Felt original decoration for the house walls

original felt walls apartment ideas

In our article today we have prepared for you some ideas of felt colorful decoration in the wall . The felt is in particular a material that is composed of a woolen fiber fabric mixed with fibers of another nature, which is obtained by mechanical compression, chemical action, moisture and heat. Wool felt and felt wool mixed with materials of another nature are very different according to the use for which they are used. The felt can be thick or stylized, soft or hard, of different densities, white or colored, with special treatments, can be made suitable for many specific functions sometimes unimaginable.

Felt elegant decoration in the modern living room

felt original walls living room modern ideas

Also today it is very fashionable to decorate the walls of the house in a different and inter. From decorative vinyl to photos, drawings and all kinds of objects like felt too. Another thing we can get are appliques such as leaves of trees, butterflies, dragonflies and many other designs that can be attached to the wall by double-sided adhesive tapes or by means of small screws and nails. But in our article we have decided to show you elegant felt walls perfect for decorating modern and elegant living rooms.

Felt decoration for the modern living room with gray wall

felt decoration original walls gray ideas

Felt can be used for furniture, costumes, toys, dolls crafts, materials used in teaching, to coat boxes, is self-adhesive can be moldings and for this is very useful in interiors perfect for flat surfaces, furniture, drawers also serves to protect delicate objects such as coated boxes for silverware, covering ironing tables and much more that you can not even imagine. In our images you will see its elegant and modern side perfect for the wall of the living room or for the wall of your daughter's room. Check our ideas and get inspired to use the beautiful decoration felt for the modern house.

Light colored felt for the living room wall

felt original walls mirror modern ideas

Felt and mirror on the wall of the modern living room

original felt walls bedroom television ideas

Wooden floor and ceiling and felt wall

original felt walls precious ideas

Blue LED lighting and felt on the wall

felt original walls ceiling wood ideas

Felt of vibrant colors in the modern apartment

original felt walls modern house ideas

Child's room with felt wall

felt decoration original walls vibrant colors ideas

Child's room with felt wall

felt original decoration walls child room ideas

felt decoration original walls orange yellow ideas

Lovely wall of Anna Gravelle

felt decoration original walls Anna Gravelle ideas

felt decoration original walls room kids ideas

felt decoration original walls gray office clear ideas

felt original decoration wall separator stools ideas

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