Garden furniture and creative fire pits.

fire pit metal garden furniture

No doubt we spent a lot of time making our garden a lovely place. Furniture, daring and modern decoration and of course the charm of the plants are some of the formulas. To all this is added the feeling of making it more functional and exclusive. Inside all the garden furniture the fire pits occupy a privileged space. They give an undoubtedly jungle air at night and can be used for dissimilar uses.

Garden furniture spherical fire pit

garden furniture decorative metal fire

It is a way to increase the attractiveness of our patio. We can say that it complements all the furniture. Many times it is undoubted that you feel the yard incomplete without him. It is an ideal area for meetings and to make excellent grilled sandwiches. In its design it is important to keep the plants of leaves and long stems away. The garden furniture can act in this way as a blocking. This is a way to keep the space safe without losing its natural appeal.

Garden furniture, rocks and fire

garden furniture plants rocks flowers

There are modern variants of metal as we can see in today's gallery, which can also be portable. There are several with excellent and very decorative finishes. In this case the fire is easily controlled so they are suitable for patios and gardens. With the passage of time thanks to oxidation they acquire a very attractive and rustic image. Once fallen into disuse they can be used to plant flowers or as a decorative complement for garden furniture.

Garden furniture and paving stones

garden furniture table stones flowers

On the other hand fire pits can be made of granite cobbles. This variant obviously can not be moved from its site. They give a finishing touch much more classic and according to their curved or triangular shapes are easy to assemble. Another variety no less attractive are those made of brick and concrete. It is very important resistant at high temperatures. The formulas are dissimilar and adjustable to each patio. Do not hesitate to add this wonder that will turn the night into a magical experience.

Well of fire and banking

garden furniture metal gravel wood

Copper container and plants

garden furniture campfire wood plants

Portable fire pit and wall

garden furniture metal bonfire bricks

Bonfire on metal table

garden furniture metal table stones

Modern outdoor bonfire style

garden furniture stones modern pool

Metallic outdoor furniture and bonfire

garden furniture sofa bonfire glasses

Bonfire on cobblestones

seats rocks herbs fenced wood

Modern bonfire on terrace

seats terrace fire patio cushions

Dark metal bonfire

grass fire metal bonfire wood dark

construction fire bonfire patio mozaico

exterior fire rocks furniture snow

exterior well fire furniture garden

massage sofa red plants patio

metal fire wood gravel yard

metal furniture wood sofa flowers

portable metal fire pit grill

furniture patio fire flowers furnishings

furniture patio fire wood rocks

patio lawn well fire plants

terrace fire pit exterior wood

wood moon fire well house sofa

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