Feng Shui decoration in the office to work better

feng shui decoration

In this article we are going to talk about a very interesting topic that decoration and organization of the Office. More specifically, we are going to talk about the feng shui decoration from your place of work to be able to perform more and do the work with more harmony and tranquility.

Feng Shui decoration for the office

decoration feng shui office

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system that is based on the harmonious order of space to create an interior impregnated with positive energy in order to create that effect on the people who are inside. This is achieved with a series of points or rules that must be followed when ordering and decorating the interior.

An organization of the office according to the rules of feng shui

Interior feng shui decoration

One of the most important points in the feng shui decoration of the office is that your desk does not have to be facing away from the window. If there are many windows in your office and these are large you have more freedom to choose. Nor do you have to be seated near the door to be able to perform better during your work process.

Sort the office to work in harmony with feng shui

decoration interior feng shui 1

Another very important point for feng shui in the office is to maintain a stable and pleasant order. Do not leave paper and folders on the floor. Ideally, order them and put them in folders and folders can be placed on the shelves or in the drawers. This will guarantee a great harmony and balance during the work. In this way, through harmony and balance you will feel more calm.

A clean and tidy desk to work without deconcentration

Interior feng shui decoration office

On the other hand, feng shui in the office also includes the desk, since it is the place with which you have direct contact during most of the time. It is important that your desk is also clean and tidy so that the things you use remain on it. There are some objects like broken pencils or pens that do not write of those that you have to undo. According to the philosophy of feng shui this will help you to perform better and you will be more active.

The importance of ventilation in the workplace

interior decoration feng shui

On the other hand, one of the basic rules not only of the feng chui office, but also in your home is ventilation. The ventilation of the interiors is very important both in summer and in winter because in this way fresh air enters and all the microbes that inhabit the interior, especially in winter, go outside. In addition, fresh air clears the mind and this will help you to think better during your working hours.

The decoration of the walls in a special way

decoration feng shui interiors offices

However, to decorate with feng shui The walls of the office also have to follow a series of rules. One of the things you have to keep in mind is that feng shui decoration does not allow mirrors on walls or hanging shelves. But on the other hand the decoration of the interior with family photos is a good option, as well as the images that motivate and inspire you.

The importance of plants to be able to work better

decoration feng shui plants

On the other hand, you have heard that plants are also very important in feng shui decoration. However, the best plants for your office according to Chinese philosophy are those with large and broad leaves. You have to avoid plants with pointy or small leaves. On the other hand, the plants are also a purifying element of the air that will fill the interior with more color.

Rounded tables to avoid angles

feng shui decoration work

Another very important point in feng shui decoration is the desk, as we have already said. However, apart from cleaning and ordering it, one must also take into account which are the predominant forms. Harmony and tranquility is introduced by rounded or even soft curves. In this way what you have to do is avoid rectangular and square desks.

A decorative fountain to fill your workplace with harmony

decoration feng shui water

Water is also very important not only in feng shui decoration, but in the whole Chinese philosophical system. In your office you can place one of the feng shui decorative water fountains so that the water flows. However, if you can not install it you can also hang an image on the wall with a landscape in which there is water. The important thing is that this element appears in some way inside the office.

The colors are very important to be able to feel and work well

decoration feng shui walls

Do not forget the feng shui colors as they are another detail that will introduce a certain type of energy inside depending on the tonalities. In this way, green colors are what stimulate abundance, yellow color helps concentration and positive thoughts, blue increases creativity and neutral colors stimulate calm and tranquility. In this way you can choose the colors depending on your work.

Personal details are part of the rules of feng shui

decoration feng shui wall

A clean and tidy desk to work in harmony

feng shui decoration

The organization of your office to achieve greater performance

decorate with feng shui

A large office with lots of windows and light

feng shui in the office

The color green and its meaning according to feng shui

feng shui for the office

A table with a slight curve to work according to feng shui norms

feng shui office

A clean, bright and orderly interior to work quietly

feng shui colors

Organize the home office according to the rules of feng shui

feng shui interior decoration

An office where you can work in a calm and harmonious way

decorate with feng shui office

Customizing the office with a box with a car on the wall

feng shui in the office decorate

Some of the details of feng shui in the office

feng shui for the office decorate

Organize the home desk feng shui style to work in harmony

feng shui office decorate

A detail placed on the desk to harmonize the interior

decorative water fountains feng shui

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