Furniture for tv, 50 creative and modern proposals.

furniture for tv luxury led cushions

TV furniture undoubtedly has a fundamental space in our living room. Many times I would dare to say that it is from him that we orient and locate the remaining part of the furniture. The selection of TV furniture should be oriented to select designs with ample storage capacity. Furniture that allows ordering everything without creating big problems and keep the room tidy.

Furniture for tv, storage capacity

furniture for tv lamparas spheres

The style can be varied or combined with other furniture of the living room especially the sofa. It is really inevitable not to opt for a TV cabinet when it is a computer present in most homes. In addition to the details that we mentioned at the beginning, choosing the place it occupies can be complex. In many of the images that we have in the gallery there are several options, at ground level, living room murals or on supports on the wall above the piece of furniture .

Furniture for tv, modern and functional

furniture for tv geometric black wall

The existing options are many and of proven validity. We only need to select the one that best suits our real conditions in terms of space. It is important to remember that televisions have gained in size while they have become lighter. It must be taken into account that a DVD or theater reader is also placed around the house.

Modern variant with modules

furniture for tv discs accessories carpet

This determines that the chosen furniture has enough units, even to incorporate something new in the future. Although undoubtedly space remains the main condition for the selection of the place of these electronics. If we do not want to have fixed television in the living room there are also options. We can transport it from a room to another easily thanks to lightweight TV furniture that also includes wheels.

A whole multimedia space

furniture for tv discs glasses carpet

The positive is that they also allow a more fluid transit in the living room to not be fixed. They are usually accompanied by extremely functional rotating bases. This allows us to watch television from different angles and area of ​​our home. An ideal option for homes with open spaces that are not divided by walls. We leave you some modern proposals in our gallery today.

Showcase as a decorative element

furniture for tv glasses tableware crystal

To increase the style and elegance of your interior you can opt for some TV furniture with a decorative showcase. These showcases are very modern and you can choose a cabinet with a transparent glass cabinet or you can also choose a darker glass cabinet.

LED to highlight some accessories

furniture for tv white vases led

On the other hand, if you have used a darker or dull color in your living room for the floors and the floor, a white furniture for the TV will refresh the interior a lot. You can also choose a TV of the same color and you can add white shelves around the furniture to complete the decoration of the room.

Furniture at ground level

furniture for dark wood tv

On the other hand, if light colors predominate in your light, you can choose a wooden furniture in combination with the color black. In this way the color of the madras will be a bridge between white and black and you can also combine it with other furniture of the same design. In this way you can decorate with matching furniture.

Geometric modern design

furniture for minimalist tv red pictures

On the other hand, modernity and elegance can also come from the geometric shapes of the wall. It is about decorating the wall in front of the sofa with square decorations of different colors and placing the TV in the center. Also near these forms you can place frames or frames with the same shape to intensify it.

Minimalist style atmosphere

furniture for tv carpet stripes picture

In addition these large furniture for TV can be replaced by others of minimalist design that are very appropriate for small interiors. Also to complete the minimalist decoration you can place the TV suspended on the wall. In this way you will also be increasing style and elegance.

Contrast wood and white

furniture for tv minimalist wood chair

On the other hand, if what you want is to bet on the contrasts to decorate the rooms you can use wooden furniture for TV and you can place them in white interiors. Also, if you want to make a stronger and more aggressive contrast, you can choose darker wood furniture. However, to soften them you will have to bet on light colored wood.

Lighting integrated into the furniture

furniture for tv modern furniture table

Another very interesting and modern way of decorating and choosing the TV furniture in the living room is choosing a piece of furniture with integrated lighting. These furniture at night create a very romantic and cozy atmosphere and you can also choose light or dark colors.

Geometric composition

furniture for tv cafe rug ras

The geometric composition can also be created with furniture and rectangular columns placed on the walls. It is a few separate cabinets with which you can make a matching furniture for your living room. You can also use different tones of the same color.

Ideal for any space

modern tv furniture glass vases

These furniture with column shapes that hang on the walls can be used not only in larger rooms, but also in smaller ones. In addition you can also bet on some original designs with crystals in the center.

Support with LED lights

modern tv furniture orange lights

Furniture for minimalist environment

furniture for modern minimalist face tv

Orange accents

furniture for modern tv orange

Low furniture adaptable to room

furniture for modern tv black box

Various storage units

furniture for tv patio garden wood

Variant with shelves and LED

furniture for tv plants led flowers

Large for modern spaces

furniture for tv elegant living room chairs

Rotating design by Porada


attractive white plants pots music

low base wood mirror flush

low elegant wood garden plants

white italian style lamparas marron

black white carpet adjustable plants

white futuristic minimalistic environment zone

coffee furniture television lamp carpet

pictures environment black decoration armchairs

sphere wood geometric design glass

cool modern wood led lights

lamps design elegant white picture

Creative modern lamps elegant style

led italy design crystal furniture

books floor chair metal carpet

Creative luxury lamparas salon focal

malva stools large modern garden

Brown rotating system carpet lamps

minimalist pastel walls accessories salon

modern white futuristic carpet planter

modern television unit wall pictures

modern tv cabinet shine brightness

modern futuristic design white wood

modern three-dimensional cabinet television doors

black design wall vases polished

black design wall plasma cool

plasma television wall furniture storage


unit white table minimalist television

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