Fuselage cabin transformed into a great refuge in the forest

fuselage cabin

We are sure that the last thing you think about when you get on a plane is how good it would be to live in a fuselage-shaped house.

house fuselage cabin

The fuselage is the main section of the body of an airplane. It has crew, passengers and cargo. In single-engine airplanes, it will usually also contain an engine, although in some amphibious aircraft, the single engine is mounted on a pylon attached to the fuselage, which in turn is used as a floating hull. The fuselage also serves to place the control and stabilization surfaces in specific relations with the lifting surfaces, which is required for the stability and maneuverability of the aircraft.

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Well, it turns out that the team of the company Tree Tents, which has always been committed to design and build eco-sustainable structures that are perfect to position themselves in places where nature is still intact, such as forests, mountains, plains or on the shores of lakes and rivers, has managed to make habitable the cabin of an airplane with fuselage. The project consists of the construction of a mini house of more than twenty-five square meters, completely self-sustainable and inclusive of all comforts, from the dining table to a double bed with views of nature.

Custom designed cabins

fuselage cabin

The British company Tree Tents presents its design called "fuselage" created to measure, environmentally sustainable, while the small scale design, 3 meters by 5 meters, allows occupants to inhabit even the wildest places in the natural world from the comfort from a cabin of contemporary woods. The construction of the package introduces a higher ecological resolution in its manufacture, transport and construction. The fuselage cabin is offered as a kit of parts to assemble on site. The inherent simplicity of the assembly process allows the cab to be built in remote locations without the use of heavy machinery, minimizing disruption to the local ecology.

Impressive fuselage cabin design converted into a refuge in the forest

plane cabin

The Tree Tents International team advocates a circular economy in which products are designed to last, are reusable and minimize harmful waste. Throughout the manufacturing process, the fuselage respects and adapts to its natural environment. It is built with recyclable materials of local origin and can be suspended from the trees or mounted on a substructure on stilts, eliminating the need for large foundations. Excess material from the manufacturing process is reused as camping equipment, such as sidewalks or backpacks.

The fuselage cabin is covered in an aluminum cover that encloses the modular frame of wood and aluminum

original architecture

The fuselage cabin is clad in an aluminum cover that encloses the modular frame of wood and aluminum, creating a waterproof cover that reflects the colors of its surrounding context. This structure can withstand the most challenging environments, while the feet on stilts adapt to inclined or steep terrain, and can be placed in almost any landscape. Its strongly insulated triple-layer walls, low-voltage radiant heating, micro-wood stove and solar panels allow the fuselage to withstand more severe climates than many alternative structures. fuselage designer Jason Thawley comments: "I designed the fuselage to access very extreme environments, allowing people to stay in these incredible places with a structure that is light in construction but as strong as old boots!"

sustainable architecture

Light and portable, the Tree Tents Wilderness Wilderness cabin provides the comfort of a small house to the most remote destinations in the world. Its cylindrical exterior is inspired by modern aerospace design and is made to be mounted on stilts or suspended from trees, allowing it to adapt to any landscape with minimal interruption. The birch-lined interior features bunk beds, a dining cabin that converts to an additional bed, marine grade plywood floors and double-glazed windows, all within a completely insulated aluminum housing. Each one is made to measure, so the customization of your fuselage with upgrades such as solar panels, wood stoves and kitchens is not a big deal. The cabins take between six and eight weeks to arrive and come prefabricated and packaged, which guarantees an easy installation in just two days.

The fuselage is its new, more innovative structure. Inspired by the principles of modern aerospace design, the fuselage design offers a light, robust and extremely portable housing solution. Like an airplane, the fuselage is designed to travel the distance. Designed to be mounted on stilts or suspended from trees, the Fuselage makes light work even on the most challenging terrain, allowing you to maximize forest areas, slanted sites or the water's edge.

Information about the company

The first firm of the designer was called Luminair, a design studio focused on the environment and sustainable development, which won the coveted Red Dot Design Award in 2011. As the business grew, Luminair moved to a workshop located in the Beautiful Secret Site of Sussex. As the camping season progressed, I was devastated to see that the discarded equipment filled the void; Designed without thinking and never intended to see another summer. Thinking about the days spent at the top of the treetops, I wondered how I could use my abilities to share that feeling, inspiring others to act for our planet.

In Tree Tents innovative precision engineering, traditional craftsmanship and sustainable materials are combined with the love of working closely with the site owners passionate about the truly revolutionary camp. Based in Sussex, England, but serving commercial and private site owners across Europe, award-winning glamping structures are created that provide impressive experiences and inspire a closer connection to forests and wild places.

The team thinks there is nothing like the power of the outdoors to recharge and rejuvenate. They are forest warriors passionate about sharing authentic experiences and allowing adventure that does not cost the earth. Like our own well-being, our forests must be protected and this ethic drives everything the team does, from strategy to installation.

sustainable home

When the firm launched its production Tent at the Agricultural Business Innovation Show in 2016, it immediately caught the attention of the judges of the Innovation Awards. year, this time highlighting its total business solutions for the glamping and farm diversification market.

Designer: Tree tents

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