Garden ponds different designs and tips

fabulous pond contemporary garden designed house Ivan Andres Quizhpe

Today we have for all of you some original ideas of garden ponds. We are at the end of summer many of us have already left on vacation and when one plans their rest time in summer It's normal to think about going to the beach.

Garden ponds options for large gardens

house pond big forest design ideas

One of the most memorable moments of the holidays is one in which you enjoy the combination of beach, sun, heat and a cocktail. For others it will be the moment when they are sitting next to a waterfall, watching the sunset everything is so serene and charming. But it will be repeated next summer.

Garden ponds with fountains

modern house pond fountains decoration modern garden ideas

So that you do not miss this moments of tranquility we show you these designs of ponds that you can add to your garden to enjoy a peaceful, quiet, relaxing and stimulating home landscape.

Small indoor garden with pond and fish

garden ponds contemporary residence fish ideas

But the question one asks when thinking about adding garden ponds is: What do you need to put a pond in a backyard or garden?

Townhouse with small garden and pond with simple design

urban house garden small floor wood pond ideas

There are many types and designs of ponds in every shape and size, from a pond for koi fish to a luxurious one the size of a swimming pool. What we need to know is that for the incorporation of a pond in the garden it takes time effort, love and care.

Pond ideas that serve to separate spaces

pond dividing spaces contemporary garden ideas

First you must choose the place for your pond if you have a large garden and you want a large pond you will need the help of professionals to make the hole and take the land they will take out of it.

Garden with plants and pond

pond long plants decoration ideas

But if it's a small one, you can do it yourself and it will be free. There are people who prefer deeper holes, but this depends on the aesthetic you want to give your garden.

Pond with river stones in the background for a more attractive image

pond stones garden narrow house modern ideas

Both deep and deep options have their advantages and disadvantages. Less digging means less work and fewer materials, so you'll save money on construction costs. A shallow pond will allow a better view of the fish or bottom.

Decorative wall of corten steel that is reflected in the pond

wall steel corten reflected pond ideas

There are water plants such as water lily leaves that are perfect for shallow ponds because they can not grow in deep water.

A resting place surrounded by water

pond surrounds place relaxation garden ideas

The smaller ponds, obviously, occupy less space and allow you to pay attention to the small details of design that make a great statement.

Very large garden with pond with simple design

house garden large pond fish ideas

Now the advantages of the deepest ponds. If you want to have fish such as koi fish, it is better to take care of them in a large pond since these fish will grow only in relation to the size of the space in which they are found.

House on the hill with pond with aquatic plants

ponds garden residence modern hill ideas

In shallow waters a koi fish will not reach its full potential, as it would in a deep pond.

A garden with tropical design with many plants and modern pond


Fish tend to be more severe in small ponds, because they are swimming in water that has a higher concentration of their own waste. Deep ponds, having a larger volume of water, offer fish more clean water.

House designed by Robbins Architecture with pond and plants in the garden

garden ponds designed house Robbins Architecture ideas

No matter what size you choose for your pond you should make sure you have a good budget for rocks, plants or decks. Once you have everything well designed you can add water.

House designed by Atelier Stepan with large garden that allows the addition of a large pond

garden ponds designed house Atelier Stepan ideas

As you can see in these pictures it does not matter if you live in a small house in the suburbs or in a residence with several acres, you can always add a pond of water to the landscape of the garden.

Modern house designed by Dirk Denison Architects with pond and decorative fountain in the garden

garden ponds designed house Dirk Denison Architects ideas

The characteristics of your pond can be as simple as a small rectangular style pool or a large elaborate pond with a waterfall. Depending on your property and budget, there are a lot of items to choose from.

House designed by WillemsenU Architecten with long pond in the garden

garden ponds designed house WillemsenU Architecten ideas

Sometimes the sound of flowing water is just what one needs. If you have just returned home from work or have been busy all day crossing the city from one side to another, a garden or backyard with a water pond can help you calm down and get rid of your headache.

A small cottage with pond in the rustic garden

garden ponds house rustic design small pond ideas

This is why these garden ponds are so different from each other that you choose the one that best suits the design of your patio or garden and of course your personal taste.

Large garden with spectacular design by Francis Landscapes

garden ponds designed Francis Landscapes ideas

House with contemporary garden designed by Steve Domoney Architecture

contemporary design garden Steve Domoney Architecture ideas

Garden with pond on the terrace

garden pond design modern space small ideas

Residence in India designed by Abin Design Studio with modern garden

modern garden residence India Abin Design Studio ideas

A resting place in the urban garden where you can enjoy the water

place relaxation garden small pond ideas

Large house with large garden designed by GITC architecture

pond surrounds home designed GITC architecture ideas

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