Floor terrace - 25 design and decoration ideas

original design striped terrace rug

Today we are going to present you twenty five ideas of coatings for terrace floor In a compilation of images of modern terrace designs, we hope you enjoy them. The design and decoration of this type of space usually depends on the type of use that is intended to give, its size and the views towards which they are oriented.

Modern terrace floor design

great floor terrace sea view

Here is a great design with minimalist terrace overlooking the sea and tiled floor. To achieve this type of finish various materials such as the marble or porcelain, among others. As you can see, this design has managed to merge with the marine landscape thanks to the use of neutral colors and transparent elements.

Terrace with wooden tiles

modern terrace floor terrace tiles

Photography: Andrew Snow

Let's see below a terrace floor designed for a remodeled house in Niagara Vineyard, which has great views towards a vegetative landscape. The tiles of the floor are made of wood and turn out to be perfect for exterior surfaces of concrete, stone or wood. They can be treated with ordinary cleaning products and be enameled in case of wear.

Wood floors for modern terraces

super designed laminate flooring

The next most requested material for the floors of the modern terraces It is wood. Generally in the form of long slats, the wood can be of different types. Pine wood is an economical and durable option since in many cases it is usually treated with anti-fungal and insecticide chemicals.

Coating of wooden terraces

modern small wood terrace design

Other tropical woods such as Ipé, Pucté or Bangkirai can be more dense and hard, but these should be treated with protectors at least once a year. Finally there is the Composite, a mixture of wood fibers and resins that offer a look very similar to that of natural wood and also the advantage of being a plastic floor, and therefore, much more resistant, ideal even for areas of high humidity like the shower trays.

Terrace with travertine marble floor

marble tiles travertine terrace views

Terrace with gray ceramic tiles

ceramic tiles gray color

Terrace floor with ceramic mosaic

mosaic tiles floor terrace

Terrace decorated with stones

original design floor terrace stones

Balcony floor with wooden slats

floor covering gray wood terrace

Terrace with pool and marble floor

floor marble terrace views

terrace floor wood infinity pool

floor terrace artificial wood

floor terrace slats natural wood

floor terrace tiles pool tiles

terrace floor tiles beige color

floor terrace cement polished smooth

cement floor beige color

floor terrace design minimalist style

floor terrace chairs blue metal

modern terrace floor ceiling wood

modern terrace laminate flooring wood

modern terrace smooth floor

terrace floor wood style chill

small terrace floor black color

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