rustic houses located in green areas of different parts of the world. We will see that the exterior of a building will play a very important role on which all the architecture of the interior will depend.

Facades of rural rustic houses

pretty cabin door green wood

The architecture in unbuilt natural areas you must respect the environment without damaging it, that is why it is so important that the materials are natural and that the design does not break with the natural harmony that the landscape offers. This is why many designers and architects are creating projects that merge with nature in a visual way.

The Red Roof House of California

rural house style rustic garden

The model of country house that we see in the image above belongs to the house "The Red Roof", located in California and built in 2013 by Griffin & Crane General Contractors . Its name comes from the aspect that natural terracotta tiles give, and a Mexican accent can also be seen in the arches of the doors and windows.

Design of a brick facade

nice design facade house brick

Another very modern and ecological movement is the restoration of old abandoned farm buildings. The great thing about this type of design is that they manage to combine different styles taking advantage of the best of each one, as in the facade example that appears in the photograph of the upper part.

House with contemporary rustic facade

houses facade rustic rocks

But if it is a new construction on a natural terrain, it is advisable to make the most of everything offered by the nature of the place. Sometimes the ground is level, so that the architectural design can be adapted to the natural conditions of the place. In the photo that we see above it appears a house of contemporary design with a part of the upper façade covered with sheets of natural wood , an element that combines wonderfully with the environment.

Facades of rustic houses - fifty charming designs

Designed by Christopher Simmonds Architect, the elegant "Gatineau Hills Residence" that we can see in the image above is located in the beautiful landscape on the outskirts of the city of Ottawa. Combining an elegant urban design with rustic charm, the luxurious house integrates perfectly two contrasting styles of design to offer a quiet and modern environment. Surrounded by lush green vegetation and offering a beautiful view of the Gatineau River in the distance, this exceptional home also has a structural and spatial balance.

Facades of rustic houses - fifty charming designs 1

The beautiful combination of contrasting textures begins with the facade of the house, which has a glass and white cement exterior for the ground floor and a warm reclaimed wood surface for the second floor. This gives the house a contemporary cool appeal, allowing it to blend in with its surroundings thanks to natural organic vibration. The lower level is clad in pristine white, where you will find the living room, the dining room and a fabulous kitchen connected in an open floor plan. The hand-scraped oak floors and the bursts of color here and there perfectly complement this white and glossy lacquered appearance. The private spaces located on the upper level have large glass windows that offer unparalleled views of the colorful surrounding landscape. An elegant conservatory and a luxurious pool in the backyard complete this affluent and relaxing residence of Canada.

Wooden houses with plants on the roof

cottage wood roofing

Rescuing the rustic style is a great alternative for those who enjoy nature. The characteristics can be seen both in the construction and in the decoration of the environment. Therefore, for an incredible result, it is necessary to harmonize the appropriate design options and the materials used.

Minimalist style log cabin

rustic wood cabin minimalist style

For lovers of colors, the windows can be painted with a vibrant tone giving a cheerful air to the external look, for example. Since wood is often used when it comes to strength, it can also be used on the facade, as well as on furniture and floors.

Natural wood cabin

log cabin pine wood natural pine

Also in the interiors of the rustic houses the walls can be covered in exposed stone and brick. The first option is very common to compose other material in the facade. A good idea is also to use a stone panel to embed the TV or highlight the environment with this material in a very natural way. Demolition wood comes from luxury in this proposal. It can be inserted in the tables or in the dining room furniture. It certainly brings attitude and elegance to the space.

Natural wood prefabricated cabins

cabin wood pine natural field

Beautiful cabin with wooden porch

log cabin porch stairs

Payment Management Log cabin with red roof

house cottage wood roof red

Rustic style log cabin

rustic style maderna cabin

Cottage design with panoramic view

modern cabin wood floating mountain

Modern house with wooden platform

modern black hut wooden platform

Design of underground cabins and ground level

hut hidden green grass ground

Facades of rustic wooden houses

modern rustic cabin wood facade

rustic cottage modern design

cabins wood roofs plants lawn

rural houses facade stone

rural house porch wood

white house garden roof plants

house field wood stone mountain

farmhouse facade barn farm

house wood field forest

modern wood house natural pond

modern house design concrete wood

design house rural porch wood

rustic house nice garden plants

Rustic house modern design

caserio stone facade stairs roof

little house wood stairs field plants

design cottage rural trunks wood

design house rural chimney stone

contemporary style design rustic facades

modern wood house design

modern building green field

great modern house facade wood

facade house design white black

facades of rustic houses black wood

facade house rural trunks trees

house facade wood grass roof

rural facade brick

facades of rustic houses modern wood

facades of rustic houses stone lake

facades of rustic houses modern style

facades of rustic houses modern style 2

portable module facades of rustic houses

original design facades of rustic houses

facades of rustic houses small cabin modern design wood

small cabin wood roof white

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