Furniture made with pallets - 100 ideas for the home.

furniture made with glass pallets wheels accessories

One of the DIY ideas that can sometimes give us more headaches is related to furniture. How to design them, adjust them to our space or the most comfortable variants are some of the many ideas that come to mind. When we think of retouching the patio, the interior and adding a little life and warmth, these would be the indicated furniture. Furniture made with pallets, especially. They are unique and highly customizable, not to mention their low cost.

Furniture made with pallets, TV design

Furniture made with pallets audio system wood

There are options for which we can choose that they are already prefabricated. Otherwise, with a few materials, their creation does not have high levels of complexity. The varieties of furniture made with pallets are dissimilar, the limit is our imagination. The most common are sunbeds and other garden furniture. In the case of interiors, as we will see today, there are also design possibilities. In this sense, we have the greatest examples in the tables for salons.

Furniture made with pallets, support for washbasins

furniture made with creative bath palettes basin

Highly versatile and also applicable to exteriors. In the latter case, the main design priorities should be aimed at comfort. The cases of sunbeds as mentioned above are a good example. The wood Being a material that does not fit the body, we must ensure comfort with cushions and others. Another priority is the treatment of wood to resist climate changes. A waterproofing material would be ideal for these cases or a few layers of paint.

Metal joints for support

Furniture made with white pallets street banking

In addition to adding color and contrast will prolong its useful life. Making a sofa with these materials is another option. The positive is that according to the area we have, the furniture made with pallets are excellent for open spaces. A preferably large sofa is ideal to spend time with friends or share with family. For the cases of terraces we can cover the walls with wood also of the pallet, combined with a illumination adequate exterior the effect would be very warm and cozy.

Three-tier table

furniture made with white wooden pallets cushions

The table models, on the other hand, are usually of two levels, thanks to the union of two pallets. Although for furniture made with pallets there is no recipe. You can opt for lower variants or without wheels in the base that is the norm in terms of design. It all depends on the use we are going to give you and how functional we need it to be. The possibility of moving it would be a plus but it can also be uncomfortable on many occasions. The truth is that it will be very useful. Both for the garden or near the desk we can make the most of its structure.

Furniture in L ideal for parties

furniture made with pallets light bulbs plants luminaries

A magazine rack at the bottom would be a good way to do it. The finish can be as bold as you want, you can play with the contrast of the wood. In this case adding lists of different tones. You can even replace the acrylic cover that is usual on the top, by pieces of slabs. On the other hand, the shelves can be used to put pictures and other decorative accessories. We could also use them to create a space with photographs of trips or events that involve the family.

Design with blue contrast

furniture made with pallets cushions blue flowers

Creating a mural as a collage. The ideas of furniture made with pallets extend beyond the garden or the living room as I told you. For the kitchen we can take advantage of the texture and quality of the wood of the pallet and create a table. If we have a larger space or want to optimize the maximum we have we can opt for a much more decorative and functional furniture. A shelf like the one in today's examples is extremely easy to do. It is one of the main variants to achieve the order that should always prevail in this part of our home.

Variant for outdoor with wheels

Furniture made with pallets cushions exterior colors

Although we will not see it in detail, the case of the beds is very popular too. Due to the resistance of the pallets, we must not forget to mention it. The wood that composes it can be used for both the headboard and the sides. There are options in which, if possible, even the same pallet can be used as a header. The next thing would be to think of a design that is integrated into our room and not highlight the bed as an accessory. There are furniture made with pallets that fit very smoothly into the bathroom.

Two-seater sofa

Furniture made with pallets cushions practical cream

A piece of furniture for the base of the washbasin, which we will see in today's examples, is a very creative way to integrate the pallet in this space. It is a complement of great solidity and proven stability. In addition, their spaces can be used to store towels and many of the products that we often use in the bathroom. Although it must protect yourself the wood very well because of the humidity of this space. Its effect to achieve an orderly bath is unmatched.

Stepped desk style

furniture made with pallets cushions office lighting

This impressive set of office furniture is ideal for work. With several pallets we can obtain the structure that we want, literally.

Game with coffee table

furniture made with red white cushioned pallets

A great sofa for the garden may be what you need for this summer. Look at the image and try to make this sofa design with quilts and matching table.

Large dimensions for courtyards

furniture made with pallets flowers patio table

With a little more work, you can even create a whole set of furniture for the garden. The recycled wood of the pallets can acquire a modern and luxurious appearance.

Functions as support and shelf

furniture made with double washbasin pallets accessories

There are those who prefer to integrate it in the interiors, and in unusual spaces such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Steps for creating a table

furniture made with pallets gray side table

In this image you can see a project that is suitable for beginners. With only one polish, two layers of paint and four small wheels, you can create a practical and functional table that will serve both for interiors and for patios and gardens.

Low model with varnish

furniture made with pallets auxiliary table carpet center

Here you can see the result of a pallet converted into a low table for the living room. In this case, instead of coloring with paint, the pallet has been left to the natural with a layer of varnish.

