Garden accessories - ornaments, furniture and outdoor lights

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Have you already prepared your garden for this season? In case you have not already done so we will show you some of the add-ons and garden accessories decorative for outdoors that we liked the most. From them you can take an example and renew the look of your garden to spend the fun summer afternoons.

Garden accessories with marine theme

garden accessories marine decoration

In the first place we will say that one of the most current trends to decorate gardens is to use the vintage-looking ornaments or even any old object that we have at home, and if they are rusted, much better. We will try to place the garden accessories between the plants so that they seem to have been there for a long time.

Garden accessories vintage style

Decorative accessories old garden candlesticks

To achieve decorate a garden with retro look or Shabby chic style we will try to make the objects look some worn and we can also use recycled glass containers and decorated to our taste as chandeliers and candle holders, they will be beautiful and practical details for outdoor evenings .

Decorative accessories for garden in vintage style

blue accessories garden furniture deco

And as we mentioned in previous posts, the boxes and wooden pallets They can be of great help to decorate our garden. Once painted and decorated, we can place the flower pots in them, for example, or make outdoor furniture with them without making too much effort.

Decorative glass fruits for garden

Glass hanging fruits protect flowers

Then, a very modern adornment that has made a great impression around the world for its original design that presents simplicity and beauty at the same time. This is the hanging glass tanks used for different purposes, either as aquariums or for planters and small plant pots.

Glass fish tank pendant for plants

ball pendant flowerpot glass plants

Originally these containers were created to protect the flowers and fruits of the storm and unwanted insects, but today they are given much more ornamental uses, but also very practical. Inside you can place several plants creating a wonderful mini decorative garden, a perfect detail as a centerpiece.

Halley lights for garden

arches lights accesoros jardin kite

Let's see now some beautiful ways to illuminate the garden with colors and shapes. Starting with this model of outdoor lights in a very contemporary style. It is about the Halley arcs of light inspired by the wake that the comet leaves behind, these outdoor lights have a polycarbonate structure that enables mobility and LED strips of 21 watts.

Led solar metal lights for garden

mushrooms solar lights metal garden

Another great solution for outdoor lighting are solar lights. They tend to have special designs that are very resistant to precipitation and drastic temperature changes. The model of the photograph is specifically a stainless steel road lamp that can be nailed to the ground directly.

Dining furniture for garden

garden furniture metal black color

The furniture will be of great importance if we want to create a pleasant leisure space in some area of ​​the garden. Again we show examples of decoration with retro style garden accessories thanks to the metallic furniture with many ornaments. But in case they are too rigid for your taste, you can always place colored cushions, the result will be very current.

Retro design metal bench for the garden

metal bench bars white balloons

As we mentioned before, metal lattice structures of any kind will be very useful as a base for climbing plants, which leads us to think of the planters, flowerpots and any other type of container for the plants and flowers of the garden . We suggest using old metal or wooden objects.

Decorative bicycle for plants and pots

black metal bike gardener deco

Well, if we have finally decided to put an old bike as an ornament for the plants, we recommend that before preparing the bicycle following these steps: first we will disassemble the parts and sand the structure to remove the paint. Next we will have to apply a special primer for aluminum to be able to paint it later with some spray paint.

Planter made with old and rusty bicycle

rusty old bicycle garden

Finally we will place baskets and planters to individual taste and depending on the design of the bicycle. There are those who prefer to keep a more rustic look and leave it unpainted, the result in these cases is a somewhat careless but very chic. Of course, in case of not having an old bike at home, we can always buy one for that specific function in the gardening and decoration stores.

Old metal objects used as flower boxes

old car many flowers colors

In the above image we can see a great example of the original aspect that the old and rusty objects bring to the gardens since they have created a combination of elements, it is as if nature has transformed inanimate and obsolete objects of industrial aspect into ecosystems full of lifetime.

Old car full of plants

car old planter plants garden

Maybe a car or a boat is too much to ask for, but in case we have one at home, these models can inspire us to make ornaments with a lot of personality for the garden. Think about it, is there a more efficient way to recycle an object than turning it into the new home of a living being?

Fireplaces and fireplaces

bowl stone fireplace dish gas

Finally, we will add that mobile bio-ethanol braziers or fire dishes for outdoor are quite current and should not be missing in your garden. In a natural landscape all the elements must be gathered so that their appearance is complete, besides the heat and the light of the fire will bring mystery to your dinners in the garden.

Portable brazier for the garden

fireplace brazier candela metal garden

With all these garden accessories we can create your own designs and with character, encourage yourself to improvise and improve the aesthetics of the garden of your home by changing or adding details as simple but striking and original. Everyone will want to spend long afternoons outside if surrounded by a magical and colorful environment.

