Firewood decoration and storage, elegant functionality.

firewood decoration armchair wood terrace

Firewood decoration and several ideas to insert the style of storage in the environment of your home. This is our proposal today to locate the firewood in areas that we did not imagine. False walls are an element that is used for this purpose. There is the possibility of locating firewood vertically and achieving greater elegance.

Firewood decoration, storage with focal lights

firewood decoration storage plants pictures

It is a type of placement that is also quite discreet. Above all we achieve greater visual amplitude. It is a way to insert the woodshed in the design, and most importantly, take advantage of the space. According to our conditions we could take advantage of both areas interiors as exteriors. We can even choose other decorative variants and insert another color.

Firewood decoration, storage on furniture base

firewood decoration white glasses wood

The differences in color in the storage area can make this space different. A variant that can be cozy is to place the firewood on both sides of the fireplace. If you otherwise want to enjoy the fireplace in several areas creates an open storage space. If you manage to insert the woodshed in places like furniture of low height can even go unnoticed.

Fireplace with concrete blocks

firewood decoration cottage glasses windows

The environment can be really harmonious if we include materials such as rocks. The result of a storage space with rocks is contemporary. You can also insert metal touches. Especially if we choose storage furniture in this material. They are options that can be in perfect combination with modern environments. If you prefer you can even create storage sites in wooden furniture.

Contrast of steel and wood

firewood outdoor decoration cactus chairs

Looking to achieve different results especially with different tonalities . Concrete for storage spaces can come in replacement of the stone. More ideas on firewood decoration and storage spaces in our gallery today. Variety of designs that you can adapt to different environments whether modern or not. Solutions for exteriors and interiors that can also be customized for you.

Storage by fireplace

firewood decoration carpet cushions color

Outdoor variant

firewood decoration chain trunks house

Idea for contemporary living room

firewood contemporary decoration cristal salon

Variant for outdoor kitchen

firewood decoration outdoor kitchen chain

Variant combined with rocks

firewood decoration white flowers lamparas

Variants for design of the fireplace area

firewood industrial decoration basket basket

Design in furniture integrated in the wall

firewood industrial decoration white stair

Excellent contrast with brick wall

firewood decoration bookcase ladder shelf

Side style for contemporary living room

firewood decoration wood fruits lamparas

Base of furniture with logs

firewood furniture decoration wall wide

Modern country style

firewood decoration black salon yellow

Save space, vertical storage

firewood patio decoration spheres gravel

Details with orange accents

firewood decoration fur cushions orange

Vertical design variant

firewood decoration chairs white lamp

Low furniture area

firewood decoration floor led staircase

marble bathroom accent bathtub led

cottage warm leather armchairs trunks

field head trophy hunter bull

cushions house carpet armchair wood

pillows colorful living room pillows

colorful red carpet turtle led

picture indians america wood ceiling

white staircase vases ceiling bricks

star background house red design

gray walls curtains wood table

modern lamp side lights

lamps metal table chairs geometric

led wood vertical leather cushions

apple table center fruits led

metal walls plants flowered steel

metal armchairs wide natural rocks

modern salon small cottage fruits

modern salon small leather vertical

woman picture rhino wood picture

black style vessel furniture staircase

wood walls decorated led design

elegant decorative branch house

rocks geometric plants decoration salon

rustic living room house museum sofa

rustic living room furniture center books

metal chairs folding patio fire

texture walls design black cushions

Turned lamp house contemporary decoration

Original tube table floor interior

fan chairs basket camara dining room

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