Feng shui mirrors in the interiors and their principles

feng shui mirrors decoration

The decoration of the intriores can follow very interesting and functional principles that are based on oriental cultures. In relation to this in this article we are going to talk about the feng shui mirrors and its layout in the interiors. Let's also see some very interesting facts about lso Mirrors per se.

Feng Shui mirrors in the interiors of houses

feng shui mirrors decorate interior

One of the things that is mentioned is that when man actually created the mirror he did not even imagine that he gave life to one of the most mysterious objects in the world. And the truth is that mirrors remember everything. Everything that has been reflected on its surface is somehow etched into it. In Russia in the s. The mirrors were forbidden in the churches because for them they were objects of the devil.

feng shui mirrors decorate interiors

Also in the story of Snow White the witch uses a mirror as her best ally. On the other hand, in Beauty and the Beast the girl sees in the mirror her father who is sick. An anti-water legend tells that Alexander the Great looked in his bronze mirror at the result of the battle against the king of Persia.

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On the other hand, there are many legends according to which in the mirrors the souls of the people who have seen their image reflected in them are enclosed. Many say that in the rooms where something bad has happened, the mirrors become cold and the candles always go out in front of them.

The mirrors of today and their function in the interiors

feng shui bedroom mirrors

On the other hand, today mirrors are an untensil that we use regularly in our day to day. In addition, these objects are also used in many cultures, thus creating feng shui mirrors and giving them a special function in the interiors of houses.

mirrors in interior feng shui

Today the feng shui Mirrors are used to balance the energy of the house, since it is the object that accumulates the most energy. One of the most interesting things about mirrors is that if you stay longer in front of them you will have the feeling that you are in front of a vampire that sucks your energy.

feng shui mirrors in the bedroom

We all know that mirrors increase the number of objects that are reflected in them, but also increase their qualities. Therefore, it is important that there are beautiful things in front of our mirrors in feng shui. Also the mirrors do not have to distort the reflection that what you see in them and they have to be in a vertical position.

The feng shui mirrors and the decoration of the interiors

interior feng shui mirror

One of the places in the house where the feng shui mirror fulfills its function is in the dining room. The reason is that in the dining rooms the mirrors reflect food and drink and thus create abundance. In contrast, in the hall the mirror must be large in order to reflect the entire body of the person. In addition, there must be no objects that impede the image of the one being watched.

feng shui mirrors decorating interiors

On the other hand, to the feng shui mirrors in the bedroom there is also pay attention, since the mirrors activate the energy and the bedroom is predetermined to rest. The best thing is that in these rooms there are no mirrors, but nowadays that is impossible. That's why the best thing you can do is not to place the mirror in front of the bed.

mirrors in feng shui decorate interiors

A mirror placed in front of the bed will introduce other people into the life of the sleepers. This will create an environment that will lead to problems and discussions in the couple.

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