Garden plants for a full-color spring


Today's post is dedicated to plants and flowers suitable for gardens and terraces. We will see how any garden can flourish and brighten up the view with a little attention and care, so that below we will say what steps we should follow to make the flowers and Garden plants can prosper and develop properly.

Flowers and garden plants

great rose many colors roses

We will start with the roses . We know that your care is not simple, but not impossible. We will have to plant the roses in spring and on a wet ground. They need plenty of sunlight, at least six hours a day, so we will choose a fairly bright place for them. A characteristic of these beautiful flowers is that they need their own space to live.

Tips for caring for roses

pink garden plants orange color

In case we put several in the same plot we will make sure we have left enough space between them. For this same reason we will have to periodically remove the weeds that grow around so that they do not remove the minerals necessary for the rose bush and that it can grow and give us more flowers .

Flower pot with red and yellow tulips

tulips yellow red patio flowerpot

Let's now turn to the care of the tulip . Its ideal environment is in a permeable soil with a fertile substrate and need to be irrigated moderately, the substrate should never get to dry. If we plant several tulips, we will try to have a separation of at least five centimeters between them.

Tulips pink for garden

tulips pink yellow garden ground

When sowing the bulb we will try that the roots point downwards and that they do not exceed the ten centimeters of depth. They usually need about four hours of sunlight daily. Once the flowers have withered, we can keep the bulbs for a next plantation of tulip flowers.

White daffodils

pretty white daffodil

The next flower of our selection is the daffodil . Their care resembles those of the tulip since it is also a bulbous plant. The ideal place for this flower is a place sheltered from the wind but with enough sunlight. They need moisture but not too much, they must be watered every two weeks at the most and the most appropriate period for planting is early fall.

Steps to plant geraniums in the garden

very intense red geraniums

If we have decided to plant geraniums from seeds, we will plant four or five of them at a time. They will germinate after about ten days and will bloom between spring and summer. Regarding irrigation, they need more water during hot periods so they should be watered at least twice a week.

How to plant daisies in the garden

white daisies many gardens

Let's see now how to plant and care for daisies . These flowers germinate from the seed easily so that we can plant them in small pots in late spring or early summer. Once they have sprouted, we can proceed to transplant them to the garden in well drained and excavated land. In summer the daisies need a lot of water, while during the winter they can be watered

Calendula with yellow flower

yellow calendula very close large

with moderation. Next we will mention the necessary care for the planting of marigolds , although as we will see, such care is similar to that of daisies. The ground should be quite humid but not waterlogged, and the flowers need to be oriented towards the sun. As for the

Tips for planting jasmine

very nice white jasmine

irrigation, this should be more intensive throughout the summer and until they stop flowering. Finally, we will list the steps to take care of the plant jasmine . To begin we must choose the perfect jasmine species for our garden since there are at least two hundred different. There are species of vines that

Lila blue aromatic jasmine

blue violet lilac jasmine

they grow a lot, so we will leave enough space for them to develop at their ease. We suggest preparing the soil previously by adding compost. The plant should be watered by noting that the soil begins to dry, but preventing it from getting completely soaked.

Beautiful orange marigolds

intense orange calendulas

Calendula flowers for the garden

very beautiful orange calendulas

Field of colorful flowers

field flowers tulips purple colors

Field of colorful tulips

field tulips many pretty colors

Great pink daisy

super pink daisy green background

geraniums intense red passion

white jasmine fence garden leaves

very pretty pink daisy

shrub geraniums orange red color

red daisies garden plants

yellow daffodils garden plants leaves

daffodils colors garden plants

garden plants jasmine white

garden plants calendulas orange

pink geranium garden plants

yellow rose calendula orange bouquet

rose yellow plants fence garden

pretty roses garden plants

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