Garden umbrellas - for sunny summer days

umbrella patio garden shape circular brown

With the first sunny days that we enjoy the most it is impossible not to look out the window to see the yard and realize that it has nothing to do with the image I had last summer. Winter always harms the image of our garden but the winter is over so take the broom and the materials from gardening and prepare your garden or terrace for meals and lunches that you can enjoy there.

Umbrellas tropical garden with ocean views

modern lawn view ocean view pretty ideas

Lunches, dinners, barbecues or a relaxing afternoon but what happens when you go outside and makes a sun that burns and in your terrace or garden there are no trees and plants that provide natural shade because in this article you will find the best way to enjoy a Cool place with shade is to acquire an umbrella. Today we decided to try to help you when choosing the best model of garden umbrellas. First you must see what material is the umbrella you have chosen for your garden.

Umbrellas garden with many plants and barbecue

garden barbecue furniture white umbrella ideas

The most used material for garden umbrella is aluminum because it is very hard but also light at the same time. But it is not the only material used in the manufacture of garden umbrellas you can also find them in stainless steel or tropical tree woods and recently even fiberglass. The drawback of wooden umbrellas is that they are more strolled than the others but aesthetically they are very good and the natural aspect is perfect for the garden.

Small black umbrella on the terrace

idea small black umbrella terrace ideas

Wooden umbrellas, especially lacquered wood are perfect for any environment, and give a touch of elegance, ideal for all lovers of classic furniture. They are especially suitable for the decoration of spaces in which harmony between plants and garden furniture is sought. The wooden garden umbrellas should complement the other furniture and decorations in the garden to create a cozy space.

Original ideas for umbrellas

original ideas umbrellas striking colors design

Therefore, it is advisable to opt for furniture of the same material as the umbrella (wooden tables, wooden chairs, benches and wooden swings). But if you are looking for modernity and innovation in the garden or terrace, the aluminum umbrellas are the best option for you. Also, as we have said before, it is a very weather resistant material. The rain will not damage it since it does not tend to rust and is very solid. and possibly its biggest advantage is that it is cheaper than wood.

Innovative ideas for garden umbrella


The plastic garden umbrellas have the advantage of lightness. The plastic, in fact, allows to adapt the piece of furniture to the specific needs, moving the umbrella very easily when we want to change the space used to relax. In the market you can find many colorful and imaginative models, which give the garden an original and extravagant touch. Obviously, in terms of resistance, it can not compete with wooden or metal umbrellas.

Umbrella on the balcony, interesting idea

ideas sunshade small modern terraces n table

After choosing the material it is important to choose the structure of the umbrella: a central arm, a lateral or telescopic arm. Umbrellas with a central arm are highly appreciated for their versatility: the stack can be installed on most outdoor tables with a central hole. This feature makes them suitable for the small small garden and especially for shade on the terraces. These are, in fact, the classic terrace umbrellas.

Small blue umbrella for the garden

pretty garden white furniture blue umbrella ideas

The garden umbrella with lateral arm has the advantage of being able to position the umbrella without restricting movement in the area where the shadow is projected. It is particularly convenient if you have plenty of space and different relaxation areas that need shade. There are also models of umbrellas with LED to illuminate even after sunset. The telescopic umbrella has the same structure as the umbrella with a classic central arm, but its opening system is designed to facilitate opening and closing.

Garden with modern brown umbrella

garden fireplace ideas sunshade brown dark ideas

Classic umbrellas open from the bottom up but the telescopic umbrella has a system based on the mechanism of the opposite movement that simultaneously moves downward. The textiles that are used for the umbrellas in general are many and vary between vinyl canvas, acrylic, even specialized fabrics for the exterior. We advise you to choose natural fibers such as cotton and linen that are very elegant and refined. After these tips we let you see the images of garden umbrellas that we have prepared for you.