Table with bookseller support

furniture made with white table pallets wheels

A table with wheels is ideal for many occasions and spaces. In the image above we can see a very original design that can serve as both bedside table next to the bed and auxiliary table in the entrance hall.

Contrast of wood lists

Furniture made with pallets decorative decorative table

A dining table is the next most popular Diy project. Why buy expensive wood furniture when you can design a luxurious and sturdy table yourself?

Lounge table

plate food wood table

Here you can see an extremely easy-to-build coffee table made from two pallets, stacked and screwed on top of each other. Depending on the type of wooden pallets you use, you can create a similar coffee table with more or less rusticity to match your design style (or paint it another color as a whole).

Low table with wheels

furniture made with wooden wheel table pallets

Here you can see another version of a pallet coffee table. It is even easier to build; It has a single pallet, and this gives it a more modern look. It has four wheels that can be found in any hardware store. You can add a custom cut glass cover.

Varnished wooden bedside table

salon wheels cushions orange carpet

If you are able to find pallets of unusually colored or varnished colors, you can use them to create an exotic-looking coffee table like this one. This coffee table in particular almost imitates a rustic style table, although it is made of pallets found near a commercial area of ​​the metro. It has a simple design and a very nice color combination. The table also has two small compartments for storage.

Kitchen island made of pallets

high table kitchen dishes island

As you probably already knew, pallets can be used to create all kinds of things. You can even use them to create a kitchen island. You will need at least three pallets, some tools and paint. Simply cut the pallets to the right size, secure them together and add a top. You can paint them in a natural color or in a more vibrant tone that coordinates with your kitchen. It is not difficult, and you have the freedom to choose your own design.

Creative desks

chairs made with pallets office diy chairs

If you are looking for a perfectly classified computer desk but do not want to splurge on a custom built piece, do not worry! You can easily make your own wooden pallet desk. For this particular, all you need is a paddle, some sturdy legs, and a sheet of plywood. It is an easy and economical project, and in the end you will have an original computer desk (and perfectly adjusted). {Found in ikeahackers}

Style for large courtyards

furniture made with patio pallets diy table

Tall chairs in meeting space

furniture made with pallets patio sofa pictures

Large cushions for comfort

furniture made with pallets plants wood

Living room shelf, accessory base

furniture made with pallets dish dove rack

Outdoor furniture

furniture made with pallets dishes lantern lamp

Furniture for terraces

furniture made with striped pallets balcony cushions

Low solid drawer

furniture made with pallets challenge solid locker

High table style with wheels

Furniture made with pallets magazine spheres center

Space for reading

furniture made with pallets living cushions lamp

Design for children

furniture made with pallets blue chairs children

Natural treated wood

Furniture made with light wood chair pallets

Elegant finishing table

carpet cream elegant table cushions

Original pallet bed headboard


Modern bed made of pallets

modern bed

Original pet bed

pet bed

Original desk for youth room

juvenile desk

garden table

hanging armchair

high bench outdoor patio parlets

flag table england dark decoration

fixed metal base treated wood diy

white auxiliary table carpet wheels

white wheels polished carpet table

wooden boxes diy creative drawers

warm wood functional flower pot

kitchen bottle wood pallets stand

cushions blue wood sofa pallet

hanging bed ropes terrace palets patio

colors cushions diy pallets terraces tablecloth

diy basket palets flowers jarron salon

wood pallet desk design wood treated

shelf bottles wine chair bar slate

shelf cameras pictures

shelf kitchen glasses wood fasteners diy

shelf room paintings child books lights

exterior table decoration design plants

exterior pink cushions sofa textiles patio

flowers plants cushions letters flower pots white

functional wooden table convertible pallet

idea diy pallet wood design decoration

game salon armchairs table shop model

bookseller zen books wood shelf chests

books salon magazines bookseller table

lightweight pallets colorful cushions white

white table flowers red glass living room

table computer floor wood combination

elegant table house patio wheels chairs

books wood patio interior table

table jarron flowers red legs

natural table pallet salon wheels stickers

table wheels drawers diy drawer

table chair flowerpot plants double levels

children's chairs table colors children

low chest of drawers functional treated design

furniture white pallets carpet lamp

office chairs table flowerpot meetings

dark patio cushions garden lights focal

pallet table newspaper jarron book

pallet plants table center jarron plants

pallets wood center garden compacted

wall shelf flowers pictures plants

patio bar sidewalk exterior trees

playground white wall bricks exterior game

patio cushions furniture garden chairs nuro

patio faron cushions marine style design

patio flower pots furniture garden table

patio striped armrest striped cushions

patio terrace balcony wood flowers flower pots

plants mubles interior lights flowerpot

real modern pallet armchair crown

rose living room pallets furniture vases flowers

wheels rubber metal functional pallet

wheels lamp cushions living room decoration

treated wood wheels diy bookseller space

large salon furniture decoration sample

living room bed bulb yellow picture

lounge cushions owl yellow pastel

living room glass carpet diy furniture cushions

salon television horns box furniture

blue chair palettes rustic wood pictures

small diy wood reclining chair

wood chair creative pale low solid

hat ideas pales table patio garden

reclining chair warm metal gate table

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