Feathers to decorate - fifty original ideas

Today we bring you new ideas for decorating your home; the ornaments with feathers of natural birds, one of the most current trends that the whole world is already traveling. Do not miss our selection of fifty images of interior trim with feathers, sure to inspire you.

Ornaments made with bird feathers

There are reasons why unconsciously a very pleasant sensation appears in us only when contemplating a pen. One of these reasons is that we remember the soft touch of the pen without having to touch it; this provokes in us a reaction of "visual pleasure" when imagining that softness.

Juju hats placed in the shape of flowers

ornament shapes flowers feather

In the photograph that appears above we can see several ornaments made with feathers painted in colors. It's about the Juju hats , some interesting headdresses used by the traditional dancers of the tribes of Cameroon. These hats symbolize prosperity and are believed to possess many positive qualities.

Decorate walls with Juju hats

adornment wall circle color brown

Juju headdresses, also called Bamiléké or Tyn hat, are perfect for decorate walls if they are placed in the form of a carpet. They are also available in a wide range of shades and in four different sizes. For its elaboration the feather of the chicken or the one of certain wild birds is used.

Aquamarine decorative garland

feather garland peacock feather

The peacock feather is and has always been used for decorative purposes because of its striking appearance. The combination of their colors Iridescent is not comparable to any other and is large, which makes it perfect for multiple uses. Above we have a beautiful aquamarine garland that is ideal for decoration on the most special occasions.

Orange feather tapestry

orange tapestry ornament

The feathers to decorate are good on the walls and you can choose balls made with them. However, you have to bear in mind that this decorative detail is not very appropriate in interiors in which people allergic to dust. The reason is that feathers accumulate a lot of dust and are more difficult to clean.

Original ornament or centerpiece

ornament feathers horn balls turkey

In the photo above you can see a very original and modern decorative detail for which a marble horn has been used as a vase. In its interior there is a plant with long and wide leaves that combines very well with the feathers of the peacock. The reason for this perfect combination is that the leaves create the effect of enlarging and expanding the feathers. In addition you can also add some blue balls or other colors with which to complete the decoration.

Peacock feather pendant lamp

peacock feathers pendant ornament

On the other hand, feathers can also be used to make decorations for the objects inside. In this way you can see in the photo above that the peacock feathers have been used to give a different and original touch to the lamp. For that, a round lamp that has been covered with feathers has been chosen.

Juju headdresses in different sizes and colors

headdresses wall blue yellow

For these headdresses you can use feathers to decorate different colors. These feathers can be birds full of color and joy. Also in the stores you can find them manufactured and you will only have to choose the tones to be able to combine them with the other colors of your house.

Juju blue and pink headgear

ornaments wall Juju blue pink

In the photo above you can see a very modern and original combination of Juju headdresses with navy blue and pink feathers. You can appreciate the contrast that is created between the tones and the balance that the white color creates as a background of the wall.

Juju headgear to decorate walls

feather ornaments neutral colors

In this photo you can see the same decoration of the same interior but with feathers to decorate other tones. In this case the effect that has been sought is that of the combination with the colors of the chairs and in this way the decoration becomes simpler.

Exotic interior decorations

Exotic style adornment deco

We leave you with more ideas for interior decoration with bird feathers. Take note of the latest trends and do not hesitate to apply them in your personal designs, surely your guests will be excited. To learn more original decoration ideas for this season, do not forget to visit our page, we will be waiting for you.

Juju headgear black and white

ornaments wall white black

Decoration with large colorful feathers

ornaments feathers great colors

Decorative objects with feather

adosrnos feather colors reeds glasses

Juju hats to decorate interiors

white ornament seen by

adornment hat wall color yellow

ornaments feather circles purple colors

juju hat brown shades

christmas tree pink feather

christmas tree decorated feathers turkey

dream catcher several colors white feathers

pretty white feathers garland

beautiful ornaments three colors

ornate bottle bird feathers

circle blue feather turquoise headdress

metal bowl sticks pink feathers

palm tree decoration black

deco pen turquoise color

cupid wings door decoration

deco boa salon purple

deocoration design modern living room

design headdress jiji many colors

vase decorated feathers flowers

white wreath center table feathers

wreath white feathers bed

glass jarred white feathers

lamp elephants white feathers original

lamp night table ornaments

original round ornaments feather salon

original headdresses several colors

original christmas trees white feathers

original balls pendants colors feathers

palm tree feather pink white

decorative feathers colorful circles

feathers ornaments seen by

peacock feather wood vase

salon ornaments round walls

classic crockery decorated turkey feather

silver candle peacock feather

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