Garden with black steel furniture and blue umbrella

garden fireplace furniture steel colors black sunshade ideas

Black umbrella that protects you while you are in the pool

contemporary garden umbrella pool modern ideas

Perfect sunshade for large gardens

large garden spacious lawn yellow umbrellas ideas

Parasol with a white steel foot

garden modern furniture rattan sunshade sun ideas

Umbrella with beige wooden feet

garden furniture rattan sunshade ideas beige

Umbrella of interest in white and blue

Garden Pool Table Chairs Folding Sunshade Ideas

Black umbrella in the garden

garden plants grass trees sunshade black ideas

Lovely place with pool and white umbrella

beautiful place pool ideas white umbrella

Parasol with matching picture with cushions

coffee table glass sunshade stamps interesting idea

Teak furniture protected from the sun

coffee table furniture teak sunshade views

Place for meals in the garden with large umbrella

table eat chairs umbrella one foot half table ideas

Garden with very original coffee tables and white umbrella

coffee tables rustic style sunshade small ideas

White parasol with candles hanging from it very romantic idea

table folding chairs garden umbrella romantic candles

Parasol blue color matching with furniture

comfortable furniture blue sambrilla cushions terrace

Umbrella and furniture in black very elegant

elegant black furniture umbrella also terrace

Beautiful garden with green umbrella


Earthy colors on furniture and umbrella

furniture teak sunshade color dark modern ideas

Umbrella for your place next to the pool

furniture loungers teak pool sunshade red ideas

Very comfortable lounge chairs and white umbrella

large pool patio white umbrella deck chairs modern ideas

Table ready to receive guests and large umbrella

patio white umbrella ideas meals outdoors table

Parasol of vibrant colors to brighten the garden

sambrilla colors decorated lanterns paper ideas

Umbrellas recessed in the wall very resistant to the wind

stationary sunshades wall resistant wind ideas

Blue parasol that protects the table of your terrace


Very large white parasol for the terrace

umbrella-white large ideas terrace floor wood ideas

large white umbrella protects terrace furniture ideas

large white umbrella resistant ideas modern pretty

white umbrella protects table cafe marble countertop ideas

umbrella white blue furniture same color ideas

umbrella eclipse round shape steel fabric

umbrella foema original ideas modern pink white garden

sunshade rectangular shape large comfortable furniture

large sunshade light blue modern garden

large umbrella orange garden large modern ideas pretty

large sofas coffee table glass countertop modern umbrellas

sunshade table chairs steel modern ideas

umbrella white garden large modern outdoor solutions

umbrella garden modern rectangular yellow lawn

sun umbrella garden table chairs sun lounger ideas beige

umbrella garden furniture white modern original ideas

umbrella garden furniture teak lawn modern ideas

black umbrella ideas garden style modern ideas

small black umbrella ideas garden modern lawn

sun umbrella patio furniture bench wood beige ideas

umbrella small garden lawn tree fireplace ideas

umbrella garden garden shape rectangular furniture comfortable ideas

parasol pool plants protects sofa big shadow

umbrellas garden outdoors protection sun way interesting

umbrellas garden yellow food outdoor meals

umbrellas garden white table chairs teak brown ideas

umbrellas garden white foot wood steel deck chair

umbrellas garden vibrant orange modern ideas

umbrellas garden design modern gray ideas

umbrellas garden two different colors ideas

parasols garden circular shape pretty ideas modern aluminum foot

umbrellas garden large spacious table chairs modern steel

large garden umbrellas several modern white ideas

parasols garden Ibiza modern ideas pretty

parasols garden Ibiza table chairs vibrant modern blue

umbrellas garden furniture stainless steel modern ideas

umbrellas garden furniture plastic orange ideas

parasols garden patio ideas modern open air

balcony lawn sunshade white foot steel modern ideas

parasols garden foot steel medium resistant wind ideas

umbrellas garden foot aluminum shape circular ideas pool

parasols garden foot medium chairs wood table large modern

sunshades garden pool sunbeds ideas modern ideas

parasols garden pool deck chairs wood comfortable ideas

umbrellas garden protection flies ideas original modern

umbrellas garden protects pool lounger ideas wood

umbrellas garden several levels white large modern ideas

umbrellas garden grass white modern ideas

parasols white terrace stagnant wall idea

umbrellas terrace original ideas original white color

umbrella white terrace protects comfortable grills ideas

umbrella garden furniture steel cushions multicolored

gray umbrella terrace furniture steel resistant

parasol garden floor wood color purple ideas

green umbrella large table eat modern ideas

umbrella garden green ideas views modern ocean pretty

large terrace urban umbrella foot ideas steel furniture design

modern terrace wood white umbrella modern ideas

beige sunbed parasol modern beach ideas

white lounge chairs teak ideas sunshade ocean view lovely

comfortable loungers pool two umbrellas modern ideas

comfy sun loungers beige umbrella modern beautiful view

umbrellas garden chairs large comfortable cushions ideas

black sunbeds white parasol stagnant wall ideas

sun loungers umbrella color blue terrace modern ideas

lounge chairs sunshade floor wood ideas modern

umbrella color light terrace modern ideas

umbrella garden large white pretty ideas lawn

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