Garden decoration with marine theme

pretty decoration garden boat wood

All this environment needs the same way of the appropriate furniture to be as comfortable as possible. If you have in mind to enjoy long hours in the garden then the advice we have for the selection of furniture will interest you. In addition to garden accessories and styles there are several variants of furniture that adapt to any space.

Garden lamps made with glass jars

jars old decorative glass jars

It does not matter if it is a large garden or a small one we will find the precise solution. At the time of purchase it is necessary to think about the function that this piece of furniture will have. Of course, without forgetting the conditions of space and the style of our patio. So you can explore many solutions using a variety of furniture. The case of folding chairs or extendable tables is a great example.

Decorative bells for the garden

bells wind accessories garden deco

The diversity in addition to garden accessories and these pieces lies in the material. There are dissimilar solutions starting with rattan in both its synthetic and natural variants, as well as steel or aluminum. To organize ourselves we will start by seeing the dimensions of the patio. As we mentioned is the first aspect for a real luxury patio. If it is a small garden then it is best that they are easy to store.

Objects and decorative accessories for the garden

decorative cement garden poster

So if they are not being used we will not have problems with space limitations. There are chairs that are stacked in any corner and will not become a serious problem for the space. Another thing that we always combine are the outdoor dining rooms. An outdoor dining set should be designed for the average number of guests we normally have. A basic aspect is the size of the table.

Wooden house with two plants for birds

little house bird wood sunflower yellow

As we discussed the extensible tables are a perfect option that will be able to adapt to any condition. Nor will it be a problem to buy more independent chairs to complete the image of the dining room. To complement garden accessories and furniture there are other interesting details. Benches or side tables are the best way to complete a functional rest area.

Decorative tree with light for garden

cherry tree garden light white flowers

If it is about proposals of the same series, the uniform image of the space is very elegant. If optimizing the space is the modular solutions are perfect to do so. In addition to adjusting to the space may be adapted to the number of people enjoying the garden. We recommend the armchairs or sofas that are combined with the details of your decoration. So it is convenient to define the style that fits your taste, modern, more traditional or something rustic.

Decorative tree with red lights

cherry tree red lamp garden

Once a style is defined according to the dimensions of the space, the material is fundamental. The image of the rattan is really impressive for the outside. If it is the synthetic it is usually very resistant to the conditions of humidity and intense sun. We will not have to worry about giving them ongoing maintenance. Its versatility makes them adapt to all kinds of shapes and designs.

fire pit fire animal animals gas

A factor that guarantees its resistance is its interior structure. Commonly in steel or aluminum on which the rattan is put. The same resistance has rattan in its natural version. Lightness and flexibility are some of its main characteristics. Both make it perfect for use in outdoor furniture. For the attack of insects and any plague we will not have to worry.

cushions colors outdoor furniture wicker

This type of material already includes a treatment to combat them. Aluminum and stainless steel top the range of garden furniture. The most important thing in these cases is that they resist corrosion. Of rodos perhaps it is the aluminum that stands out more in terms of properties of lightness and resistance to corrosion.

hanging swing a square garden

accessories garden table flowers

Garden accessories home style necklaces

retro style garden accessories

Great house entrance decorated pumpkins

super swing hanging white garden

lantern japanese decorative garden

fountain lamp waterfall garden water

gnome garden decorative accessories

fairy garden decorative accessories

fairy stone garden decoration

bench wood angel sitting stone

angel stone flowers garden deco

Garden Decorated Flower Pots Mud Bottles

garden pool furniture modern seats

outdoor lamps flowers daisies garden

lights garden flowers purple violets

lights garden modern white shapes

modern lights furniture garden balls

light garden purple tenuous jar

light butterfly flowerpot garden flowers

flowerpot cement stone garden flowers

flowerpot glass pendant ball fish tank

aquariums hanging fish tanks crystal

pots several colors hedges garden

flowerpots objects garden accessories deco

mini natural pond garden accessories

mills various colors flowers metal

decorative objects accessories garden colors

sheep color pink decortativa jardin

sheep several colors deco garden

decorative bird blue glitter

birds deco tree garden

decorative flamingo swans garden

duck stone waterfall garden water

decorative yellow ducks garden

small outdoor coffee table lamp

decorative ceramic figures pieces

Artificial roses light garden deco

accessories garden mushrooms colors

accessories garden fountain mushrooms

decorative glass jars garden

fence metal shapes snails deco

metal accessories decorate gardens plants

accessory trunk tree garden flowers

cowboys flower pots surround tree

bench wood garden cushions colors

rusty metal accessories deco garden

scrap old decorative garden

old decorative spinning wheel garden

contemporary simple forms commissions

elegant simple shapes armchairs fountains

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