Feng Shui bedroom and the keys to a harmonious space

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According to Feng Shui the bedroom should be seen as a sacred place. A kind of sanctuary destined to achieve rest and that favors sleep. Feng Shui bedroom and all the space must conform an environment that inspires meditation and away from everyday stress. The best thing about the possibilities offered for the bedroom is that the limitations of space . It is not about creating a different place where we can immerse ourselves in that environment of relaxation.

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Feng Shui bedroom and secrets for design

Rather it is to give the whole bedroom all the necessary atmosphere for our rest through Feng Shui. To start designing based on this philosophical system we will start with the bed. It is considered that it should not be a very small bed and should be accompanied by other furniture on the sides. The best location is centered and surrounded by soft lights and colors.

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On the sides, tables or chairs can be placed. It is necessary that the furniture be harmonious with each other, they can even be different but maintaining this harmony. The points of light should be just above these so-called support elements of the bed. In the same way they can be different luminaires that do not disturb the rest of the other person.

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Even if you do not live as a couple these points of light are recommended for the feng shui bedroom and its design. They transmit stability and improve vitality even if it is not a double bedroom. In terms of color, special attention must be paid to what they are used for. Pastel shades are suitable for a bedroom in Filo Shui style. It is important that the range of colors used generates that emotional tranquility and stability.

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You can use as an example lemon green, earthy colors or salmon. Even some soft violets can work for the feng shui bedroom and its design. Each one of them will be applied in accessories such as bedding, furniture or decoration of the walls . There are other details such as carpets or benches in the lower part of the bed that are perfect.

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A bedroom that is based on the Feng Shui style should take care of the lighting in the same way. It is best to have several points of light throughout the room. Take advantage of all the possible corners not only to the ceiling to illuminate. We recommend lights that can be regulated in intensity to improve the atmosphere of the entire design.

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Table lamps or standing lamps are excellent resources that can be exploited according to the moment. In general, the lighting in a Feng Shui style bedroom must adapt to the moment and the activity. Whether to promote sleep, read or simply listen to music.

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For your bedroom, it can be presiding the lighting that leads to a deep meditation and rest. It is a very effective resource to highlight everything we consider relevant in our decoration.

Feng Shui bedroom and the most common mistakes

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To make our decoration and interior design really respond to Feng Shui, let's start by avoiding colors that are too cold. As well as those that are visually too vibrant. They are tonalities that generate uneasiness and are capable of hindering rest. Office spaces should likewise be avoided if we want to achieve this aesthetic in our room.

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There are computers such as computers or the fax itself that are noise generators and are recommended to avoid. They are called activating elements and within this same group can include televisions. In general, all equipment that is dynamic and generates noise is not recommended for the Feng Shui bedroom.

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Documents related to work issues should also not be in view. So avoid them too even if they are simple reminders of appointments. There are other objects that due to their relationship with physical activity are not recommended for the environment of the room. Benches for push-ups, treadmills or static bicycles are some classic examples.

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Often for reasons of space they share the bedroom and we should avoid them as much as possible. Like the strident colors, its effect on sleep is negative. So they interfere in our vitality affecting us with the passage of time. Another frequent error in the design of these bedrooms is the use of mirrors. Avoid the use of mirrors that are focused towards the bed.


If you have a mirror already in your bedroom, check if you reflect on it. If so, we recommend that you change it. When it is situated at one end of the bedroom it will not be a problem at all. Unless it is one in poor condition or even broken.


It can be said that the absence of a headboard is a trend these days. However, the elimination of the headboard generates some instability. It is proven that in the long term it is capable of generating emotional and physical exhaustion.


The same happens when it is made with vaporous fabrics or with the use of cushions. No need for a large headboard, a simple wooden one will be perfect. It can be upholstered or not according to our taste. The beds under the windows are another frequent mistake in Feng Shui design.


Similar to the beds that are located right at the entrance of the room. These locations tend to create a greater sense of emptiness once we wake up. Other states can be exhaustion or lack of vitality.


All this in the end results in a great lack of concentration. This effect is related to the movement of vital energy known as Chi . This energy within spaces such as bedrooms obeys physical laws similar to water or wind.


Consequently the beds that are placed under windows or just in front of the doors will be under a great current of vital energy. Resulting in our organism experiencing a great energy expenditure. Enjoy these designs that we find for you. Maybe one of your interests is to apply it in your bedroom.


The best of all is the great flexibility in terms of styles as we can see in the images. Many of them based on light colors and others inspired by nature. So you can base your decoration or some renovation in this style.


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