Garden path: attractive ideas stones, slabs and tiles

Japanese style garden path only ideas

The beauty of a garden can be seen in the way that flowers are served, and accessories (umbrellas, benches, barbecues, furniture, pots etc.), but you can see even in the small details that make the difference . In order to make your garden stand out from the others, today we have decided to show you some original garden path ideas that we are sure you will like.

Stone path in the back garden of the house


For people who want their garden to be beautiful and cozy, non-stone roads are the best option for which they can also choose the stone is the ideal material for this type of decoration in the garden. It is not difficult and expensive to have a garden path. An easy and cheap option is to use the gravel to build it. The gravel may seem to have a very formal look but if you decide to add some stones on the edges you will see how their appearance will change.

Concrete path that takes you to the entrance of the house

path ahead house entrance grass concrete ideas

One drawback is that it is rough and you can not walk barefoot because it may hurt your feet. These roads can last a long time but you should not forget to clean them once a month so that their appearance remains intact. As we said before you will see some images of stone paths there are many options if you decide to use it you can also leave spaces between the stone and fill them with wood or very small stones and if you have a lawn you can have a path with large stones and grass that surrounds them .

Paths of large slabs for gardens with pergola

path garden curves sheets concrete ideas

Be careful when choosing the stone because if you choose one with a very smooth surface on rainy days you can slip so that the surface of your stones better be more rough. The brick and the pavement although most of the bricks are red and most of the pavement is gray you have many more options of colors, sizes and shapes. For a symmetrical look use the brick or the pavement you will not go wrong.

Lovely mosaic and wooden bench in the garden

stones garden forward mosaic flowers stones

As we all know well, the first thing we find at the entrance of the house is the path in the garden, this path that leads to the porch terrace or to the door itself. From this road we can go in all directions and for the bathroom, an orchard, the garage etc. And that the road is for daily use is always good to go for a durable coating.

Tiles of different shapes and colors for the garden


Neither do you need designers you can try to make paths in the garden with your own hands, for this we need ganas and the construction materials for our project. What are the best garden trails? There is not a classification all depends on the material for the manufacture, the location and the size.

Entrance marries with two decorative pots

path slabs green brown blue blue size ideas

Many prefer the natural-looking trails, which are created by themselves, without special planning. These are the roads in the rural houses. Usually the usual dirt road has many disadvantages. For example in the mud after the rain, puddles remain, and in spring you can have problems with the grass, so it is only possible to use it temporarily.

Roads in the precious stone forest

trees lawn garden house stones ideas

A path, too, can be raised to provide edges of paving stones or paving slabs. The first and most important thing you need to get started is to look for functionality. To be perfect the garden path, it is necessary to look for the shortest and most convenient way, in order not to go around the garden.

Large stones take you to the entrance of the house

path stone back yard grass broad ideas

Second, but not least, is the material that we are going to work with. If you do not want to wash the garden every day, the path is best done from a solid material such as a type of stone or concrete blocks. Remember that the style of the road should not differ from the design of the common space.

Very spacious garden with sunbeds and stone walls

path stones porch garden back table chairs wood ideas

If your garden design is full of colors and green areas, then the rest of the decoration should comply with this image. In the reverse situation, everything is so easy a classic landscape must be accompanied by a classic path. Particular attention should be paid to the link roads and fences. In accordance with the design canons, they must be made in the same style and create a unification of the elements of color or design.

House entrances with concrete roads

White house roads grass slabs big ideas

If the path is one of the key aspects of the landscape, it is better to do its design, in order to focus on the whole attention in an intelligent way to allocate the guests towards the house. When the road is only part of a huge mosaic, it should highlight and complement the beautiful design, it is better to do it in stages, stopping discontinuously.

Beautiful roads decoratos with wooden murallitas

paths house lawn stones wall wood ideas

Speaking of the practical everything depends on the size issues. Undoubtedly, the width of the road depends on the size of the road, but it is common to consider a standard distance of approximately 1-1.5 meters, except for the small decorative paths. For a road it is better to have a slight slope on both sides. If the road passes through a flower bed or flower garden, it is necessary to raise it a few centimeters above the ground, in order to keep it clean at all times.

Dry gardens with paths with slabs

paths slabs house entrance plants ideas

paths slabs lawn garden pool sunbeds ideas

paths pavement grass stones nice ideas

paths stone garden plants plants pretty ideas

paths stones large staircase garden house ideas

garden stones small plants trees garden ideas

house front entrance stairs slabs ideas

house garden front slabs great ideas

lawn flowers plants plants house pretty ideas

two paths stones garden place repose ideas

entrance house tree wall stone low ideas

entrance house brick grass plants greens ideas

beautiful garden flowers colors stones ideas

lovely flowers entrance house garden forward ideas

neutral ideas path garden tiles ideas

garden grass path stone wall ideas

garden forward stone balls decorative ceped ideas

garden entrance house plants large slabs ideas

back garden house wall stones ideas

place resting furniture garden stones grass ideas

stones paths garden color orange curves ideas

stones garden back various sizes decorative ideas

path back yard stones big ideas

path garden plates stone place reclining ideas



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