Fall crafts to decorate the interior

autumn crafts

The autumn It is getting closer and closer and we are thinking more and more about giving a new look to the interiors. This new air is impregnated with the autumnal touch and the typical colors for this time of year. For this reason, in this article we will talk about the autumn crafts What can you do to decorate your houses?

Autumn crafts easy to make and decorate the home interior

autumn crafts decorate

Most of these activities can be done by your children as well and you could fill your free time with something of profit. The materials you will need are dried leaves, pineapples, chestnuts, hazelnuts and other things, depending on what you have decided to do. If you want to make the boats of the previous image you will need some nutshells, some sticks and leaves. So that the legs can be kept vertical in the pofrñiais nuts, use plasticine. You have to make a ball and leave it stuck in the shell and then you have to nail the plaos in the plasticine balls.

Crafts for autumn for the autumn decoration of your house

autumn crafts decorate interior

Among the easy-to-do autumn crafts you can find these turkeys. To make them you will need some pineapples and some feathers. It would be nice if the feathers were of different colors. These feathers have to be placed between the hollows of the pineapples in an upright position to make the tail of the turkeys. Then you just have to make paper or cardboard peaks and paste them and put some eyes on them.

Autumnal decoration with dolls made of chestnuts and toothpicks

autumn crafts decorating house interior

You can also opt for autumn crafts for children. These types of crafts are quite easy and they do not need many materials to make them. With some chestnuts and toothpicks or matches you can create some animals. To make a four-legged animal you just have to stick four matches in a chestnut, this will be the body of the animal with the legs, then you have to nail another match to join the body and the head and if you want your animal to have horns and tail, you can nail other three matches.

Decoration for the autumn made with painted pineapples and hazelnuts

easy autumn crafts decorate

Something similar you can do with some avellas, only that in this case instead of sticking a match, you will have to paint the hazelnuts. You can take advantage of the top of the hazelnut and make an animal with a hat or you can take off this aprte and with two small dry leaves you can make two ears to the animal, sticking them in the back. In this way, you could make a very original and interesting autumn decoration inside.

Fall crafts to make a whole flock of animals for home decoration

crafts autumn decoration house

Using the autumn crafts for previous children, you can also make a flock with all kinds of animals and you can place it on a shelf so that it is visible to everyone.

A very original decoration for autumn with dry leaves

crafts autumn decoration interior

If you want you can also increase the autumn decoration of your home with crafts with dry leaves . This is one of the materials that in autumn you can find everywhere and it would be nice if the sheets you choose are of different colors. You can join them with a thick thread or with a rope, helping them with a needle. This way you will create a pendant of dry leaves. After this pendant you can put it on the door of your house.

Crafts for small children with dry leaves for autumn

crafts autumn small children

With the dry leaves you can also do some autumn crafts like some butterflies. These autumn children's crafts are quite interesting and children can start their creativity. For that you will need two large leaves similar to the wings of the butterfly and a smaller leaf of another color for the body of the butterfly. These leaves can then be printed on paper or cardboard and you can decorate the wings of the butterfly with circles or other shapes. On the card or on the sheet you will have to draw the head of the butterfly. One of the ideas that we offer you here is that it is cardboard after you can put it in a frame and you can hang it on the wall.

An original chicken to decorate the interior of your house in autumn

simple autumn crafts

Another of the autumn crafts with pineapples and feathers for the preparation of chickens is also with an orange. You have to put the pineapple on top of the orange because it will be the head of the chicken. The feathers you can nail in the orange. In this way you will get a very interesting color that is typical for animals with feathers.

Crafts for children in autumn with buttons

autumn crafts buttons

Your children can also make a tree with buttons, they will only need a thinner branch besides the buttons. The buttons can be separated by color and you have to paste them on a leaf in the branches of the branch. The buttons will play the role of leaves, so you can place them and sort them to your liking. But do not forget that it is an autumn decoration and the colors of the buttons have to be typical for this season.

The creation of a tree with painted pumpkin seeds

original autumn crafts

More difficult crafts for older people with wooden trunks and candles

difficult autumn crafts

Ideas for making crafts and decorating your home

autumn crafts for children

Ideas for a floral decoration of your interiors in autumn

autumn crafts for children

More ideas for the autumnal decoration of your houses

crafts for the autumn

Making autumn trees on folios with fallen leaves

children's crafts of autumn

Some butterflies made with dried leaves for decorating your house in autumn

crafts with dry leaves

Two dolls to decorate in autumn with dry leaves

autumn decoration

Autumn crafts with a pumpkin and dried leaves

autumn decoration

Decorating the pots in the shape of chickens

Fall crafts for young children

Some pots with spikes, feathers and legs

autumn crafts for young children

An owl made of cardboard and dried leaves to decorate your house in autumn

crafts for the autumn easy

An interesting decoration with wooden boards and drawings attached to them

decoration autumn children

The pots-chicken that you can do to give an autumnal air to your interior

autumn children decoration

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