Facades of villas with original and modern designs

facades of chalets

Our article today will deal with the facades of chalets and modern design houses. Since the facade is the main appearance of a house, an attractive design will be able to invite anyone to see the interior. To design or choose a perfect facade, there are some important tips to consider.

Original designs of facades of modern villas

Facades designs of modern villas

To begin, determine the style and theme of your facade. The themes determine the final result of the facade of a building. Learn what will be the theme that will be displayed and the character of what you want to be highlighted.

Original designs of houses facades

original facades of modern villas

Choose the material according to the theme of the facade of your home. Consider a material that is easy to search. The selection of material must also be adapted to the climate and the interior of the house.

Nice design of modern house facade

nice modern facade design

The choice of colors is very diverse, including bright colors and neutrals. If you want to combine these colors, you must consider their incorporation. Of course, you should consider the weather, in addition to the surrounding landscape, when choosing a color and type of paint.

Nice facade design in modern style

nice design lights facade

You can customize the facade according to your finances. Plan ahead before changing the facade, and you can take inspiration from some designers and architects who have created true architectural masterpieces.

Facade design by * Richard Woods

original facade modern villa

Richard Woods is well known for the specific colorful wood grain that he usually uses in furniture, so when he built a house for himself it was to be expected that he would use wood panels painted so colorful on the facade of his own home.

Corten steel facade designed by Sparano + Mooney

facade house modern design

Corten steel was used to cover the facade of this family home in Utah. It was a project of the firm Sparano + Mooney. The exterior of the house is covered with hundreds of eroded steel plates and this gives it the appearance of having scales. The rusty color of the facade is ideal in this case because it allows the house to mix more easily with the landscape.

Facade of Kavellaris Urban Design Group for Samantha Everton

original facade Samantha Everton

The architectural firm Kavellaris Urban Design Group collaborated with the artist Samantha Everton to create the facade of "2 Girls", a surrealist house located in Melbourne, Australia. The facade features a photograph of the masquerade of the "vintage dolls" of the Samantha series.

Facade of Kontum House of Khuôn Studio

original design facade house

In this peculiar facade, concrete blocks with triangular openings they allow light to seep into the rooms and patios of this house in the center of Vietnam Highlands, designed by the office of the local architects Khuôn Studio. The co-founder of Khuôn Studio, Huynh Anh Tuan, designed the one-story property as a home for his sister and her husband. The couple had a limited budget, so the cost of construction materials had to be kept low. Because of this, the team developed a design for a custom concrete block that can be manufactured by hand cheaply and easily.

Original facade design by Art House One

Art House One

Art House One, in Armidale, is based on an abstract art style, with red and white features and unusual shapes. Even the mailbox has a peculiar modern look and internally everything adapts to the color scheme, with the thresholds and the red frames of the windows. Also the furniture is combined. Have carpets red and uses the same themes of red, white and black throughout the interior as well as the facade.

Designs of facades of chalets

beautiful house facade

As you can see, there are really interesting designs that show the personality and the tastes of the owners, besides adapting wonderfully to the terrain and the given circumstances.

Modern facades for houses and chalets

house facade modern design

You can consult an architect specializing in facades of villas to take some extra tips. This is of great help to guide us on any trends and the characteristics of the materials.

Design of house with modern facade and patio

original house design facade

You may want to emphasize certain places or elements such as the entrance, the garage, a front yard or both together. Undoubtedly the windows are the most fundamental elements of the entire facade, they are practically like the eyes of a house.

Original design of luxurious house facade

luxurious house facade design

A well designed façade should highlight and beautify the windows and the whole house contemplated from the outside, in addition to providing the temperature and conditions appropriate to the interior of the home. According to the examples we have seen, the possibilities for the facades of the villas are endless. Both the style and the composition of the materials make each proposal something special.

Original design of modern style facade

original design house facade

Both the style and the ornamentation will refer us to a style and design of the house. There is no doubt that from the point of view of its functionality the matter of material is very important. From here we will recommend some that are very relevant. To achieve true facades of villas with impact this is the moment. Thanks to the appearance of different materials there are large samples of different solutions.

Nice design of modern house facade

great house design villa

Striking precisely because of the unusualness of the designs. One of these cases is the metal applied to the cladding facades. The metal establishes a relationship very different from that of other materials with the environment. The times in which these facades were simply for industrial environments have been left behind. The truth is that more often they are seen in many buildings that have no relation to the prefabricated ones and the impact is incredible.

Great modern facade with garage door

great house facade garage

It is applied with relative ease. According to the professionals, these house facades are a great idea for functional and highly efficient solutions. The options are several starting with the galvanized with some smooth plates. To improve and complement your image other associations with materials such as concrete are perfectly possible. The stone is another favorite for these cases as well as wood.

Great design of luxury home facade

great house luxury facade

Providing a truly fresh image for any space. In the same line of the facades of chalets based on metal, a separate one must be made for the corten steel. It is more than known in the designs and architecture these days. Its very special image in itself gives that contemporary finish to any facade. There is no need to worry about its rusty appearance since that is precisely its strength.

Original design of natural wood facade

facade house wood natura

For the exterior it is perfect given its resistance to corrosion. All this oxidized layer is the result of the copper alloy together with the chromium. On the outside of any building will be a luxury in style and durability. Several of the cases that we have commented have stone coatings in excellent finishes. Perhaps this is one of the façade claddings of older villas that exist.

Original modern villa facade design

modern villa facade

The best of this variant are the textures offered in addition to a subtle color game. Its effect for the walls is simply very elegant at all times. For roofing one of its perfect properties is insulation. Both thermally and acoustically. The way in which it serves to combat humidity is equally remarkable. All these properties logically depend on the type with which the facade is created.

Original design of modern facade with porch

original modern facade design

As finished the lajado is very interesting to create a true accent wall. The blackboard is another beautiful variant. The effect of its color in dark tone and the resistance are well worth it. Within the stones is one of the most versatile. It allows luxury work both inside and outside the home. The one for the facades of houses is an addition that deserves to be valued.

Original villa with modern facade

original villa facade garden

Its appearance in the aesthetic part is unmatched. Always so warm and capable of creating a different experience for the senses. When we decide to use it abroad we must do it with care. As we know, humidity can affect it a lot. On the other hand the sun in a direct and continued way too.

Original facade of modern house with pond

original house facade with pond

To make it more resistant you have to opt for those that also include a treatment. It is common the appearance of fungi or the attack of insects. Below you can see more images of really interesting house facades that will help you to take inspiration, enjoy the tour of our gallery and do not forget to visit us, see you soon.

Original facade of contemporary style house

original facade house modern style

cement crystals combination parts

fhachada spectacular rocks stones combined

rocks important floors crystals

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