For whimsical girls 25 ideas of beautiful rooms

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In today's article we have prepared some images of ideas for the decor the furniture and the colors for a room for girls already grown. We have put together 25 rooms for girls, incredible. These bedrooms are decorated based on a specific age, the age between childhood and adolescence in which pink and stuffed animals love most girls.

Ideas for modern girls colorful rooms

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That moment in which the girl grows up and the decoration with dolls, castles, toys, airplanes and other elements should not be missing in her bedroom. And not only that, in addition to being decorated according to personality and age, you also have to meet some essential requirements to perform tasks that you did not have before and a place for games of course.

Ideas for girls who are true princesses

canopy bed steel white room girl ideas

In the images you will find desktop ideas to match the other furniture in the room of the girl or small tables with small chairs and vibrant colors to play and do tasks at once. Girls love canopy beds because we can not escape the decoration taken from cartoons.

Canopy bed and white wood furniture in the girl's room

canopy bed room girl white wood ideas

As in all Disney princesses your girl should have a pink bed and canopy here you will find ideas of different type of canopy for the bed. We know well that the bedrooms are as varied as the personalities of the girls. For our article today we have thought for girls who love princesses and the color pink.

Pink and white stripes and cudros decorating the wall in the girl's room

canopy bed room nina carpet ideas

Furniture walls bedside tables curtains and bedding can all be pink at once. We also have to think of a place for stuffed animals and dolls. One of the things you can do is add a sofa in your daughter's room and place some of the stuffed animals on it. On the other hand, the shelves can also be used for this purpose.

Bed and light pink furniture in the girl's room

light pink room nina ideas

However, you will have to bear in mind that there will come a time when the shelves of the girls' rooms will have to be used for other purposes. This is the time when your daughters will have grown up and will need more space in which to keep their books and notebooks. Also at this time will also appear a desk in your room and you can choose a piece of furniture that includes the shelves with the desk.

Yellow color in combination with green for the walls of the girl's room

spacious room nina bed wood ideas

On the other hand, if the room is larger, it is very likely that there will be space for all the furniture that you want to place inside. However, another of the problems that you will encounter are the colors and the tones for the words of the walls. You have to keep in mind that pastel, soft and clear tones are very good in these rooms and are very appropriate for girls.

Large closet and flowers decorating the wall in the girl's room

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However, among the pastel colors there are shades that are darker and you will have to combine them with lighter ones. In addition the intense colors you will have to combine them with some more cheerful colors. In contrast, those who are more muted with others of this style.

Butterflies decorating the wall and the bed in the girl's room

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Also in the rooms of the girls the flowers and butterflies stuck on the wall are also very good as they are decorative details that reflect their personality and are associated with them. Besides these decorative details you can also use them to decorate the furniture and you can combine them with the bedding.

Wallpaper and curtains with floral motifs in the girl's room

room girl mirror butterfly wall ideas

On the other hand, if you do not want to create a very charged environment with decorative details and colors you can choose curtains or blinds with flowers or other reasons. In this way, your daughter's room will be decorated in a simple way but it will also be full of color and joy.

Ideas for large wardrobes in the girl's room

room beautiful girl colors pink wardrobe ideas

On the other hand, furniture and furniture sets are also very suitable for interior decoration. However, you have to take into account the time when the girl will grow up and will want to change furniture especially when the ones she has in her room are very childish.

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