Fireplaces designed for outdoor, creating a different patio.

chimneys design waterfall modern fire

The exterior design fireplaces are an excellent way to get away from the routine. It is an interesting space to enjoy the terraces or the garden. A very effective way to extend the evenings outdoors. The exterior design fireplaces are admirable to illuminate and warm the environment. The variations are endless today in our gallery we will see some designs especially feeding with natural firewood.

Design chimneys for outdoor, natural rocks

chimneys design table waterfalls water

There are exceptional designs that convey modernity as in the case of portable fireplaces. Especially manufactured with a mixture of turned iron or stainless steel. Chimneys are exterior design very practices. Many designs have adjustable bases that facilitate balance and safety. They are easy to move and their functionality is exquisite to use a grill.

Chimenas custom design with furniture

chimenas design table center lamps

Fireplaces are a more complex, but durable project. In addition to the constructive details, a good aesthetic is decisive. The ideal is to have a large space that can be complemented with furniture. The first option to enjoy the fire throughout the year is this model. In our gallery you will see in more detail some designs.

Outdoor room with fireplace

chimneys design metallic stripes cushions

You can use the fire pits and build a chimney from them or simply complement the area with one. It is vital that the chimney integrates fluidly with the garden. For this materials are vital, try to be the same for the entire terrace as possible. It is a way to give continuity to all space.

Excellent balcony with fireplace

chimneys design fire balcony sunshade

For outdoor fireplaces, rock and concrete coatings are the fundamentals. The case of rocks is special because they highlight the sense of the natural in our garden. The concrete as well as the decorative are excellent for all types of weather. Chimneys of this type usually in the ground withstand very low temperatures.

Variations with rocks in floor and chimney

chimneys design gray rocks fire

Regardless of whether these are chimneys designed for outdoor or non-fuel options are important. On this depends the fact that the chimneys are well used and give the necessary. According to the model, select the one that is suitable for you and allow you to enjoy it to the maximum outside.

Use comfortable furniture

chimneys design forest stripes stones cushions

There are big differences between the possible options and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's start with an example that is very important and in environmental issues, biomass. It is perhaps the most efficient way for design chimneys and outdoor spaces. Within this group are the largest are the pellets and chips. Without forgetting the wood itself that is also considered in these cases.

Fireplace decoration

chimenas design exterior patio pumpkins

To have a clearer idea of ​​what they can give us, let's start with the pellets. They are created from an agglomerate of sawdust and other remains from felling. They have a great advantage and it is precisely their power in heat. The emission of carbon dioxide by burning is likewise very low. As we mentioned is a product that is generated from the remains of other processes.

Corner location of the patio

chimneys design bulb wood wall

Compared to other fuels, they are cheaper. So the profitability when using it as fuel is direct if its high performance is measured. Another important aspect for our peace of mind is the security it generates. There are no problems in terms of explosions or the generation of very strong odors. What makes it very positive for health. The way they are marketed makes it very easy to move from one place to another.

Two-sided variant

chimneys design yellow striped table

When using it in our chimneys and stoves in the exterior we ensure an ecological impact. The emission of greenhouse gases is notably lower. On the other hand the risk that runs in the matter of fires is likewise minimal. A more traditional image for the design and exterior fireplaces is the firewood. However, it is also a fuel that has its secrets.

Modern style for terrace

fireplaces modern design suspended firewood

According to the quality of the wood, it will be its heating performance. In the same way, how long this combustion can last. All this in the long run influences the proper functioning of the chimney of our choice. If you want more prolonged burning, then there is no other option than hardwood. They are perfect as a source of heat and we will keep the fire longer while we enjoy the landscape.

For covered terrace

chimenas design furniture warm mulch

Some very effective in these cases are the elm, the birch among others. As expected, soft woods are those that have less power when heating and last the fire. For its part, combustion is faster and dynamic combustion. Pine is a classic and will generate a huge source of heat. As fuel, briquettes are the best alternative for firewood.

Use plants for decoration

chimenas design furniture cushions fire

With log forms in a cylindrical way using forest waste biomass. The reason is that they are used in many ways with different stoves and fireplaces. Something important are the advantages that the use of this variant gives us. Like the previous ones, the use and cleaning is simple. Its use is very simple and it is partitioned with great ease.

Differentiated space in the garden

chimenas design furniture couple fire

When it comes to chimneys with a smaller size there will be no problems in sectioning them. When used in smaller sizes the quality and appearance of the fire will be perfect. A fashionable fuel for design chimneys and spaces is bioethanol. There are no problems in terms of odors because smoke is not generated.

Model with natural rocks

chimneys design furniture rocks balcony

Attractive space, outdoor furniture

chimenas design pergola barrels warm

Variant with fire pit

chimenas design rocks warm flowers

Natural environment, wooden furniture

chimneys design rocks armchairs cushions

Outdoor chimney

chimneys design red wood plants

Elegant terrace garden

chimenas design terrace warm sphere

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Intense grass clear chimney design

warm exterior balance yellow grass

warm metal bear rocks balcony

field ranch center deer metal

house field metal rocks grass

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columns fire steps plants lanterns

hot exterior table star center

exterior concrete candles bambu table

cool nice fire candles fireplace

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romantic wood natural red cushions

wood armchairs floor lawn trees

wood stand elegant earring fire

stylish metal couple table grass

table terrace garden metal fire

elegant metal cushions fire gardens

metal elegant cushions mountain bar

metal elegant chairs rocks metal

natural environment flowers lawn flowerpots

patio table stools fire vases

door chimney plants metal sky

elegant rocks aged chairs exterior

rocks furniture table gardens patio

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simple nice rocks mulch wood

soil fire planters mulch slabs

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