Garden furniture - elegance and quality with Kettal.

white garden furniture bottles cushions sunset

It is often an odyssey to find durable garden furniture. A mixture of comfort and elegance that is also resistant to the passage of time and elements. Some combination of innovative materials that adapt to the times. Today we have an interesting proposal, Kettal garden furniture. It is undoubtedly one of the firms that set trends in the furniture market.

Garden furniture, chairs Kettal Maia

white garden furniture with white aluminum table teak terrace

Especially those for outdoor design, which is their specialty. Of great international projection since its foundation in 1966, they have opted for innovation in outdoor furniture. Possessing a philosophy that respects the environment through the use of paints ecological and wood production controlled. The first proposal we want to share is the Kettal Maia collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Garden furniture, fiber armchair

white garden furniture with aluminum table fiber patio lantern

Integrated by garden furniture with great lightness and naturalness. The design and artisan braiding with an aluminum structure are one of its many values. Incorporates tissues like the Porotex that create a combination full of joy. It is a collection that broke with the traditional aesthetics of braided garden furniture. The Kettal Maia collection was selected as one of the most representative designs of our century. Another fantastic collection by the same designer is the Kettal Cottage. An excellent refugee that surely anyone would like to have in the garden.

Garden furniture, chairs by Porotex

garden furniture aluminum tables chairs bar

It is a lovely and ideal pavilion for naps, or outdoor readings. On the other hand Kettal Bitta offers an entire arsenal of garden furniture. This time in charge of the Italian Rodolfo Dordoni, the proposal includes armchairs, stools, tables and much more. Made of teak wood we can say that it is one of the most complete collections. Enjoy these wonderful proposals. Attractive designs with exquisite finishes, which are also in perfect harmony with the environment.

Hanging chairs in Kettal Maia

garden furniture aluminum patio furniture design egg

Furniture collection Maia

garden furniture aluminum feet armchair dark fiber

Variant in white and aluminum

garden furniture aluminum plants chairs white exterior

Chair in porotex and aluminum

garden furniture aluminum porotex chair design

Bar high chair

garden furniture bar aluminum chair high

Hanging chairs with cushions

garden furniture carpet chairs egg design

Blank model with cushion

white garden furniture color bar

Hanging chairs Kettal

garden furniture lake table wood terrace

Maia Collection

garden furniture lights exterior lights city

Outdoor table with glass

garden furniture outdoor table design maia

Sofa with tables in Teak

garden furniture patio design sofa chair hanging

Chairs Kettal with aluminum base

garden furniture porotex tables aluminum cups

Hanging chair, white variant

porotex garden furniture rock wall hanging

Ideal for swimming pools

garden furniture chair hanging cushions pool

Solid and durable structure

garden furniture chair hanging egg structure

Two-seater sofa in Porotex and aluminum

garden furniture white sofa cushions maia

Black model with cushions

garden furniture sofa synthetic fiber dark

Bed of rest and reading

garden furniture lounger cushions patio bed

Deckchair, Kettel Bitta collection

cushioned lounger design wheels bitta

Structure of solid ropes

aluminum cushion aluminum reclining cabinet

Water-resistant hanging sofa

tree swing furniture rocking curtain

Elegant and refined style

tree sofa curtains elegant covered

Rope chair for bar

Bar chair aluminum exterior strings high

Bitta collection sample

bar chair aluminum sofa outside lamparas

Highly durable chairs

bitta exterior decoration night lamps

Design with ropes, Kettal Bitta

bitta sofa collection design ropes design

Bed for reading and relaxation with aluminum base

bed reading exterior design cushions bitta

Kettal Cottage Collection

cottage collection reading cushions design

Garden furniture

house lights flower pots wood ceiling chairs

Roofed pavilion

house night lights flower pots covered terrace

Pool with furniture

house pool furniture bitta collection

Furniture for terrace

cushions decorated exterior design bed

Lamps and furniture

cushions woven bar terrace ropes design

Outdoor furniture

swing pendant design plants cover

Hanging sofa

pendant sofa water resistant modern

Outdoor dining room and garden

dining room outside candles roofing lights

Chairs with ropes

ropes chairs decoration wood ropes

Detail pavilion

detail wood deck curtain canopy

Show furniture

example plants decorated cushions bitta

Design sofa

exterior porotex teka sofa design

Pavilion and sun loungers

ibiza beach deck chairs towel wood

Elegant lamp

lamp cushions lights sofa curtains

Teak wood table

night lamp decoration chairs dining room

Bar with LED lights

lamps design wood decoration bitta

Armchairs with ropes

apple table strings kettal aluminum

Center table

table center teak wood bitta design

Bitta furniture

outdoor dining table chairs outside

Dining table

table meals decoration design dining room

Garden and outdoor table

Sample outdoor dining table

Armchairs windows

sample sofa chairs roofing house

Teak pavilion in garden

patio curtains wood plants canopy

Decoration in patio and garden

patio decoration furniture cushions garden

Patio furniture in teak and aluminum

patio decoration furniture cushions plants garden

Terrace with rectangular pool

pool decoration deckchairs plants terrace

Furniture Kettal

beach rocks modern stairs stairs

Pavilion with furniture

porotex table cushions cage pavilion

Pavilion on wooden platform

river relaxation mountain wood pavilion

Single swing chair

individual hanging chairs swing cushions

Variants of colors with ropes

chairs colors variations aluminum models

Fabric chairs in restaurant

chairs tables glasses restaurant tissues

Design chairs on terrace

chairs tables restaurant cushioned terrace

C Bitta collection with lanterns

chairs tables restaurant aluminum lanterns

Luxury swimming pools

chairs pool plants garden design

Bitta selection in bar

sofa bitta cushions bar wood bar

Covered style, garden chairs

sofa bitta cushions bar curtain design

Bitta Kettal sofa with cushions

sofa bitta two cushions ropes cream

Pavilion on the beach, Kettal furniture

sun umbrella sea lounger wood pavilion

Garden furniture

terrace seats sofa cushions house

Bitta collection for terrace

terrace bitta chairs decorated sunset

Sample with sunbeds

Outdoor sofa loungers designs shows

Deckchairs, terrace and garden

sunbeds sofa outdoor wood towels

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