Garden umbrellas, refreshing shades for this summer

parasol modern chairs colors terrace

The good weather has arrived and the long sunny days, soon the suffocating heat will arrive too. If we have decided to accommodate our garden in order to spend some fun in the open air, we should also think about how to shade certain areas to protect our people from the sun and intense heat, for this we present our selection of parasols garden .

Garden parasols for this season

open parasols various colors

We have chosen different models of umbrellas and night tables with the latest technology. Do you remember how expensive it was to open the Beach umbrella or place it securely so it does not fall? Now we can find simplified and easy to use designs, and the materials with which they are made are lightweight and very resistant at the same time.

Original parasol with steering wheels

parasol original mushroom white red

But we also have aesthetics and innovative appearance. The parasols yard They can also be the fashion accessory that adds style and color to our outdoor spaces. See this spectacular umbrella design with ruffles of various colors, it also includes a very practical table to place beverages in the shade.

Garden umbrella Eclipse

white umbrella eclipse round garden

And as we have already seen in the latest decoration trends, beauty is also in minimalism. We can find parasols yard that interfere as little as possible in the landscape ; that is, they occupy little space and their designs usually have few or no adornments , are easy to transport and look for functionality, is the case of this fabulous model of umbrella "Eclipse".

Modern style garden parasols

white umbrellas modern style

Depending on where we want to place our umbrellas yard we can choose the most appropriate model. If we have a large table of dining in the patio or the terrace we can always choose the selection of a larger umbrella or table and trying to cover the entire surface of the table or even can surround it.

Colorful umbrellas for this summer

nice closed umbrellas colors

In contrast to the pool area Parasols of smaller size but also of rigid base may be more suitable. We can find some designs with special fiber fabrics that allow the sun's rays to penetrate only what is necessary to be able to lightly tan but being in the shade.

Umbrellas and parasols garden

pretty terrace teak wood platform

Some will opt for the incorporation of a parasol or velador to the architectural structure of their garden if they have already selected which zone they wish to cover. A to the advantages offered in the work umbrellas or those that are embedded in walls and walls, they save a lot of space since their base is not on the ground.

Black and white parasols

square umbrellas round colors

We must also take into account that the selection of color is also important. As we already know, dark colors attract sunlight and accumulate heat, while light colors maintain a cooler temperature even when facing the sun for a long time. However, the dark parasols will be great for evening dinners outdoors.

Garden parasols with square shape

great parasol two garden sunbeds

Great colorful umbrella

super sun orange umbrella

Sunshades and integrated sunshades

super rigid umbrella wood garden

Umbrellas for the pool

garden pool sun loungers beige umbrella

Wooden garden parasol

parasols garden wood gray teak

Light green parasol

parasol small green rocking chairs

Several garden umbrellas with the same base

parasols several a structure

Green modern flat parasol

flat green flat lime

Oriental garden umbrellas for garden

umbrellas several small colors

Original design for garden umbrellas

original umbrella drops beer

Small sunshade for the pool

parasol garden inside pool

Nice burgundy umbrella

burgundy colored umbrella pool

Parasol made with natural materials

sunshade palm straw hay

Large umbrella for patios and gardens

white umbrella foot base

Modern designs for garden umbrellas

blue umbrellas two in one

Modern flat parasol for the garden

flat parasols white garden parabolica

Parasols with mosquito nets for garden

dark green parasol mosquito net

Umbrellas and parasols for the pool

giant umbrella covers green pool

Velador with black awning for terrace

black awning pedestal terrace patio

Umbrellas and oriental style tables

several sunshades cement base garden

Small lime green parasol

green lime sunshade small patio

Modern sunshade in minimalist style

white cave pool modern umbrella

Great armchair recliner with parasol

great chair sunbed sunshade sundown

orange garden parasols

parasol blue color terrace

parasol table lamp color white

modern parasol white color

parasol metal foot pendant

parasol square black color

parasol color yellow oriental

Classic umbrella color blue

modern design parasols flyers

modern style celestial parasols

parasols forms modern garden kites

parasols expandable terrace parasols

large parasols bar beach views

inverted parasols white beach

parasol garden patio flat white

modern style garden parasols

parasols garden furniture dining terrace

parasols garden furniture wood terrace

umbrellas garden chairs orange

modern zebra print garden parasols

parasols garden light night

white modern garden parasols

modern parasols patio terrace

modern style garden parasols

Modern parasols color black pool

purple parasols nice patio table

parasols white hairs parasols

white umbrella original hairs

modern style red umbrella

violet umbrellas picnik tables

rectangular awnings parasols

gray metal rigid lens hood

parasol large terrace patio

parasol beige garden

orange sunshade rectangular sunshade

parasol wood gray fabric

parasol original delta design

inverted parasol celestial lights

parasol terrace pool plants

classic style garden parasols

modern parasol base wood

modern green color parasol

black awning translucent

small umbrella coffee table

red umbrella big tia

original round sunshade design

parasol twisted color white table

parasol dark green

large parasol flounces pool

terrace dining terrace parasol

sunshade hanging platform wood

umbrella garden color white

orange umbrella square base

umbrella color black armchairs

black umbrella fringe design

umbrella parasol lights christmas hanging

white flat umbrella round sofas

flat square shape parasol

red umbrella square shape

red umbrella pool deckchairs

pretty white umbrellas cut out

square umbrellas several colors

parasols patio lights point

umbrellas beach modern shape shelters wind

green umbrella leaves tree

lime green umbrella

patio patio umbrella

terrace modern umbrellas brown color

patio patio furniture black wicker

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