Floating sauna with terrace and barbecue ... and what else?

houseboat trampoline design

If you have thought about heading to Finland on vacation and are looking for a unique place to spend a few adventurous days, check out Saunalautta, a houseboat with sauna including that is now available for rent.

Original houseboat design with sauna

original design floating sauna

Built from recycled wood, the raft has a bedroom with four bunk beds, a hot and humid sauna on the lower level.

Original terrace design with barbecue and hammocks

terrace dining house floating chairs

On the upper level there is an observation tower and a dining area with barbecue and hammocks, so it is the perfect place to relax enjoying the water swing dining with friends.

Floating wooden house with sauna and observation tower

boat wood original youth sauna

A small outboard motor is used to power the ship, allowing the crew to spend long hours of adventure and enjoyment in the water.

Original natural wood floating house with terrace

houseboat exterior design

At dusk, you can have dinner barbecue in the terrace from the top floor and rest in the hammock looking at the stars.

Original design of houseboat with terrace and hammocks

houseboat terrace hammocks

Think of all the unforgettable moments you could spend in this houseboat with sauna, you just have to secure supplies and book the houseboat as soon as possible.

Interior design of the cabin with bunk beds

cabin two berths floating house

The interior of the bedroom can accommodate five people without any problem, and the natural wood paneling makes the environment feel really rustic and cozy, nothing better to accompany the gentle rocking and natural landscape.

Original design of wooden houseboat with terrace and barbecue

original wooden boat image

The houseboat is itself a small boat that also allows for pleasant walks, and the best part is that you can perform multiple activities while sailing.

Great houseboat with observation tower and terrace

floating sauna image design

The house with sauna can be rented in the city of Joensuu, which literally means "the mouth of the river". The Pielisjoki River is currently the living heart of the city. The channels that were completed at the end of 1870, increased the fluvial traffic. Thousands of barges and logging boats plowed through the river during the golden age of river traffic.

Interior design of the sauna for fifteen people

interior sauna people house floating

The interior of the sauna can fit up to fifteen people. The boat also has a hot shower and refrigerator.

Interior wood cladding

interior bedroom wood floating house

Original houseboat with sauna included

original design floating boat sports

Floating sauna Saunalautta


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