Flower arrangements - lovely DIY centerpiece.

floral arrangements glass tumbler roses

Surely many of us love to always have fresh flowers at home decorating our table. But for reasons of time we do not buy them or simply prefer to use artificial ones. As always is a good time to beautify our home with floral arrangements, today we are going to share one of the many ideas that exist for DIY floral arrangements. We will make a centerpiece that is very simple to make but which will surely give a great spring air to our table.

DIY flower arrangements

moss furniture floral arrangements

We will need leaves and flowers of imitation, the plants according to your taste, although the lily of the valley is recommended. In addition a support for cake of two or three levels and dry moss. First we must shorten a little the imitation flowers is the first step for floral arrangements of this type. We start by adding moss to the top level. It is always done in this order to facilitate cleaning. Then inside the moss we add the smaller flowers that we have previously separated.

Flower arrangements, artificial flowers

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In a casual way you do not have to respect any specific order. Then we move to the central part or lower if it is two levels and we add moss but in this case leaves too. Taking care that they do not protrude around the edges. When we reach the lower base we will place the branches of larger size. We must twist the stems a little to adjust them to the curved edges of our base. At the same time we are covering it with flowers of different colors.

Flower arrangement centerpiece

creative flower arrangements diy table

For this reason we must select more than one plant for these floral arrangements. The more colorful you have the better it will look in the center of our table. We have almost finished our project. Now we control the whole piece well and add the loose leaves in the spaces in which the naked stems are visible. Then we can only enjoy one table elegant and with unmistakable spring airs.

Idea for centerpiece

creative floral arrangements diy table

Finished floral arrangement

creative floral spring house arrangements

DIY creation with moss

floral arrangements table diy moss

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