Floating sinks and sinks for the bathroom

beautiful modern toilets designs

If you still do not know the toilets or the floating sink furniture, so do not miss seeing these images. The floating sinks are our proposal today, forty two designs that will surely transform your concept on bathroom furniture, do not miss the tour of our gallery of images.

Floating toilets and sinks

pretty bathroom marble siding

The floating bathroom vanities are being trending nowadays because they are impressive and have an unusual determination while being useful. Thanks to them the visual effect is created that the sink is floating and the upper part of the water meter is shaken in it. Some of the floating sink furniture comes in very modest designs, with only one or two drawers and an extended flat top.

Small bathroom with floating sink

small bathroom

The popular styles of toilets range from ultra modern to rustic or classic, and updating your dresser will give a new look to the entire bathroom. Whether you are looking for a master bathroom vanity or a sink, remember that this functional piece of furniture can dictate the bathroom environment and gather all the other accessories. Consider your space and personal style as well as the latest trends when shopping for your bathroom.

Nice design of modern wooden sink

nice design washbasin wood

Define your modern space with a dressing table. A modern toilet design is often straight lines and a polished appearance that can immediately transform your bathroom.

Nice set of floating bathroom furniture

nice bathroom furniture set

For example, flat front cabinets and chrome hardware can make a messy bathroom look cleaner. Modern vanities can come with a mix of open shelves, cabinets and drawers to meet your storage needs. You can also choose from modern bathroom vanities with some traditional and minimalist stylistic features such as straight handles or rounded knobs.

Nice design bathroom vanity with two sinks

nice design bathroom vanity

For an open and versatile storage option, consider a floating toilet with open shelves. Often integrated into the dressing table using the same material for a consistent appearance, the open shelves are the perfect storage solution for towels and other personal care items.

Original natural wood dresser with two sinks

natural wood washbasin design

Choose from steel shelves or glass shelves for an industrial look. If you prefer a traditional design, look for solid wood shelves. Open shelves built with wooden slats or a piece of solid material are ideal for toilets and bathrooms with limited space.

Original white floating sink design

nice white floating sink

Depending on the space you need to fill, a double vanity can be the best option for your bathroom. Double sinks that hold two sinks are common in new constructions of main bathrooms. Begin by measuring wall space, and note that double vanities generally cover up to 80 inches of space.

Vanity unit with white washbasin

washbasin vanity unit white color

Once you have clear the exact size of the dresser you need, consider the material, color and material of the countertop; It can be marble, granite or quartz, among others. Double basins come in a variety of sizes and styles such as rustic, contemporary or transitional, according to the available space and the design of the preferences.

Original design of modern bathroom

original modern bathroom

White is the new black, and the latest trends are filling houses with white furniture, including white bathroom vanities. A white finish on your dresser will leave your bathroom looking clean and modern.

Nice white washbasin cabinet design

washbasin cabinet luxurious white color

There are many white variations that can be chosen for your bathroom vanity, including pure white and ivory finishes. Match your white dresser with a marble countertop for a truly minimalist design, or try a dark granite paired with white cabinets to provide a marked yet attractive contrast.

Original design of floating washbasin cabinet

original modern washbasin cabinet

Granite is a popular material for kitchen countertop and bathrooms, and can fit into many different decorating styles.

Design of modern bathroom with glossy finish furniture

bright modern bathroom

Try a galaxy black granite paired with white cabinets, or a light beige oxide granite with dark oak shelves. Functional and versatile, the granite is easy to clean and provides a polished and modern look to any bathroom vanity.

Design of floating cement basin

floating sink gray modern color

The industrial design appears in the two modern and rustic bathrooms. Steel tubes, glass shelves and standing sinks complement bathrooms with limited space or minimalist decoration.

Original design of laminated wood floating sink

original design floating sink

Consider adding a glass sink or clear metal container on top of your bathroom vanity to add a touch of industrial style to a dressing table that would otherwise be very traditional.

Design of white floating sink and natural wood

white floating sink and wood

Industrial bathroom vanity designs often have less storage space than more traditional designs, so be sure to consider your storage needs before deciding on an industrial toilet.

Wooden vanity unit with washbasin and white countertop

original design bathroom wood

Let's see some designs of wooden furniture. The wood is suitable for practically all spaces and any style of decoration.

Great modern vanity design with concrete countertop

super modern washbasin design

A wooden vanity or vanity unit can appear even in a completely different environment and free of similar pieces to bring warmth and style to the place.

