Floating staircase - 50 designs that you can not miss.

modern staircase house garden furniture

For a long time the stairs stopped being a simple element to unite two levels in a given space. Currently they are a challenge to the imagination and the design variants are endless. Many times, as we will see in the images, the really surprising are their forms. The models that we have today of floating stairs are integrated in a very elegant way.

Floating ladder without handrail

modern woman wood sculpture staircase

In addition to the way we mentioned there are other aspects such as materials that are also relevant. The stairs today are a way to even project light. The visual effect of flotation is achieved with different construction varieties. Evidently at all times the safety of the ladder is ensured. The steps made of acrylic or other materials are fixed with hidden brackets on the wall.

Coated glass staircase

staircase sculptures jarron figures glass

They can even be made with glass, steel, wood or the concrete itself. An interesting element to decorate this type of staircase is the lighting. With LED lights you can create a whole wonder of futuristic aspect. They can be placed in different ways always trying to light different angles differently. The acrylic or glass cases mentioned above are coated.

Concrete variant with metal

ladder concrete industrial girl metal

This ensures that the material is protected from scratches on the surface. Usually there are variants that allow fixation to a wall which can be from the material of the rungs. Otherwise one end may be suspended from the ceiling. In both cases the result is always impressive. Mainly when combined with adequate lighting. Of all the materials that we saw the wood is the classic.

Lighting pattern with LED lights

staircase led lights house lighting

It is excellent to convey a warm atmosphere. In addition to being applicable also to the 'handrails and other details. Its structure allows you to play with the design of the rungs. You can see oval or square models among others. For its part, concrete is much more discreet. It also integrates with the environment and much more for industrial environments.

Fixing a single end to the wall

staircase led lights colorful wall

The important thing is that it be projected from the planning process itself. In addition to variants in the methods of fixation. As in other cases, the image of its finish will always be very modern. As always it will be a space that we can decorate. All based on our preference and aesthetic tastes. As we mentioned a good light pattern will be essential. Especially to highlight the staircase at night. Enjoy our gallery with several design versions.

Design with wooden structure

modern minimalist staircase high wood

A floating staircase can become the best decoration for the home. As long as it fits well in the interior decoration and style. The secret of this staircase is in its design, which frees up space. There are no unnecessary items, just steps floating in the air. If the design and has a railing it has elegant shape with imperceptible lines.

Ideal for minimalist environments

transparent modern minimalist staircase jarron

The stairs are one of those architectural elements that are sometimes easily overlooked. Its function is clear, the stairs do not allow the movement of one floor of the home to another. However, there are many homes where stairs seem to be an element in whose design or style no one has thought. The idea of ​​the floating staircase is one that brings a new look and feel to the stairs.

Geometric variant on white

modern staircase geometric white house

The floating stairs are a perfect element for homes with minimalist design thanks to light air and that are visually minimal. With these designs we offer you the opportunity to instill the style in this often forgotten part of the house. The floating stairs are quite appropriate for any contemporary home in which you want to add something eye-catching.

Support from the ceiling

modern staircase house city roof

Something that beautifully blends both form and functionality and elevates the style of the entire house to a completely different level. If you are looking for a touch of minimalism this is the most important feature that floating stairs carry with you. The minimalism that they automatically bring to any space they adorn.

Floating staircase with concrete

cement staircase house- glass furniture

Although we can not deny that the architectural composition of the floating stairs is such that they tend to naturally bring a certain contemporary sense thanks to their uncomplicated form. This almost guarantees that your living room, corridor or any area you choose as the place for the floating stairs has a semi-minimalist appearance, at least.

Division with acrylic wall

modern staircase house lights wall

You can go a step further by choosing floating stairs without handrails. But the lack of a railing and the stairs that are apparently levitating in the room are not an ideal proposal for everyone. If you are afraid of heights or have children, the best option would be to add a glass handrail or something similar.

Effect with concrete wall in the background

modern staircase house wood concrete

The floating stairs not only help with the aesthetic elements of an environment, but they also contribute a lot in terms of ergonomics. A floating staircase is perfect for small spaces. Most of these stairs generally occupy very little space compared to more traditional stairs. In addition, these stairs also make the interiors look much more visually spacious.

Model with steel support

modern staircase house metal steel

Decoration style in stair area

modern staircase house furniture rocks

Variant with storage spaces

modern staircase wood accessory shoes

Design with metal structure

modern staircase wood metal armchair

Natural environment with use of wood

staircase naturalist wood snail environment

Light effect next to wall with rocks

stairs rocks texture wall railings

Elegant proposal Studio Mk27

study rocks creation wall floating

steel parts white rods swimming pool

creative blue railing design lights


colorful picture reflex white image

elegant staircase wood floating floor

elegant concrete wall led industrisl

sculpture body yellow snail polished

fixed joints short solid structure

white room space relaxing lights

interesting design metal house chairs

brick wall acrylic fixed texture

lampshade variant acrylic glass

lamps orange variant crystal pictures

led ingenious wooden house solid staircase

decorative flowered wood black fan

floating wood staircase metal design

wood led ceiling floor pendant

wood railings staircase new metal

metal wood acrylic decorative screws

metal salon interesting industrial polished

modern white house lamparas luminoso

modrno living room fireplace wood floating

plant basket fiber rattan decoration

polished shiny modern staircase floor

refreshing bookshelf wall shelf

pink wood combined house packaging

red armchair black elegant design

wood stainless steel

wood indian bird rustic lamp

transparent staircase acrylic design lamp

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