Garden design and varied ideas for rooftops with life.

design garden furniture dark ratan

The roof of any building is an area in which we can usually enjoy an excellent view of our surroundings. The intensity of the air is different and it is extremely refreshing. If we mix these conditions with the design of a rooftop garden, the benefits would multiply. The inclusion of plants or outdoor furniture would transform this environment. From garden design and roofs we will be talking today.

Garden design and a lot of style with wood

design garden bench wood roof

The construction of a very cozy and intimate site. An area that will make you see your surroundings from another point of view. In addition to being a highly ecological solution that contributes to reduce pollution. In the cases of garden design and roofs that we are dealing with today, we must take into account several aspects. In necessary that they do not affect the structure of the building. It is necessary to place several layers that prevent the passage of roots and another that facilitates the Drained

Garden and floral design in flower beds

elegant garden design flowers jardinieres

Concluding with an insulating waterproof layer. Select the type of vegetation properly. A garden design on the roof can be intensive or extensive according to this detail. The first resemble traditional orchards or gardens and require more care. The second case requires less care. The plants they must be consistent with the type of climate present in the area. Plants that need less care in terms of water or light. Preferably endemic.

View to the city

design garden island grass vista

Something important for the general conception of the project is to enable the roof. Place a cover that prevents possible leaks of water to the building. If you want to give it a much more personalized look, use only pots and planters. There are containers or raised beds suitable for roofs. They adapt to any style, in essence they are accessories of great lightness and flexibility. The best of all is its accessibility in terms of prices and designs.

Terrace with wood on the floor

design garden wood bricks wall

Garden design and roofs, the benefits are thousands. We take better advantage of the space and embellish the environment. As I mentioned, they give privacy and their ecological style makes them friendly with the environment. Ideas in our gallery today, that surely will give you some starting point for future ideas. Enjoy these designs with solutions at your fingertips and other more complex but worthwhile.

Geometric design on roof

garden design outdoor tables banking

Lighting in plants

garden design roof illuminated led

Large circular planters

design garden plants night decoration wall flower boxes

Path of circular spheres

design garden footpath wood sielo

Elongated metal pond

design garden zen water pergola pond

Roof with color details

colorful yellow chairs plants roof

Idea for roofs by Apple Tree Garden Designs

planters white plants concrete decoration

benches wood box roof design

Lamps outdoor beds candles intimate

lights led design creative buildings

vertical vegetable wall house wall

chair forge cushions lights led roof

folding chairs wood flowers furniture

armchairs exterior ratan crane roof garden

simple decorative flower boxes wooden planters

succulents colorful ceiling mulch sculpture

roof house green garden modern architecture

roof garden wood terrace insulation wall

terrace furniture planters wood view planters

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