Feng Shui bed in locations that will fill us with energy

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When Feng Shui is applied in decoration, the location of the objects is very relevant. It is considered that this location, especially in the bedrooms, has a considerable effect on energy. A good location for each element in the bedroom It is necessary according to Feng Shui to relax and rest properly. When it comes to bedrooms, the bed is a relevant aspect. So we will be talking about the Feng Shui bed and its location in the bedrooms.

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According to this philosophy the way in which it is positioned is the key so that the whole space is really in harmony and stays balanced. The bed in Feng Shui is a guarantee to get up full of vitality. If it is not done properly we will simply feel exhausted and lack energy in general. To avoid it in terms of feng shui bed and its location we will show you the keys to success.

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Feng Shui bed and instructions to place it

Within the rules for the orientation of the bed we started mentioning that it can not be in front of the doors or under the windows. The best thing is that the headboard is located on the wall furthest from the bedroom access door. Always try that your bed has a headboard. In Feng Shui decoration, its absence represents instability.


Select solid headboards and rest on a wall without windows. In the same way that there are no nearby mirrors in which they are reflected. In the Feng Shui bed and its location on the walls can be covered with curtains . It is a process in which even objects hanging on the headboard should be avoided.

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To decorate this area the best are the light and simple accessories. There are also wall lamps that look perfect and are small. Another recommendation in the location of the bed according to Feng Shui is access to it. It is essential that it can be done on both sides.

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It is a common mistake that it is stuck completely to a wall. For this in the feng shui bed and bedside tables are a great combination. Located on the sides allow perfect access in both spaces. The bedside tables are excellent and very versatile furniture.

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In a Feng Shui style bedroom, use them in the same way to place photos that recall pleasant moments. It is a simple way to maintain a positive mood. Do not place any document or accessory that has to do with labor issues.

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It is not possible to ignore the effect of the colors in the bed of our choice in the same way. In general, in the Feng Shui decoration, the effect of color is always valued. This also depends on our well-being. A bedding in soft colors is able to evoke calm and relaxation.

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The soft tones are able to favor a good rest in relation to a good location of the bed. Sheets, quilts and pillows preferably made with natural fabrics. Everything in conjunction with the feng shui bed and its location will be the keys to a truly restful dream.


As we mentioned, the location of the door is a fundamental aspect. Compared in importance with the location of the windows in relation to the bed. The great presence of windows or doors near the bed is an aspect that in the long run can disturb the dream.


The reason is the sense of security that must be experienced in any bedroom. For a deep sleep we must be in a space that allows us to relax. Otherwise, even if we try to sleep and close our eyes, our nervous system remains alert. Feng Shui bed and the cardinal points to place them has a very interesting relevance.


Here we show you some keys of the possible effects according to the cardinal points. The first one is about sleeping with the body aligned North South. A position that is perhaps the best to promote rest. If the bed is oriented so that the feet are facing South and the head in the North, a deeper and more restful sleep can be achieved.


When it comes to starting a day with a feeling of revitalization, the head should be placed towards the East. The location of the cardinal point and the location of the bed according to Feng Shui must be determined very well. Otherwise, a totally different effect can be achieved. For example, when we sleep with our heads facing South, it is possible to get up with some nervousness or more tense.


In the case of the West, according to specialists, weakness and even depression can be experienced. This orientation with respect to the cardinal points could be done once we have determined the placement of the bed with respect to mirrors or doors. Each of these points has effects on our organism and Feng Shui places them in function of our meditation and rest. At the moment of the dream the influence of terrestrial magnetism is perhaps greater, so we must take it into account.


Feng Shui bed and the main points when placing them

As a summary we can say that the keys for the room to maintain a functional design from the location of the bed part of the effect of location of the header. Place it on a solid wall by adjusting the headboard to it.


It is also not recommended that the headboard rest on a wall that accesses a bathroom. Do not block visual control from the bed access to your bedroom. Prevent the headboard from resting in the lower part of a window. If the use of curtains is not possible, it is a great way out, as in this image of Archiplastica .


Preferably those with thicker fabrics are those that are recommended. Do not sleep with your feet towards the bedroom door. In the Feng Shui bed and its location away from areas where there are large air currents. This has a direct relationship with doors and windows.


When it is a construction project, if possible, locate the bedrooms away from the main access door. Let's enjoy some inspiring bedroom solutions based on this style. It is not just an aesthetic detail, it is also something functional.


A bed in the right location is a guarantee of a deep and restful sleep. If combined with details such as color selection then the results are better. Beyond the style of your bedroom, follow these recommendations offered by Feng Shui and you will surely change your life.


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