Fireplaces rustic design, ideas to warm up.

chimneys design rustic modern house

Chimneys rustic design and environments with great natural charm is our proposal today. If you are thinking of giving a different air to your environment or introducing some country elements is a good idea for this summer. We will try to see some aspects that define the rustic style. In addition to leaving a gallery with an element that gives great character, rustic style fireplaces.

Fireplaces rustic design with rocks


In this case the natural materials will have the protagonism. Do not hesitate to include elements such as wood, iron, wicker or ceramics in these environments. All of them identify and give great character to rustic environments. Give some rustic air does not contradict the spaces modern . There are creations that have a perfect balance between both tendencies.

Fireplaces rustic design, decoration variant

chimneys design rustic horses red cushion

The fact of combining natural elements with other more current is a challenge. The aesthetic results are also excellent. As for the color range, the ones that evoke the earth are the right ones. Preferably mustard, ocher tones, even light reds. Something fundamental is the furniture by which we choose.

Variant with natural rocks

chimneys rustic design warm wood lamparas

Especially of wood that have neutral or clear tones. An important element is to maximize the entry of natural light. As it is common we can insert some decorative accessories. The most suitable insurance will be those that refer to life in the field. Wicker baskets, clay vases or leather elements.

Design with wooden frame

chimneys rustic design cushions books framed

It is also appropriate to use pots that are terracotta and if we have frames or mirrors to treat that have frayed frames and wood. As we mentioned the detail of the fire can not miss. In this sense, a fireplace is the ideal complement for your country house.

Solution with contrasting furniture

chimneys rustic design elegant led red

The contrasting furniture may consist of stone or brick walls and wooden or antique-style furniture. You also have to bear in mind that the wooden furniture will reinforce your idea of ​​creating rustic interiors. On the other hand, in the fireplace you can add a wooden detail in the form of a shelf. These shelves come very well in the decoration because you can take advantage of them to place the decorative details on them.

Decoration with natural elements

chimneys rustic design corner plants pots

On the other hand, the large stones embedded in the wall or in the chimney will be considered natural elements that you can use for the rustic design chimneys. Also if you want to make a more original and interesting decoration you can place the fireplace in one of the corners of your rooms. The part of the chimney that continues to the ceiling can also be made following this design with large stones.

Forging elements

chimneys rustic design blocks wood crown

On the other hand, if you want to have a chimney with a more modern design and with more style you can choose the chimneys with wrought iron. It is a part of metal or aluminum that is placed in front of the door of the chimney. In this way the forge replaces the door and gives a very elegant air to the fireplace.

Wood and wrought iron furniture

chimneys design rustic lamparas natural rocks

As you can see the combination of stones with wood is very original and covers all the criteria of rustic and country style. Anyway, this can be reinforced with a carpet on the floor with decorative details that are related to the rustic. In this way the design of your fireplace will add the design of your entire house.

Elegant atmosphere details in red

chimneys rustic design firewood picture

You have to keep in mind that fire is related to certain colors that if you use it in decorating your interiors you will reinforce the element of fire and heat. These colors oscillate near the red and orange tones. In this way you can take advantage of them to complete the decoration of your house to add some accents.

chimneys rustic design wood exterior lamp

You can use the same rustic design chimneys for the design of your exteriors. In this way in summer you can use your fireplace not only to light the table at night, but also to make the barbecue. However, you have to keep in mind that to make a barbecue the hole in the chimney will have to be larger.

Plants as a decorative element

chimneys design rustic furniture vases stand

Another form and introduce the color and life in the interiors is using the plants. These you can place near the fireplace. However, you have to keep in mind that it is better that the plants are the ones that like the climates and the warmer environments. On the other hand, you can also place a stand or a small shelf in which to place the firewood. You can choose from a curved design to add more originality.

Elements in wood by Cushman Design

chimneys rustic design stones cottage comfortable

On the other hand, if you want to create a rustic interior you have to bear in mind that wood will help you. You can place it on the floor to decorate it with laminate, but you can also reserve it for the ceilings. The wooden beams that are placed at a certain distance from the ceiling itself are very good on the roof.

Focal lighting with LED

chimneys design rustic rocks pick lights

Besides modernity you can also enter it with LED lights. These lights can be placed in specific parts that you want to highlight from the fireplace. You can focus them towards the center of the chiemena and in this way focus the attention of visitors towards it.

Variation with rocks and wood

chimneys rustic design salon woods plants

Another original way to design the chiemenas is by covering the wall with wood in the form of laminate and placing a chimney with large rocks. In this way you also get a contrast between the shapes and the rustic design chimneys have a more original touch.

Design with storage bench

chimneys design rustic trunks candles fire

Nature in decoration

chimneys design rustic fan ceiling wood

Decorated with a rural accent

chimneys design rustic green plants vases

nice chairs space mariposoas colorful

rustic atmosphere design modern fire

attractive hunter heads style wood

attractive traditional lamparas verde rojo

warm meeting house style meeting

basket basket fibers natural plants

elegant picture table warm table

decorative christmas elegant green shelf

stylish picture detail colorful balls

detail corner fireplace floor lights

detail wood elegant rocks floor

elegant style carpet forge paintings

elegant rustic landscape black seats

elegant living room attractive bed curtains

elegant salon attractive table rocks

shelf bookcase warm floor books

warm rustic chair forged room

material wood design aesthetic iron

furniture cushions white furs butterflies

top carpet design pictures

patio cushions cushions decoration led

patio style herbs colorful mulch

dog resting carpet creative mirror

piano design high cottage candles

natural rocks space design lights

natural rocks patio decoration exterior

pink decorated textiles colorful seats

Top TV part high dishes

variant waterfalls idea new pots

candles shelf attractive house cushions

leather environment elegant wood warm floor

aesthetic salon nice glasses plants

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