Firewood, decorative storage in 50 proposals.

firewood modern minimalist aesthetic ideas

The chimneys, in addition to their function for the maintenance and generation of heat, are an invaluable decorative element. They make space an extremely cozy place. Its utility is much greater obviously during the colder months of the year. Plans to add one at home should take into account the storage of the firewood. Always having firewood handy is essential, but often it is not easy to pile it on one side.

Firewood stored in wooden furniture

firewood ideas sofa furniture sofa

It is much easier if we have furniture designed for this purpose. This type of furniture in addition to giving an original touch to our decoration, favor a more practical storage. As it has been done in a traditional way, firewood has always been stored in the same room as the chimney. What can also cause problems of space and cleaning fundamentally.

Firewood in vertical order on ground

firewood ideas floor concrete modern

Currently the trend is focused on opting for work designs. Especially adapted for storage and they also have an incredible function decorative . We can choose to integrate it to the wall if we are still in the design phase. The storage for firewood with this variant always brings a distinctive touch. One way to take advantage of all the space is to do it from the ceiling to the floor.

Wall storage variant

firewood storage ideas fire house

If otherwise you do not want to risk the complexity or cost of the works a decorative furniture would be the option. The metal drawers that can serve as a table are an outlet. There are also vertical storage shelves. A variant with wheels we recommend from here so you can move it easily. We leave you several ideas in our gallery today.

Design on wall in entrance to living room

firewood ideas led entrance stove

Of course simple variants to which as always you can contribute and adapt to your taste and needs. Always trying to establish the balance between functional, practical and modern. It only combines materials such as wood or concrete and the results will be guaranteed. Enjoy this selection of ideas and hopefully find the one that fits your needs.

Design of work storage

firewood ideas gray rug carpet

Piece of furniture functional for kitchen

firewood kitchen broad clear stools

Design for country house

firewood ideas aesthetic cottage rocks

Create a center of attention in space

firewood ideas warm modern aesthetic

Variant of work in room

firewood room windows bed carpet

Furniture with metallic coating

firewood colorful dark carpet

A more decorative option

firewood ideas steps decoration lights

Design near exterior exit

firewood ideas aesthetic forge dining table

Piece of furniture wide for storage

firewood ideas aesthetic forge modern furniture

Inserted in decoration

firewood ideas aesthetic planter sculptures

Minimalist design idea

firewood ideas minimalist table

Modern living room by Finne Architects

firewood ideas furniture gray

Environment with rustic furniture

firewood ideas rustic rustico mirror

Firewood furniture option

firewood ideas stand arched furniture

Storage in the lower area of ​​furniture

firewood girl house wide fruits

nice clear bright luminous home

nice living room modern house furniture

nice living room design wood field

creative wood intense storage lamparas

library decoration house wood fireplace

creative white studio colorful carpet

black bkancas curtains house turtle

cotemporaneo metala steel design fire

cotemporaneo metala modern bookseller salon

decoration metal chairs chairs picture

decoration vases house firewood details

modern decorated dining room atmosphere

elegant warm space design chair

Stylized interior cottage cottage

interesting fire storage photos drawer

modern interior steel walls metal

toys solutions quality small kitchen

spiral lamp warm space walls

modern house decoration wood rocks

modern dining room work man fire

modern creative futuristic design house

modern sofa design wood leather

spacious living room modern wood

living room house decoration fire lamp

clear room illuminated white aesthetic

home chair relaxed foldable picture

traditional style parees clear space

varied salon walls plants work

large refreshing salon to be gray

sofa lounge leather furniture decoration

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