Fire for outdoor spaces, 50 modern ideas.

fire outside ideas plants pines warm

Although the summer days have ended we have several options to spend time abroad. About these options we will be commenting today in a general way. Exactly about the ideas that bring fire with style to any terrace. We will see many designs especially fire pits and chimneys. The idea of ​​fire to harmonize the exterior is extremely elegant.

Fire for different exteriors

fire colorful styles marron trees

With these elements we create romantic environments full of beauty and comfort. Nor will we have to worry much about the low temperatures because the fire will take care of everything. Simply relax and enjoy with friends and family. The promise will always be that of a cool and pleasant climate. Especially thanks to the great diversity of designs and materials.

Fire and comfortable furniture

fire comfortable ideas styles patio rocks

Stainless steel, concrete or concrete constructions rocks are some of the existing variants. Although they can be built in the place as is the case with fire pits, others can be bought ready. The wide range of materials that we mentioned also enable excellent designs. As you will see in all there is a high dose of creativity.

Idea with attractive pool

fire staircase ideas styles patio kitchens

Chimneys as usual are preferably located on concrete walls. However, if we have the joy of having a pool, it is best to place a bowl of fire next to it. Everything must be part of a rigorous and calm planning process. The environment can be made more striking by giving the floor an adequate treatment.

Fireplace for both sides

fire outside ideas glasses grass

You can create coatings with gravel, rocks and sand. In the case of the fireplace you can do something highly functional. In it you can integrate a barbecue for the warmer nights in the garden. You have to take into account the types of fuel and also the coating to be used. We can not forget that all these elements are a practical complement.

Modern campfire idea

fire exterior ideas styles campfire houses

Functional for terraces or gardens adding something extra to our exterior. We can place them as accents and try to have contrasting tonalities. The part of the fire receptacle is attractive among the gardening. Double-sided fireplaces are very popular too. They are mounted on the wall but can serve as a connection between the exterior and the interior of the house.

Stylish terrace

fire exterior ideas styles leather plants

The truth is that infinite configurations can be achieved. Everything will depend on the space with which we have and the designs of our preference. If we see the outside of the set to decorate it, we can play with different tones. In the furniture, cushions and cushions will also provide a large dose of light. Everything can be combined with earth or green tones.

Chimney embedded in walls

fire exterior ideas styles gardens gardens

Looking for the chromatic harmony between our terrace and the nature that surrounds us. Enjoy these inspiring images. A summary of the comfort and elegance we can create in our outdoor space. Maybe in some we find the exact idea for the next transformation of our terrace or garden.

Attractive detail of corten steel

fire steel corten styles gardens dog

Accents of white furniture

fire exterior ideas styles brown gardens

Gas-based model

fire exterior ideas styles patio gardens

Coating with rocks

fire exterior ideas styles armchairs lamparas

Floor covered with gravel

fire outside ideas gravel bamboo

Contrast with lights

fire outside ideas wall grass

Patio with symmetrical design

fire outside ideas plants trees light bulb

Coating with textures

fire ideas styles gardens stairs

Covering wooden floor

fire sea blue brown styles

Idea for country house

fire modern house decoration gardens

Ceiling with fireplace

fire chairs ideas sky houses pool

Furniture mounted on the wall

fire terraces ideas styles brown plants

Idea for large patio

balls house chairs trunks slats spheres

Fireplace with rock covering

cactus walls gardens plants wall

cactus walls gardens trunks branches

cactus walls gardens trunks led cushions

gardens walls chairs wood backrest

gardens walls chairs trunks spheres

woods walls gardens trunks

modern walls chairs trunks led plants

mountains house chairs sky cities

mountains house chairs trunks patterns

mountains luxury chairs cushions gas

mountains luxury chairs palm trees crystals

mountains walls chairs sunset lights

mountains walls chairs warm lights

mountains walls chairs traditional styles

mountains walls chairs trunks cushions

mountains walls chairs trunks led benches

patio house illas trunks exterior plants

patio house chairs trunks white rocks

patio house illas trunks slats cushions

patio house chairs trunks metal traditional

patio house chairs trunks wall houses

pool chairs trunks metals waterfall

pink walls chairs wood ideas

chairs trunks wall gardens candles

umbrella chairs trunks details gravel

umbrella chairs trunks wall pool

modern terrace design palm trees gas

modern terrace design variant wood fireplaces

modern terrace design variant roofed plants

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