Furniture for wine to decorate the interior and keep it

furniture for wine

The decoration is a theme related to the interior in which different components of the house can come into play, such as painting, stables and photos, the decoration of the walls themselves, the colors and also the furniture . In this article we are going to talk about the furniture for wine that you can use not only to store the bottles of your favorite drink, but also to decorate the interior because there are models that are very interesting and original.

Furniture for wine for the interior

interior wine furniture

Some wine furniture are very appropriate for this type of function, because they decorate the interior in a very original and elegant way. You can choose a metal bar with circular holes in which the necks of the bottles are introduced and the wines are left horizontally. This bar is placed on the wall and you can combine the decoration with other shelves and shelves.

Taking advantage of wine furniture to decorate the interior

furniture for wine decorate

On the other hand, there are other types of shelves that are very original and attractive and that have smaller and larger metal bars in the shape of a circle in which the bottles are introduced. The bottles are placed face down so that the neck of the bottle enters the smallest hole and the bottles stay upright downward.

A traditional wine cabinet with a hole for the glasses

original wine furniture

In contrast, some furniture from wines They are more appropriate for more traditional people and imitate the old forms of these furniture. They are usually wooden furniture that have a rectangular shape and a space in which the bottles are placed. In the bottom of the cabinet there is a space designed for the glasses.

A wine cabinet that occupies the entire interior wall

wine furniture

On the other hand, for people that wine is more of a hobby and have a hobby of collecting wines, they can opt for large shelves and large furniture for wines. These furniture occupy the entire wall and can be metal, in the case of shelves, or wood, in the case of furniture.

A modern bottle cabinet with holes in which to place the bottles

wine furniture

You can also make a very special decoration on your walls by placing a greater number of shelves with holes for wine. You can also find some double shelves that have holes on both sides and this way when you put the necks of the bottles will be fastened better.

The traditional way of conserving wine

wine furniture

On the other hand, there are furniture for very original bottles that are more appropriate for wineries. They can be metal shelves that occupy the entire wall and you can find different models. Some pieces of furniture are designed to place the bottles perpendicular to the wall and others to place them in alignment with the wall.

Some shelves for wine bottles to place on the walls

furniture for bottles

In this photo you can see some shelves in which the bottles are placed perpendicular and are very good in the rustic interiors and in the cellars. You can also choose some furniture for wine that will also look great in these interiors.

An elegant black furniture to store wine bottles

interior wine furniture

A barrel in the form of original furniture for wine bottles

indoor wine furniture

Placing the wine bottles diagonally

interior wine furniture

A very spatial place for your wines

interior bottle furniture

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