Garden design: vertical gardens, fireplaces, pools

design of garden table wood planks wood stone floor ideas

Today we are going to show you several garden design ideas in the images we have compiled for you, you will find many interesting ideas that we are sure will serve you in your garden. Designing the garden can be very easy what the right idea needs and we hope you find it here.

Garden design ideas for large spaces

Garden design large white furniture pool ideas

The first thing you should do is to organize your space well. Japanese garden or harmonious garden nest for lovers of the zen philosophy perfect corner for children to play or to organize dinners with friends in our photos you will see ideas of a garden like that in a minimalist style. If you prefer a romantic place to spend unforgettable evenings, we recommend that you choose plants with colorful flowers such as red rose white and decorate with candles we are sure that it will be beautiful.

Design of gardens at different levels with stone walls

design of gardens wide levels stone walls ideas

If you are a person who loves parties but also loves nature, create stone walkways or pavement that leads to a place with a fireplace or barbecue where you can gather friends to have fun. If you prefer to relax, concrete walls, fences or motherboards will protect your resting place from unwanted glances. Another thing you can do is plant trees of different sizes or plants that you like the dense vegetation will not allow anything to be seen and also It will be very natural.

Wooden floor and fireplace for the garden

design of gardens fireplace furniture floor wood modern

A large table on the veranda or under the pergola with a fireplace near colors, smells and flavors of the sea or grill in a word a paradise. The mobile retractable awnings represent a viable solution to make the most of outdoor spaces. With an elegant design, and very functional are the garden furniture that you will see in today's article cozy areas ideal for your rest. Take a look at the pictures of garden designs that we have compiled for you.

Lighting for garden decorations

elegant garden design floor wood table chairs ideas

Garden at levels with wall and wooden fence

design of gardens stairs wall grass bench ideas

Large concrete planters for the garden

garden design contemporary style flower pots big ideas

Minimalist Japanese style for the garden

Japanese style garden design minimalist ideas

Wooden fence and stone walls for the garden

garden design tropical style palm trees ideas

Garden with concrete walls

design of gardens concrete grass different areas ideas

Garden with large concrete pots

garden design white slabs black furniture ideas

High concrete fences and many plants for the garden

design of small gardens many plants pots ideas

Garden with pool and place with fire

garden design pool umbrellas furniture ideas

Garden with simple wooden floor

garden design wooden floor stairs minimalist style ideas

Wooden fences and stones for the garden floor

design of gardens floor stone furniture wood stairs ideas

Vertical garden for small spaces

vertical garden design exterior wood floor ideas

Another garden idea with several plants

design of vertical gardens interiors exterior plants ideas

Large garden with place for light meals

gardens design style simple table chairs lawn ideas

Garden with fireplace and pool

design garden pool fireplace white cushions ideas

Tropical garden style with many palm trees

simple design tropical garden private palm trees ideas

Design garden with many floors by designer Helen Dillon


large garden grass large stones stones ideas

large garden lawn sun loungers pool ideas

large garden fireplace sofas rattan table ideas

Garden Spacious palm tree pool illuminated ideas

garden fall water bench wood floor slabs big ideas

garden basket chair grass ideas floor slabs ideas

garden fireplace furniture rattan table coffee decorated candles ideas

garden kitchen open air fireplace barbecue ideas

garden design large pool grass balls ideas


garden modern design irons stone floor ideas

design gardens armchairs precious wood table meals ideas

design of gardens fallen water tranquilizer staircase ideas

gardens design pond fall water furniture ideas

design of gardens james wong fall water place resting ideas

design of gardens place fire sights precious ideas

garden design furniture teak place fire fall water ideas

design of large gardens loungers plants staircase ideas

gardens design concrete wall modern ideas

gardens place fire chairs rattan cushions ideas

garden pond bench wood grass ideas

garden contemporary style floor wood decorative fountain

narrow garden furniture wood teak fireplace ideas

vertical gardens space pots stones ideas

modern garden simple design decorative flower pots ideas

garden modern pergola wood water place

garden pool tropical palm trees path slabs wood ideas

garden floor pavement jacuzzi sofa pergola ideas

back garden pool pergola floor wood grass ideas

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