Garden and terrace umbrellas - Tips on choosing the umbrella

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If you need to create a shady section in your garden, patio or terrace, you should consider purchasing an umbrella. For this reason today we give you ideas and advice on garden and outdoor patio umbrellas with a shady place to spend your free time.

Sunshades garden terrace or patio with modern elements that protect them from the sun


Most people do not mind the summer heat, but as much as we love the heat during the summer season, gardeners occasionally need to spend time in the shade on hot, sunny days. Exposing to direct sunlight can have negative effects for people suffering from stress and often increases the risk of skin cancer.

Sunshades garden terrace or patio - options for very sunny places


This is why it is recommended that we use sunscreen and spend more time in the shade on the hottest sunny days. Generally, we should retire to a shaded area between the hours of 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon to avoid burning and also be careful to expose parts of our body such as the head and ankles.

Ideas umbrellas garden and terrace to protect your resting place


However, often, we are looking forward to spending time outside after spending all winter at home and we want to sit and enjoy our free time or our garden design before returning to the interior.


To create your outdoor retreat, there are many different factors to consider. The first factor is the type of shadow you may need.


If your outdoor living area is lit by the sun at noon and in the afternoon, to avoid direct sunlight, consider obtaining a fixed umbrella.


On the other hand, if the space is in a sunny area early in the morning and late in the afternoon, an umbrella with a tilt feature could be the best option.


When temperatures rise and we spend more than a week with 40 degrees that you can not even breathe, even some sun lovers start asking for shade.


Instead of being forced to make family dinners and spend lazy afternoons indoors, you can equip the terraces or the patio with garden umbrellas.

Original options of modern garden umbrellas with views


The days when you come home tired can be spent sitting comfortably and feeling all the difference between spending time inside the house or spending it outside.


With our advice on choosing an umbrella for your outdoor space, you can make the best choice. The first thing we should think about before buying the umbrella is its size.

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One of the factors on which the size of the umbrella depends is the size of your garden or terrace. The size of your umbrella will determine how much shadow your space will receive.

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So think about how much shade you want and how much space you have. If you place a too large umbrella on a terrace or a small garden space will not be seen nor will it feel well designed.


Our advice is that the ideal umbrella should fit the width of your outdoor dining room or your outdoor lounge plus a few centimeters plus width on the sides. For example, if you have a round table with chairs that occupy 1.5 meters, look for an umbrella 3 meters in diameter.

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The height of your base or umbrella post is also important - you want it high enough to be out of your way, but not so high as to lose its function. The average height of an umbrella is 2.5 meters but there are other options.

You can equip the terraces and the space around the pool with garden umbrellas

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Consider the height of their relatives, although the 2-meter umbrellas are the minimum recommended. The main function of each umbrella, regardless of its type and class is, of course, sun protection.

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Only in some cases, it is also used as protection against rain. If you live in an area with heavy rain, it is unlikely that the umbrella will save you from a passing storm. Umbrellas are not suitable for real-time rain protection.

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It is worth noting that they usually should not be used in windy conditions. Due to the strong wind the umbrella could fly, and as a result get damaged or in the worst case broken. If the wind blows very hard, it is necessary to quickly fold the umbrella, which will protect it from possible damage.

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An additional feature is the insect protection in the garden there are enough insects that can easily fall from the trees right into their food.

An umbrella designed by Michael Caravita¹

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Therefore, if you spread an umbrella on a table it can protect the food from insects. In addition, an umbrella protects against falling leaves.

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When choosing umbrellas, you have to pay attention mainly to their size, which must strictly comply with the requirements and the size of the terrace or garden which means that they should not be too small but not too large.

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When you buy you should pay attention to whether your umbrella has a good finish. If it is made of low quality plastic and wire materials, there will be a greater chance that it needs to be replaced by a new one every so often. It is not worth saving, because it is only apparent saving.

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The umbrella should be well combined with the environment of the garden itself, as well as the herbs and the rest of the furniture. Therefore, it is chosen in particular to conform to the color and material design of the garden furniture.

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We must remember that the umbrella due to its size and location, is very often a remarkable and important feature of the garden. The umbrella can be seen from the entrance to the garden, and even from the fence if it is a low fence.

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All these things make the aesthetics of the umbrella become so important. The umbrella can be made of metal or wood. And, optionally, an umbrella with a metal structure will be stronger than that with a wooden structure.

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Everything depends on the quality of the materials used in the construction of the umbrella. There are umbrellas for the garden of wood and metal that can be made with very poor quality materials and break with the slightest wind.

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Before choosing the outdoor umbrella for the garden, what you need to know is how it will be used. If the umbrella should be in one place in the garden, or be installed permanently on the terrace, you can choose a heavy model. But from a practical point of view, this model will not work in the case of frequent movements.

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It is worth considering where it will be installed in the garden or on the terrace. Now it is widely available, the umbrella with bases, which can be installed and fill the base with water.

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Previously, only the concrete bases were used, which move from one place to another, but the transfer was not the easiest. The umbrella can also be attached to a garden table, or installed in a tube on the floor.

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What is important is the material from which the umbrella is made. It must be water resistant and durable, and in addition, it would be good not to lose color under the sun. Over time, the surface will often be exposed to sunlight, so if there is a desire to preserve its color, you have to anticipate this feature in performance from the start.

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How to maintain the umbrella? For an umbrella that lasts for many seasons, it is necessary to carry out properly each fall its care. First, it is necessary to remove dust and dirt, and then wash with a hard brush, using hot water and detergent.

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In the end, the umbrella should be washed in its entirety with clean water. If the surface of the umbrella has visible stains, you should spray with baking soda, wait about 5 minutes and rinse. The umbrella is stored in a special bag and stored in a moderately dry place for the winter period.



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