Garage - tips and practical ideas for your organization

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If you are thinking of organizing your garage but you have nothing clear about where to start, today we are going to give you some simple steps of how to do it in a more efficient and practical way.

Tips for the organization of the garage

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To begin, you must sort all items in three piles: keep, donate or sell. Place several canvases with the marks of each purpose on the floor and begin to classify the objects. What you should select for donations are old toys, broken items that have no possibility of repair, expired household chemicals (which may need special disposal), and anything that has not been used in two years or more . If you have difficulty getting rid of things that have sentimental value, take pictures of them as a souvenir.

Original furniture set for garages

furniture set for garages

Sort objects into general categories (for example, sports equipment, hand tools), and place them in well-marked cardboard boxes or, better yet, stackable plastic containers that can be used later.

Store utensils and pet food on a shelf

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As soon as possible, donate gifts and schedule a garage sale to get rid of the old junk. If you have too much trash to dispose of or recycle, use a pick-up service; or simply buy bags at a home store, and contact the scheduled pick-up company to agree on the elimination fees.

Place shelves for tools and work tools

shelves for tools and utensils

Many people store the gas and gasoline from the lawn mower in the garage, so they must be prepared for a fire. Obtain a fire extinguisher protected by the U.L. and assemble it in an easily accessible place. It must be carried to an ABC rating, which certifies that it is effective against wood, oil and electric fires.

Original DIY rack design for screwdrivers

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Although we are sure you know that you must open the garage door when the car engine is running, the installation of a carbon monoxide detector will give you more peace of mind. And while you're at it, check the garage door opener to make sure you have a motor protected by the U.L. and a self-stop feature that will prevent the door from closing in the event that a child or pet tries to sneak underneath.

Hanging shelves to store the bikes

shelves to store bikes

Most manufacturers of garage systems offer free space planning in order to use their services. Before buying anything, measure the dimensions of your garage and consider the size and location of windows, doors, switches and receptacles, as well as the amount of space your car occupies. Next, use the following general rules that are assigned to a home.

Original rack for wooden tools

shelf for wood tools

Items that you use together, such as gardening tools and chemical fertilizers, should be stored close to each other. Put bulky equipment like lawn mowers, at the corners, where they are not hit by your car. Place items, such as bicycles, near the garage door of frequent use. Hang seasonal items or rarely used items in the most difficult to reach.

Great design of garage cabinets set

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Remove items from the floor whenever possible, this will free up much more space for your car. If you buy units of shelves or prefabricated cabinets, make sure that you can clean the floor under them easily.

Original garage design well organized

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Use a lockable cabinet for the storage of chemical products from grass and other things that you do not want your children to reach. Purchase a portable label maker to sort the products so that you do not have to decipher a neglected letter.

Original modular open shelves for garages

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The shelves are less expensive and easier to access as no additional free space is needed to swing the doors open, and they allow for easy scanning of what has been stored. Cabinets with doors provide an excuse for disorganization because they can hide evidence, so they can quickly become disordered. You should use them sparingly, storing only the objects that need to be protected from dust and dirt.

Original storage ideas for garages

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The boards are widely available and easy to install, they can be cut to size and even painted to customize the look; Several manufacturers make a wide variety of hooks, shelves, compatible and organizers. Cons: While a board can handle light hand tools and other goods, it is not sturdy enough to hang heavy objects, such as bicycles.

Garage design with bars on the roof to store suitcases

garage gates roof storage suitcases

Original ideas for hanging bikes in a garage

ideas to hang garage bikes

Great ideas for storage in garages

ideas for storage garages

Selection of original ideas to order a garage

original ideas order garage

Original furniture design with shelves for garages

furniture shelves for garages cochue

Original design of wooden wardrobe for garage

furniture cabinets wood garages deco

Original set of modern design garage furniture

modern design garage furniture

Super design furniture set

super garage furniture design

Original arrangement of work tools on the wall

original layout wall tools

Original design of rack for hanging work tools

original design shelf for tools work

Original set of modern design garage furniture

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Original metal grilles for fishing rods

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