Fireplace two-sided design- 50 ideas to warm up.

fireplace design wood wall lamps

The chimneys occupy a very special place in the world of decoration. Its possibilities besides the own functional factor are endless. The designs at present have taken incredible steps in terms of design. The trends adapt to any space or decorative theme. Although obviously the possibilities of heat sources today are many, I think that nothing is comparable to a good reading by the fire.

Fireplace two-sided design towards room

fireplace design living room table

For this reason we are going to see a very special model, the two-sided design fireplace. It is an ideal style for wide spaces although it is not an inflexible rule. What happens is that it fits better to spaces with interior partitions. For example between the living room and the dining room or the kitchen. Even in the bedroom itself to divide it with the bathroom . This last case we will also see in the compilation of images on the fireplace two-sided design.

Fireplace design for modern environment

fireplace design cactus picture house

This way we will be generating some ideas for a more open space design. In essence its addition in addition to useful can be very functional. The two-sided design fireplace does not affect the flow of space. On the contrary, it brings life and versatility. With great air of luxury can be created on the one hand a room to share with friends. While on the other side a room to share with guests.

Division towards dining area

fireplace design gas tv sculpture

One of the main possibilities of the fireplace design two faces is that they allow to enjoy the fire from two different spaces. They can act as a dividing wall of the space we select. As mentioned, they can be completely adjusted with the design of our home given its large number of models. Although they are excellent for environments modern and minimalists. If we have an industrial style space you can choose a variant of this style.

Effect on dividing wall

fireplace design transparent gas plants

In the end, the result will be a highly organic environment. Another of their feats is their operation, they can be adapted to work with gas or bioethanol. In terms of design there are two interesting variants. The first is the case of glass that brings a contemporary touch. Those that are served with glass are easy to mix in any environment besides being very artistic. Other variants are those that provide texture.

Variant elegant for living room

chimney design furniture elegant living room

Your design can be more attractive. A variant with rocks or bricks can provide a more traditional and warm air. Something we had not mentioned is the exterior and of course it is excellent for a two-sided design fireplace. It would be a great addition to entertainment spaces. It would provide immense comfort while we enjoy the outdoors in the fall. Enjoy our selection today I hope you find some ideas.

Customize fireplace space

fireplace design wood candelabra sphere

Model designed by Kamin-Design

chimney design organic biogas spike

Design framed with wood and marble

fireplace design wood framed salon

Artistic elaboration in glass

fireplace design wood room glass

Operating model with bioethanol

fireplace design bioethanol modern pendant

Excellent location to create intimacy

fireplace design metal furniture lamp

On floral decorative wall

fireplace modern design salon flowers

Solution for dividing wall

fireplace design reading space table

Fireplace for dining room and lounge

fireplace design plants house slats

Design with texture effect

chimney design rock wall texture

Location for ample transit space

chimney design sofa blue cushions

Composition decorative and functional

fireplace design trunks lamp sofa

Design for industrial environment house

chimney design steel concrete industrial house

Segmentation of room and bathroom

fireplace design double face bathroom flowers

Shared fireplace for outdoor area

large living room impressive outdoor fireplace

kitchen dining room fireplace double chairs

pendant lamp creative dining fire

dining room table flowers warm chairs

dining tableware lamp fireplace rocks

contemporary dining chairs chairs rock sofa

flowers lamp curtains pastel picture

gas fireplace cushions lamp rocks

interior exterior fireplace design forging

books space spheres modern woven

wood table fireplace design house wide

mother fire house carpet chair skin

elongated table dining room interior candles

minimalist carpet space vase armchair

modern furniture rocks fireplace glass

modern seat fireplace flowers corner

modern books gray quarter wood

black wall plants led gardener

wall wood logs elegant living room

stone salon double side texture

stones salon yellow space fire

Roman seat slabs wall slabs

rustic furniture cushions flowers furs

spacious living room elegant wood table

spacious living room blue glass walls

chair mountains shelf wood pictures

floor wood living room wide contrast

traditional family room outdoor fireplace

fan rocks wall room fireplace

wine lanterns outdoor grill furniture

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