Original design washbasin modern wooden toilet

washbasin modern wood design

A dressing table can offer the incomparable elegance of the wood inside the bathroom.

Original design of floating white basin and rustic natural wood

white wood floating sink

A small sink can be seen rather than embellished thanks to a touch of natural wood. In the case of this design, wood has a mere aesthetic role,

Floating sink design with integrated LED lights

Floating sink Led lights

while in this case the wooden furniture also serves to store some objects and bathroom utensils.

Minimalist style sink design with wooden drawers

basin style minimalist wood drawers

You can choose floating sinks that have drawers or cabinets with doors.

Design of floating wooden toilet with two sinks

washbasins floating wood toilet

The difference is basically in your storage needs, although the final finish will also depend a lot on this choice.

Original design of gray wooden floating toilet

washbasin toilet gray float

The great thing about the labvabos and floating bathroom furniture is that they manage to take maximum vertical space.

Design of minimalist style floating sink

floating sink minimalist style

A small bathroom or toilet can enhance its functionality by adding a small floating sink with several storage units for towels and soaps.

Original design of wooden washbasin cabinet with drawers

washbasin cabinet wood drawers washbasins

The open shelves, as we saw earlier, are ideal to add a bit of personality to the environment.

Wooden vanity unit with two oval washbasins

original designs wooden sinks

This is possible since the shelves allow to place in them some adornments of our taste, in addition to the products and hygiene items. Some natural plants can contribute to a more pleasant environment.

Original set of floating rocador and furniture with mirror

laminate floating modern washbasin cabinet

As for the design of the furniture, you will find models for all tastes. Take a shower and add to your bathroom a floating vanity different from the rest of the furniture, thus completing your bathroom with an interesting focal point.

Mosaic washbasin cabinet with mauve glass worktop

washbasin cabinet color mauve yellow

The surface of a dresser is an element of great importance, since it is precisely what makes it a dressing table or a simple sink.

Original modern design floating washbasin cabinet

washbasin cabinet modern design

A dresser with a large counter is comfortable and practical to place the beauty and hygiene products that we all need when bathing or refreshing.

Contemporary laminate wood washbasin cabinet with concrete countertop

contemporary washbasin cabinet laminated wood

A dresser can have a very large countertop although the sink is only one, just as in the design of the image we see above.

Original design of floating washbasin cabinet with mirrors

floating washbasin cabinet with mirrors

A dressing table with mirrored covers is a somewhat retro choice, but very appropriate to give the feeling of spaciousness in small bathrooms and toilets.

Original design of rustic wooden washbasin cabinet

rustic wooden washbasin cabinet

This spectacular dressing table with rustic wooden drawers is undoubtedly the center of attention of the bathroom; A new way to appreciate the set of white and wood.

Original furniture design wooden floating toilet

furniture floating wood

Photography: Leslie Goodwin Photography

A wooden dresser with white countertop is a practically indispensable piece of furniture that fits really well in practically any bathroom.

Original modern bathroom design with floating toilet and tile covering

original modern bathroom design

In this design you can see the original contrast caused by the warm wood profiled in white and the mosaic tile covering in blue tones.

Original set of modern floating wooden sinks

original wooden floating sinks

An attractive combination of textures and materials is seen in this set of washbasins with wooden storage units

Original design of bathroom with floating washbasin cabinet

original design bathroom

One of the benefits of floating toilets as we said is its space saving thanks to a simplistic style. Modern design trends advocate diversity in design. Those two factors allow you to be creative when it comes to incorporating two sinks in a bathroom design.

Original minimalist style floating washbasin cabinet design

original design washbasin cabinet

For example, you can place a thin vanity with storage in one area of ​​the bathroom and add a minimalist corner vanity in another area of ​​the bathroom. Another option to save space would be to incorporate two corner vanities or two vanities with floating sinks into your overall design plan.

Original modern style floating toilet design

original design floating toilet

The most popular base finishing options for a modern vanities include black, white, metallic and dark wood. The general style is minimalist and sophisticated. Defined lines and a simple finish typify modern toilet designs.

Original design bathroom with floating sink black

black washbasin bathroom design

The arrangement of doors and drawers can have an influence on their overall design. A dresser with shelves and storage baskets can be an ideal choice for a modern bathroom design.

Original design gray floating toilet

gray color floating toilet design

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