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Today we will come back to two ideas that have thousands of edges and variants: garden and decoration. The decoration of gardens is an infinite pleasure that undoubtedly makes our home a much more welcoming place. A resource that gives life to the landscape is a garden pond. It increases in an incredible way the aesthetic appeal of the patio and even has a positive impact on our health. It has been shown that the sound of Water when flowing It has an effect pain relieving. Therefore, it helps to reduce the stress and improvement health status so general.

Garden and decoration, pond with rock wall

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We can choose specialists for its construction or we can venture into its creation. Although we can say that it is not something difficult in the extreme. The first step, as in any process involving garden and decoration, is to select a space. Preferably those that do not have any specific utility. If there are trees or rocks they can be included in the landscape or they can be eliminated. It is essential that they are not too covered by trees. The accumulation of leaves or branches can lead to infections and water deterioration.

Garden and decoration with submerged rocks

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It is convenient a place where they receive sunlight at least four hours a day. It will depend on our taste and the style we want to give our pond. It is important to have in mind a complete visualization in addition to its decoration. Because this can also condition its location, then it would be appropriate to demarcate it and establish the measures more precisely. Once built in the way we select, we will proceed to its decoration. A good idea for this garden and decoration scheme is to divide it into several zones.

Garden and decoration, ornamental wedding

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The common are two, one of them with plants aquatic and fish and the second with marsh plants. We must ensure the cleanliness of the water constantly, and an amount that guarantees the life of the fish. We can place natural preference stones around the pond. Another variant can be artificial tiles. Among the many accessories used for garden and decoration we can add a waterfall to the pond. They are an ideal way to oxygenate water and give a very elegant and exclusive touch.

Wooden bridge and rocks

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In cases where we choose to install a fountain we should not put water lilies , due to the incompatibility of both. In general, as in any strategy involving garden ideas and decoration, it is best to combine the plants. Variants of submerged and floating plants is a good start. The latter always give an exotic look to the pond. Its roots can serve as protection to the fish although the plant is on the surface of the water. Undoubtedly the most popular are the water lilies, due to their beautiful colors.

Pond with rock road

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They have a very long flowering period, so they are really useful in ornamental matter. There are species that can be buried at the bottom of the pond. Then they must grow to the surface and they bloom. Although as we said at the beginning it is important not to overload or cover too much sun. The image during the night hours in the pond is a key point. Its lighting is very important, with it the pond comes alive during these hours. We can place some spotlights that illuminate the surface of the water.

Pond surface with wooden edges

garden and decoration pots patio path surface

Equally another technique used in garden and decoration would be to place exposure lights on the outside of the pond. An excellent effect is achieved if it is made from rocks. In order c In the proper care we will surely have a luxury patio. The pond is without a doubt the piece that distinguishes it. Benefits in terms of health, relaxation and quality of life are more than enough reasons to include it in our garden.

Modern patio with pond

garden and decoration table wine plnatas modern

Modern design in wood on pond

garden and modern wood pond decoration

Decorative islands in pond

Garden and decoration modern pond grass islands

Pond in modern design patio

garden and modern furniture furniture parasol fire

Variant with goldfish

garden and decoration fish wood pond plants

Cascade for water oxygenation

garden and decoration plants pond waterfall

Example of surface plants

garden and decoration plants wood pond surface

Pond in Zen style courtyard

garden and decoration plants modreno zen

Channel for simple waterfall

garden and decoration plants rocks flowers gravel

Path over pond

garden and decoration bridge lawn outdoor sofa

Pond with combined plants

garden and decoration bridge flowers gravel pond

Pond with decorative rocks

garden and decoration rocks water modern patio

Pond with outdoor furniture

garden and decoration chairs lotus water furniture

Pond with plants uncovered

Garden and decoration chairs flower pots gravel

Pond with modern waterfall and rocks

water pond rocks wall modern waterfall

Garden plants demarcating pond

house gravel bridge flower pots decoration

Lighting style for pond

modern house pond design luxury decoration

Modern terrace with pond

lawn water table garden bench

Edges of wood and ornaments

grass house road flowerpots DECORATION

Pond with solar lamps

grass pond palm tree fish lamps

Decorative flower pots in blue

grass flower pots wall plants garden

Pond of concrete blocks

pond tall wood fish concrete

Pond of three levels

pond house modern design steps

Decorative wooden bridge

flowers flowerpots water bridge flowerpots

Pond with rocks

garden terrace furniture outdoor plants

L shaped pond

lotus garden pond decoration statues

Combinations of varied plants

lotus plants wall patio patio

Effect of indirect lights on water

lights pond design umbrella bridge

modern luxury design lawn lighting

pots ponds rocks palm tree terrace

wood water flowers pond terrace

wood water plants patio garden

minimalist garden spheres pond design

modern design pond crystals plants

modern design plants decoration palm trees

modern pond house patio decoration

modern flowers waterfall pond garden

modern plants grass fish bridge

modern chairs exterior lawn wall

wall pond chairs tables fish

lotus patio decoration chairs plants

patio lotus table garden furniture

patio pots pond chairs covered

modern courtyard lotus pond gravel

patio xeriscape plants garden flowers

fish pond plants patio decoration

fish plants bridge design wood

plants rocks zen wood decoration

bridge wood furniture natural rocks

bridge wall wall fish waterfall

bridge patio plants rocks decoration

bridge stones plants furniture terrace

rocks water cobbles natural trees

rocks pond fish colors transparent

rocks wall chairs flowers decoration

rocks plants pond fenced design

terrace plants chairs lawn decoration

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