Garden fountains - 100 models of aquatic shows

modern terrace fountain stones ridges

Today's article will deal with the sources of modern water for gardens, patios and terraces. We will show our collection of one hundred photographs of different designs that present the most characteristic details of the current trends and we will see some factors to take into account when choosing a water source for the garden.

Water fountains for modern gardens

architecture garden landscaping modern fountains

In previous posts we have talked a little about modern landscaping and gardening, so we are aware of the importance of the choice and order of the elements to be able to create a truly beautiful and harmonious landscape. Water as part of outdoor decoration is essential for many in the same way that it is necessary for life.

Stone wall with waterfall fountain

block fountain waterfall stones water

According to the doctrine of Feng Shui, the provision of a water source It manages to balance the ionic charges of the air, cooling the environment, which has a positive effect on the health of human beings. We will see that many designs of sources present an oriental aspect that also appears complemented with decorative stones.

Design of fountains with stone blocks

stone blocks modern water fountains

What you may not know is that such stones also play an important role due to their ionic properties, however, the most suitable minerals to adorn the water sources are quartz, granite and mica. Another factor of relevance is undoubtedly the shape and state of the water; that is to say, if it will be current like that of a river or stagnant as in a swamp.

Design of modern fountain for garden

pretty white fountain round stones

The situation of the water source according to Feng Shui is a very delicate aspect because the conditions of the garden and the architecture , but it is true that some experts say that a source of water is beneficial only to be placed in the southwest, southeast, north and east of the house, at least until the year 2043.

Garden with pond and modern fountain

nice modern style zen fountain

These indications really refer to the fluid of the energies or the "Chi", so that a source of water must be placed in that area where there is a positive Chi because the water is responsible for retaining these energies. On the other hand if the place has only negative Chi, according to Feng Shui it would not be convenient to place a source since it could cause negative effects.

Zen style garden design

pretty fountain design zen style

There are many other points of interest within the Feng Shui culture regarding water, such as the belief that a water source located to the north may favor the performance of activities that require a lot of mobility and adaptability such as trade or The tourism.

Cascade fountain with decorative stones

pretty fountain garden ducks deco

It is also thought that the route of the water should always be towards the interior of the house to prevent the good luck of the home from going out. These are some of the established guidelines, although if you are really interested in the subject of Feng Shui and want to apply it in your own home, we recommend that you contact a professional in the field to carry out a detailed study of the area.

Modern fountain design with light

nice fountain square yard house

Regardless of the indications of Feng Shui, the installation of a water source requires some specific maintenance such as the care of the water pump so that it is not pressed and placed on stable ground. We must also bear in mind that water evaporates easily and if the pump runs dry it could get damaged.

Round stone font design

pretty fountain round stone shape

Then we will see the designs of garden fountains that appear in the images to look at the latest trends and models. We can appreciate that in many examples the source models throw the water in the form of waterfall with a mild power or medium intensity.

Rockery design with waterfall fountain

pretty rockery fountain waterfall garden

There is also a lot of mineral stone of different kinds and aspects, hence the emergence of the fashion of rockets with cascades of natural appearance. These types of fountains are reminiscent of places that have been created by nature and many choose the placement of a rockery with waterfall to decorate ponds or pools.

Natural fountain design with waterfalls

beautiful waterfalls stone garden stairs

Above we can see an example of a waterfall fountain made of natural stones. These sources allow endless possibilities and anyone can design them to your liking, as long as you can place the rocks so that they do not block the pumping of the water. In addition, the gaps formed between the stones are the ideal place to grow some plants and mosses that will beautify the rockery even more.

Modern garden design with Koi pond

nice modern garden pond koi

The well-known Zen culture worldwide has introduced us Koi fish ponds, and more and more are including these ponds in their landscape designs to believe in the benefits of fish, but in reality and according to the Eastern teaching is water beneficial element and the fishes are only responsible for running the water, contrary to many beliefs.

Garden design with blue color font

path garden fountain color blue

The following image shows a courtyard of reduced space that extends in the form of an elongated corridor. A path of rectangular tiles on boulders leads us to a small modern blue fountain. The design of the entire space is very simple but contrasted, as well as the design of the source itself.

Oriental style font design

Super yellow oriental style fountain

Also here many of the elements of the previous example appear, even the design of the source is similar. The rounded stones contrast in colors, shapes and textures with the whole environment. Nor is the selection of the surrounding plants casual, let alone the location of each plant. The whole set forms a small landscape very pleasant for the senses.

Design by Bernard Trainor

original fonts minimalist style design

In general, fountains and ponds have been present in gardening since ancient times. As we see in the images, their aesthetic effect is incredible and they contribute to reduce the temperature. According to the experts up to five degrees Celsius in the place where they are installed. On the other hand, the healing effect and the sensation of well-being produced by the water are added.

