Fireplace in the living room 25 original ideas

fireplace style living room white modern ideas

You have to find the right style to add to a living room modern one chimney . Normally the chimneys occupy a space in the living room since in this room are more necessary exist but this does not prevent you from having fireplaces in any other room of the house you can have this wonderful source of heat, even in the bedroom.

Beautiful fireplace in this beautifully decorated room

living room lamp hanging ceiling modern ideas

In today's article you will see ideas of chimneys in the classic contemporary rustic style and of course modern ideas. Each room has its own style, that means it requires a different decoration. Our living rooms with fireplaces today are also perfectly furnished. If it is a rustic-style room for decoration, rustic chimneys will be used, playing with the essential elements of wood and stone.

Fireplace hanging from the very modern ceiling

bright hanging ceiling living room touches red ideas

The colors you should choose should be from the range of what hot, beige, brown and red are most suitable. If the fireplace is the center of the room then you should organize the furniture so that it surrounds you so your family reunions or with friends will be very comfortable and hot. If you have a modern house, equipped with all modern conveniences, then you should look at the chimneys with a contemporary design and should play with the clean and sober style, made of lines and furniture with lacquer for example, in white or black.

Modern living room with designer wallpaper Brian Patrick Flinn

Brian Patrick Flynn paper wall living room design ideas

Few ornaments and leather sofas and everything will be perfectly in order. There is a possibility that the place of fire is not in the center of the room, and in this case it will have improved its presence by placing on the flat wall a television of last generation on it is great as you will see in the photos that you we present below. We hope you choose the best option for your room and that everyone is left with open mouths watching your design.

Modern living room with state-of-the-art television and chemistries with original cover


Gas fireplace for living rooms in rustic style

chimneys gas wall stone rustic style salon ideas

Gas and wood fireplaces depending on taste

chimneys gas living room spacious beautiful modern ideas

Decorative fireplaces for the modern living room

modern fireplace living room white table cafe ideas

Modern living room with granite wall

fireplaces living room open kitchen wall granite ideas

Lovely decorative picture in the modern living room

chimneys living room picture modern decorative art ideas

fireplaces lounge low table wheels ideas

fireplaces living room modern doors glass ideas

fireplace living room modern white sofas ideas

fireplace living room sofas color brown picture ideas

fireplace living room ceiling high original modern ideas

bookshelf books fireplace lounge sofa black ideas

straight lines wall granite living room modern fireplace ideas

wall stone rustic style living room fireplace ideas

large living room comfortable many furniture fireplace ideas

living room large ceiling high wall fireplace stone ideas

living room vibrant colors sofa fireplace ideas

contemporary living room innovative modern fireplace ideas

living room design interior fireplace white armchair ideas

living room contemporary style fireplace fire ideas

ultra modern fireplace exterior interiors precious ideas

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