Fun and modern children's bedroom, by Urbanology Designs

children's bedroom with wooden furniture

East child's bedroom designed by Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs for your children is a great example of how a nursery or children's room can be simple, modern and sophisticated, and at the same time be playful and fun. Which is pretty impressive, especially when the budget is tight.

Great children's bedroom design by Ginger Curtis, by Urbanology Designs

white shelves minimalist toys

Since many clients asked designers to create spaces for children, they set out to design soothing spaces for the little ones. Children love to know where things are and where they are going. Their bedrooms they should be sanctuaries of tranquility and rest, and not places of over-stimulation.

Original furniture design for children's room

original bedside table two chairs

This fourth gender of neutral children has bright white walls, Scandinavian-inspired decor and custom-made wooden beds. The lower bed even has wheels so that it can be moved around when necessary.

Original children's bed decoration

original set bed clothes

Small furniture, white curtains and beaded elements throughout the room add to the Scandinavian feel. Maximize space in the children's room It is always important. Hidden beneath the loft bed is a small corner creative kids with the reading light pendant and a shelf for books.

Great set of natural wood furniture

original design children's furniture

Although this room does not have bright colors that are typically found in children's rooms, the decor in this room makes up for it and adds all the personality. Personal memories and minimalist toys on the shelves near the door add a sense of fun and fantasy to the room.

Beautiful decorative objects in a minimalist style

original framescapes designs

Every detail of this children's bedroom seems really adorable. Simple shapes open the way for creativity, and soft tones complement a perfect environment for growing children.

Original design of reading and drawing area

area for study activities

A place for different activities with planks and shelves for books ensures moments of fun and learning.

Rocking horse with monkey head robot, designed by Matt Monroe

rocking horse head monkey

Is not this small wooden rocking horse with a monkey monkey head adorable? Yes, we said monkey robot. The designer was enthusiastic about the craftsmanship and creativity of this little toy. She knew it was going to be the perfect addition to the room of her children Asher and Avery. It was a design created by the super talented Matt Monroe at the Monroe workshop in Los Angeles.

Original minimalist style toy designs

original simple minimalist toys

We hope that you have enjoyed the tour of this beautiful children's room, we will return very soon with more curiosities and decoration trends, do not miss visiting our website.

Design : Urbanology Designs






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