Garden on slopes - ideas that you should consider.

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If we had to talk about gardening and complications today, I would dedicate a few lines to the garden on slopes. All a challenging variant in the field of gardening. Proper selection of plants, irrigation, pruning and many more are aspects that can not be overlooked. The positive aspect is how they can help us control land spills in the case of slopes near our home.

Garden on slopes, horizontal sowing

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Another consideration to take into account is the creation of terrace levels. Its design and the plants that we will dedicate to these areas. The degree of inclination of the slope will determine a greater effort for the creation of the garden on slopes. The aspect I mentioned earlier about landslides is also controlled by the walls. They can be made of different materials such as rocks, concrete or wood treated.

Garden on slopes, dense style

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Despite being the least durable, wood brings great beauty and naturalness to the space. For higher slopes concrete is advisable. It can then be customized if we want it with colors that integrate well with our surroundings. They are located in the lower part of the slope and are a fundamental support for the terrain. To reinforce the soil of the mound in the garden on slopes it is advisable to plant deep-rooted species. They contribute to create a better support for the substrate and in these conditions they absorb better the Water.

Modern terraces

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Plants with simple shapes and with a sow always in line is appropriate. It is the best way to avoid excessive irrigation. It is also advisable for the sloping garden to use mulch to cover the ground. In addition to blocking the growth of weeds protects the soil against the direct action of heavy rains for example. It is also an adequate method to enrich it that combined with the walls It is very effective. I leave you some samples of gardens with some of these techniques and that you can also apply to be in a similar situation.

Thick vegetation with wall

garden on slopes wall containment flowers

Rocks terraces

garden in earrings rocks house garage wall

Retaining wall variant

garden in earrings rocks flowers wall

Low terrace with gravel

garden on slopes rocks plants gravel

Slope with pond and wall

garden in green earrings plants pond

Path of bricks

garden in slopes house entrance rocks wall

Rocks for terrain support

bench decoration containment rocks patio

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elevation mulch color contrast design

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