Furniture made with wooden pallets, fifty ideas

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Simple, beautiful and functional; Today we present fifty examples of furniture made with pallets of wood. It is an original way of furnishing recycling, so we encourage you to take ideas and make the furniture you need most from this material, you will see that the results will be really great.

Furniture made with recycled wood pallets

dog bed wooden pallets bailey

What do you think of this original pet bed? Below we will list a series of steps to follow in order to build a nice shelter for dogs or cats, take note. First of all we have to get a pallet, which we will clean and sanitize, having previously applied the necessary fungicide products.

Leisure center furniture made with pallets

leisure center living room furniture

We will begin to cut the pallet so that it can adjust to the size of our pet. The remaining pieces can be used for the walls of the bed if we join them to the pallet with nails or some wood glue. Finally we will sand the imperfections and corners and apply paint or varnish.

Swing bed made of wooden pallets

swing pendant bed wooden pallets

As a final detail, it is only necessary to cushion the bed by placing the cushions, and that's it, your pet can already enjoy its original relaxation area. The good thing about these materials is that they give us the chance to improvise with them and use their design in our favor. However, if we have more time and desire, the original modern style table Also made with pallets is perfect for the little hands of the home.

Dining table made with pallets

furniture made with wooden table pallets

For this we will need a saw, an electric drill, nails, a sheet of wood plywood the size of the surface of the table and the structures for the legs. First we will separate each wooden strip from the structure of the pallet and we will cover with them the sheet of the surface, having applied before the glue. We can place them so that the range of colors is uneven, in this way the final appearance will be more original. Let dry several hours before placing the legs on the other side of the wooden panel and finally we can begin to varnish or paint.

Garden swings made with pallets

garden swings made pallets

To decorate your home you can choose to make some furniture made with pallets like swings. These swings can be made in one part of your garden so that they are facing each other and that you can place a table in the center. In this way you can have your coffee in a very original chair that will be in the air.

Furniture made with wooden pallets

Furniture made with pallets for the garden

On the other hand, these furniture with pallets can be used to make some chairs or some lounge chairs for the gardens. In addition to the decoration with furniture of pallets to the gardens you can add a table also made with wooden pallets.

Modern furniture made of wooden pallets

set furniture terrace wooden pallets

On the other hand, if you want to give a modern look to the wooden furniture you can apply a layer of lacquer on top to keep the wood for longer. In the seats you can place some cushions and you can also place some cushions of the same color on the backs. In this way the inner part of the seats will be upholstered.

Making furniture with wooden pallets

set sofas sofas furniture lounge

Keep in mind that these wooden furniture can be used not only in your gardens, but also in the interiors of your home. However, in the interior you will have to upholster the wood to give a modern and elegant touch to the environment. In this way, the holes of the pallets and the wood can be used as shelves in which you can place your magazines and newspapers.

Shelves made with pallets

shelves books pallets wood magazines

In addition, the shelves of your house can also be made with pallets. To increase the elegance of the shelves you can give a layer of paint and lacquer to the wood. In this way you will modify your image and you can include it and combine it with the other decorations of your interior.

Wood pallet garden sofa

super sofa garden pallets cushions

On the other hand, you also have to keep in mind that the furniture palents that are for your gardens is better that you ride a few wheels. This way you can move them from one place to another and you can keep the wood longer because with rainwater and humidity it deteriorates and breaks down.

Wood pallet planter

planter planter pallets wood plants

On the other hand, the pallets can also be used to assemble planters where you can plant your plants and grow them. This is a very original way to plant since in your garden you can not have much room for plants.

Original pallet furniture

side table entry pallets tiles

Mobile furniture made with pallets

white table wheels pallets terrace

Furniture made with pallets: dining table

original dining table white pallets

Furniture made with pallets: Shabby chic bed

shabby chic style bed pallet

decorative table wooden pallets

extendable table wooden pallets compartments

table garden pallets wood varnish

mobile table pallets wood garden

table pallets fireplace mobile garden

table wheels varnished wood

table lounge wheels old pallets

simple table furniture pallets design

high bed pallets wood boxes

simple garden table wooden pallets

low table lounge coffee pallets

furniture garden pallets wood corner

furniture living room center pallets wood

benches patio pallets wood terrace

modern garden pallets design seats

furniture living room pallets wood wine

furniture made with garden chair pallets

furniture made with pallets shoemaker

white garden furniture wooden pallets

modern furniture wooden pallets design

furniture pallets modern style living room

furniture room set dark pallets

furniture terrace wooden pallets water

furniture terrace wooden pallets green

furniture made with terrace pallets

white pallets bleachers garden bench

wall living room modern pallets wood

living room modern style table pallets

sofa wood pallets

sofa corner pallets wood design

original sofa design furniture pallets

sofa terrace pallets cushions celeste

terrace benches white pallets floor

shoemaker colors wood pallets shoes

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