Garden shower - another pleasure at your fingertips.

shower in garden round dish water patio

It is a joy to see how the days get warmer. The months of parties in the patio or garden are knocking at our door. This is a favorable time to take a good shower under a gentle breeze. The undisputed way is a shower on the outside of our house. Shower in the garden? Maybe some will ask. Well yes and it's not only for cases where we have pools in the playground . They are very stimulating and functional to remove chlorine or sand that is true. Although there is no doubt that it is also welcome after a workout or after taking sunbaths.

Garden shower with surface pool

shower in garden wood towel pool plants

We can create ours in a simple way and then decorate it in different ways. A shower in the garden or patio can be completely open or closed. In the last variant it is much more intimate and the experience can be more pleasant. To close the wood is undoubtedly the most aesthetic material and that best fuses with the natural garden. We can use the house as a support for the shower, and even use some piece of furniture in disuse for soaps and so on. If you wish the shower in the garden can be isolated from the house.

Garden shower with acrylic

outdoor garden shower cabin ecological

In these conditions it is important to consider how the shower base will be. We can in all shower in garden use from gravel to wood. The important thing is to create a means to isolate ourselves from mud or grass. We must be cautious with the use of soap and plants. The recommended thing is that there is channeling, to protect the plants. Undoubtedly a good option after a well-deserved rest. Although also and why not an element of distinction for our patio. A whole oasis of relaxation in the middle of a natural environment and right at our fingertips.

Garden shower, house as support

Outdoor garden shower simple metal house

Closed shower with wood

shower in closed white wood garden

Platform with metal shower

shower in garden wood metal terrace

Closed variant with wood

shower in garden wood towel outdoor plant

Embedded in rock wall

shower in garden wood towel rocks wall

Cabin of wood and metal

shower in garden metal wood metal

Metal shower in patio

shower in garden wood pipes rocks wall

Open semi open cockpit

cabin shower plants circular wood

Cuba rocks patio water plants

shower path towels garden plants

white wood shower open stool

shower wood closed white lamp

shower wood rocks mountains terrace

exterior shower metal tubes balcon

outdoor shower garden modern wall

wood cabin forest shower closed

metal wood exterior garden isolated

mural shower bottle patio plants

Wall wall shower wood base modern

pergola plants modern shower wall

rocks shower gravel plants rocks

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