Fashionable haircuts this autumn inspired by the stars

fashion haircuts autumn 2016 modern design various ideas hairstyles

Today we have some fashionable haircuts for autumn 2016 for women inspired by Hollywood stars. The days of uniform mold and beauty of the models of a stroller is what inspires us today.

Fashionable haircuts this fall of 2016

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Alexa Chung ideas

We have decided to look to American film and music stars to show the fashionable haircuts this fall season. The first thing we need to know is that nobody looks the same, everyone is different.

Fashionable haircuts inspired by Hollywood stars

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Anne Hathaway ideas

And why not have different hair? It can be curly, it can be smooth, it can be wavy, anything is possible.

Beyoncé with a bob cut

fashion haircuts autumn 2016 Beyonce ideas

Always when a new year or a new stage in our life begins there is something that makes us want to call our stylist and demand an appointment.

A photo of Cara Delevingne taken by Anthony Harvey

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Cara Delevingne ideas

Now that we're in the middle of the year, you may not be thinking about a new haircut, but that does not mean you should not check these celebrity photos and change their colour or pick up the tips a little.

Photo by Chrissy Teigen with a haircut with the ends falling just below the shoulder taken by Frazer Harrison

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 chrissy teigen ideas

What we can say is that we are surprised that the length of the hair seems that this year it takes more medium length hair. After seeing these photos you will be totally excited to see how good your short hair can be.

Dakota Johnson with bangs and long coats

Fashionable autumn haircuts 2016 Dakota Johnson ideas

One of the main complaints that all women have is that our hair does not look good when it dries and it does not look like the hairdresser's. But we do not remember that the texture of everyone going stellar in its natural state simply we need correct cut.

Demi Lovato with a very sweet and classic haircut

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Demi Lovato ideas

With this lifestyle that we carry today many women want to wear a beautiful hair but without having to be slaves of their hair. Therefore, before cutting our hair, we must ask ourselves some very important questions.

Emma Stone with a hair cut not too long or too short

Fashionable autumn haircuts 2016 Emma Stone ideas

The first is what is our lifestyle and how we like to wear our hair. When we answer these questions we can choose a cut made to measure.

Felicity Jones with a medium length cut for those who do not decide on very short hair

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Felicity Jones ideas

This is why half-length hair is so modern and more and more women will adopt this type of cut. But if you already have a style that works well for you and not against you, everything is much easier and you do not have to make drastic changes.

January Jones with medium cut with many layers

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 January Jones ideas

Short hair is having its important moment, according to many stylists. Since this type of cut is suitable for hairs of any type of texture, it also looks a lot like the classic 20s woman like Coco Chanel and Louise Brooks.

Jessica Alba with a bob cut and bangs on her side

Fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Jessica Alba ideas

Do not think that if you choose an image like this it will seem out of shape or even boring. There are techniques that can be used to make this look really modern, with a natural texture, wavy for example.

Jourdan Dunn with straight and natural short hair

Trendy autumn haircuts 2016 Jourdan Dunn ideas

Although the cut is not long for a greater impression you can opt for bold shapes and eccentric lines. A cut with a triangular shape and a strip in very strong is a great way to show off your hair.

Layers illuminate Julianne Hough's cut

Fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Julianne Hough ideas

But these eye-catching contours are perfect for women with straight natural hair or very curly hairs. Therefore, girls with hair types with smooth or curly natural texture should embrace this feature and play with it. Why go normal when you can be brave and daring?

A cut with many layers of Karlie Kloss

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Karlie Kloss ideas

The fringe is one of the main trends for this year. Leaving the fringe is an easy way to get a new look just add a little play. This season, try a more forceful cut of the fringe that reaches near the eyebrows.

Very modern pastel colors this year are much easier to make in short hair like Katy Perry's

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Katy Perry ideas

Now, if you want bangs and your hair is straight, you can choose the traditional version. But girls with curly hair can leave curly fringe too.

Kendall Jenner with long hair and fringe cut with stripe in the middle

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Kendall Jenner ideas

To surprise everyone, you can cut the bangs at least two fingers above the eyebrows but this look is not for the faint of heart, but if you are willing to go for it, a cut like this can help to emphasize your best facial features.

Kristen Bell with a wavy hairstyle

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Kristen Bell ideas

Now we let you continue with our images of fashionable haircuts and inspire you to change your look.

Leighton Meester with short hair combed back

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Leighton Meester ideas

Lily Collins with a very sweet pixie haircut

Fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Lily Collins ideas

Miley Cyrus as always very bold with very short hair style "goblin"

fashion autumn haircuts 2016 Miley Cyrus ideas

A cut with side stripe and a very modern gel hairstyle this year

fashion autumn hairstyles 2016 catwalk Louis Vuitton ideas

Ruby Rose with a long "elf" cut

Fashionable autumn haircuts 2016 ruby ​​rose

Stacy Martin a cut that reaches the cheekbones

fashion hairstyles autumn 2016 stacy martin ideas

Cut with very modern side bangs from Jean Claude Aubry

fashion haircuts 2016 jean claude aubry ideas

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