Gardens design and the healing harmony of the ponds.

gardens design patio modern plants

Design gardens and healing ponds, a truly interesting trinomial. The fact of having a pond in our garden brings many benefits. It situates our patio to a level superior of the traditional gardens. The aesthetic decorative is very high and the possibility of including aquatic plants is also a breakthrough. A good selection of colorful fish will be another detail to consider.

Gardens design and selection of aquatic plants

gardens design modern house lawn cushions

From the hygienic point of view it is fundamental since the fish feed on the larvae in the pond. Today we will approach the subject from a different angle, starting from the ponds, gardens design and the therapeutic power of the water. Surely at some point we have been somewhere with sounds that invited us to listen and relax. One is the sound of water when it flows in its natural environment or waterfalls artificial

Gardens waterfall design from platform

gardens design grass plants furniture exterior patio

Undoubtedly, it is a sound that reinforces the presence of nature and fills space with harmony. This is just what we can achieve with good landscaping design and some creativity. We can imitate ingeniously the presence of water in our space. Water in motion generates by itself an energy that is extremely beneficial. Thanks to the release of negative ions creates a more balanced environment.

Modern outdoor space

gardens design grass white modern rocks

It also activates productivity, thanks to its association with money and its increase. According to Feng Shui, they must be combined with the rocks, symbols of the mountains, to give us a favorable quality of life. If we adhere to this theory, the location of our water source must also be studied. This guarantees its influence on prosperity. The water and its sound optimize our relationship with the space we inhabit.

Design with wooden cover

gardens design wood flowers patio plants

Balances our inner energy and harmonizes it with our environment playground we also optimize the enjoyment of our free time. I leave you some images with projects of gardens design and varied ponds. Many of them favor the movement of water and others are a good start to include this vital element in our environment. Our quality of life and harmony will surely thank you.

Harmonious and relaxed atmosphere

gardens design furniture exterior plants cushions

Pond with vegetation and wall with water fall

gardens design wall rocks flowers patio

Inclusion of bamboo in the decoration

gardens design bambu pond small

Circular pond with rocks

gardens design plants colorful fishes

Combined plants in the pond area

gardens design rocks plants mulch mulch

Design with concrete footpath by Accent Garden Designs

photo link decoration patio path

bench wood fish house design relaxing

flower pots pond small sculpture

collection images modern ponds designs

decoration patio plants sculptures slabs

sculptures rocks flowers crane waterfall

pond concrete plants fish colors waterfall

pond pergola chairs exterior rocks pond

pond rocks slope steps terrace

brick house mulch waterfall rocks lilies

patio slabs wall wood mulch plants

red fish pond waterfall rocks bricks

platform wood seats bridge fish

rocks plants pond flowers aquatic species

terrace chairs sunshades plants rocks furniture

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