Modern fountain design in a park in Melbourne, Australia

Fountain in Melbourne, Australia

It is precisely their sound that contributes to making the atmosphere and the whole space more peaceful and relaxing. The patio becomes a lively space because it is also a way to attract birds. If we relate it to Feng Shui in Zen gardens, water as an element is very important.

Photography: Quinn Rooney

Water fountain with wicker baskets

design baskets wicker fountain water

In this philosophy water was taken as the origin of life and balance. One of its qualities is precisely the healing effect at the mental level. Just imagine a water fountain in our garden surrounded by flowers. It will be the first thing our visitors will see when they reach the garden, giving a greater sense of peace.

Decoration of fountains with boulders

decoration boulders fountain

Another positive point when placing a water source in the garden is the great variety of designs. There are different options that can be adapted fluidly to the style of any garden. Taking into account also that there is variety in terms of prices. For fans of the fountains inside the house there are also many interesting versions.

Water fountain with a wooden wall

design fountain water wall wood

Especially some with operation based on solar energy. What makes them autonomous designs. Returning to the garden, the range of sizes, models and materials is still very rich. If we do not want to venture into a project, the best thing is to buy it already prefabricated. A custom design that adapts to the conditions of the patio can be the most recommended.

Design of work source

fountain design water edge garden

It will be enough to order them made to measure. For modern gardens there are excellent designs that are mounted on the walls. It can be independently or with the help of stands. This is precisely where, in addition to personal taste, the budget with which we count influences. Another important factor is the capacity in terms of space.

Home water fountain design

home water fountain design bricks

Look at aspects such as the maintenance required according to the type of source and its material. As a preference, the trend is inclined towards the use of a large font. Precisely to guarantee a better focal point. The smaller ones are mainly used to create decorative details.

Modern fountain design for terrace

design fountain modern terrace views

So in practice the details that can not be overlooked are the maintenance needs and the sound level. According to the diversity of models there are materials that have been imposed over time. One of them fiberglass and the artificial stone itself. Other models such as ceramics and metallic finishes are also very common.

Design and decoration of water fountain

design source water well metal

As an important aspect, take care that your source has an adequate location. Avoid placing it under the trees to avoid accumulations of leaves that can clog the mechanism. Likewise, neither in areas with a high incidence of wind to avoid splashing on outdoor furniture.

Modern garden design with water fountain

modern garden design fountain tree

Finally, we will mention a few words about the fabulous natural stone fountain that we have above. It has been designed by Bernard Trainor , a professional landscaper who performs very detailed studies of the entire environment and later merges with him the preferences of each client, the results are really worthwhile.

Modern waterfall fountain

design modern style font waterfall

Modern terrace with waterfall fountains

modern terrace design waterfall fountains

Garden pond with metal fountain

pond garden fountain modern metal

Modern garden design with Koi pond

pond koi fountain stone wall

Modern pond with water fountain

pond modern style fountain water

Round pond with central fountain

natural pond round central fountain

super fountain cubes water wood

super black zen water fountain

super fountain water round stone

super design fountain water sprinkler

fountain water ball large deco

fountain water pitcher ceramic stones

fountain water dish metal fir

fountain water round work flowers

water fountain three jets metal

fountain block stone plants design

fountain waterfall modern copper stones

fountain waterfall steps flowers lotus

fountain waterfall rocks corner garden

modern fountain square shape

fountain waterfall modern led lights

fountain waterfall wall black stones

fountain waterfall rock pool

classic fountain sprue decorated plants

classic drinking fountain among weeds

fountain pond natural frog plants

classic style fountain modern terrace

water fountain ceramic pitcher red

fountain shape jug stones slabs

fountain shape pitcher green water

modern fountain gray stones waterfall

modern fountain waterfall rocks wall

modern square fountain decorative stones

black font design modern style

small fountain decorated stones

small fountain stone deco flowers

round dry stone-antique fountain

fountain stone appearance old plants

fountain stone decoration garden

design stone font rustic style

fountain stone garden waterfall flowers

bambu bambu bamboo fountain

fountain stones zen style rocks

round metal fountain aquatic plants

round fountain modern fire pit

three stone round stone fountain

rockery fountain natural garden look

water fountains lights night round

fountains waterfall corner garden rocks

waterfall fountains modern design

fountains waterfall rocks natural garden

mushroom fountain modern style

modern fountains oriental landscape design

Original fountains modern garden design

fountains stone design garden wall

garden corner rockery plants chairs

garden ponds fountains waterfall flowers

Garden style modern corner fountain

garden pool Buddhist zen style

garden dry rockery corner stones

jarron color orange fountain water

jarron old center plants fountain

original cascade garden natural look

original teapot water metal

original rockery garden fountain waterfall

patio plants classical water fountain

water dish decorated stones

pond pond koi waterfall bench

large rock small stones fountain

rocalla waterfall pond natural garden

Rockery Garden Fountain Cascade Rocks

natural rock fountain water garden

black rocks white fountain stones

rustic terrace fountain water wall

terrace views fountain pool wall



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